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Light of Sound Newsletter

2017 a year for new beginnings 

It's time to let go of the old and make space for miracles, joy, and love.
First of all, I just want to say a HUGE thank you to all of you for your support over this last year. I held my first sound journey in my living room at the beginning of December of 2015 and my passion has since grown into a blossoming business called Light of Sound. When I first remembered that my mission here on Earth is to be a light keeper, I didn't quite understand what this meant or how I would physically fulfill on this (see interview with Damien Gendron of Consciousness in Motion here.) After much soul searching and following my own heart and healing journey, it became clear that sound is the medium in which I channel light and loving frequencies to facilitate balance and harmony within my self, others, and this planet. I work intuitively and creatively, firstly clearing myself for whatever healing energies need to come through for the highest good of all with whom I work. I strive to maintain a high level of integrity within my practice and make it a priority to hold safe space for others to embark on their own unique journey. I have learned so much being on this path and continue to learn and expand every day. I am infinitely grateful to all of you who have shown up, offering encouragement and loving reflections along the way. I am here because of YOU, so thank you. 

2017 is shaping up to be a very powerful year for all of us. We are entering the Year of the Rooster, according to the Chinese calendar, which has us being called into our most powerful selves, to express and share our truth for the benefit of us all and this entire planet. Numerically speaking, 2017 adds up to the number 1, meaning that this is a powerful beginning year to lay the foundation for this next 9-year cycle. What were you doing 9 years ago and how did your life transition? We are entering a new phase, one where we get to create exactly what we want in our lives. So what are you creating? What do you need to let go of in order to make more space for your SELF to show up?

Private sound sessions with astaria

Allow me to hold space for you in a private sound healing session, where I will give you my full presence.

Would you like to be witnessed in the presence of acceptance, non-judgement, no expectations, love and care, allowing you to express what is truly authentic for you in the moment? 
I will be a reflection of all of these things and share guidance where you may desire a perspective that you haven’t considered yet, to help you remember your truth and awaken awareness of your divine light essence. 
I will walk alongside you, offering gentle support, empowering you to lead the way on this sacred journey back to your self. 

In a private sound session, we can look deeper into what might be acting as a barrier to your full self-expression and start to shift your vibration into a more aligned and resonant state with what your higher self truly desires. I usually begin my sessions with a check in and some discussion around what's going on in your life at the moment. This helps direct the intention of the session and creates an access into deeper parts of self. You will experience crystal bowls played on and around your body, the powerful clearing vibration of medicine drums and chanting, and you may even receive a channeled song from your celestial guides. This soul song is unique to your experience during the session and can usually never be replicated. The sound healing process is intuitive and other vibrational tools and instruments may be used throughout the journey. My role is to hold space for the empowerment of your body's innate wisdom to heal itself. We are more powerful than we know, and the body knows exactly what it needs to do to heal itself. Sometimes we just need to allow space and get out of our own way.   
Email me to book your space of intentioned focus, supported self-exploration, and unconditional love. 

Every step along the way is important, for each step is an initiation, preparing us for the next step, and the next...

We cannot leapfrog over the imperative learning that each moment gifts us. 

Every experience along the journey is shaping us, teaching us, and allowing the necessary growth to integrate before the next step on the path presents itself. We are literally blazing our own trail. We cannot follow someone else's path, as this is a deviation from our own unique calling and destined journey. We will always be redirected back to our self. There is nowhere "out there" to get to or a place to reach where we can finally say that we made it! The journey is infinitely within, as we are constantly creating and allowing those next moments to arrive into being. 

Have faith in the process and know that you can ask for guidance along the way.

Trust that you are divinely supported and that you are exactly right where you are meant to be. 

Relax into the moment. Exhale. Welcome in your truth. Be in the NOW. 

Upcoming Sound Events

A sound bath will leave you feeling renewed, recharged, and like a sparkly unicorn! ;) 

Stay informed of upcoming events, by liking my facebook page or checking out my event listings at

Please note that some offerings require per-registration due to limited space, so if you see something that you feel called to participate in, be sure to follow the directions in the description to reserve your place.

You will notice that I often collaborate with other healers and magical people offering their unique medicine to the world. I strongly believe that when we work together, instead of against each other, we can increase our power to reach more people and increase opportunities to share more love. Together we RISE.


give the gift of silence through sacred sound

Relax, Recharge, and Raise your Vibration 
Gift certificates are available for those of you looking to give a gift of wellness and harmony to someone you care for. A private sound session will allow someone in your life a unique opportunity to completely tune out the rest of the world, de-stress from their busy life, and enjoy blissful sounds played around their body.  

Email me to place your order. 


light of Sound website launch 
Please visit my website, newly launched as of a few months ago. Have a look at what events are coming up, listen to some of my sounds, and let me know what you think :)
If you've experienced something wonderful at one of my sessions and you'd like to share by having your Kudos added to my site, please email me a sentence or short paragraph of your experience. By sharing your experience, you will help others understand the power of sound and what it can do for them. <3

Caprina is the goddess and web designer, local to Vancouver Island, who helped me create this beautiful site. We grew up together out in Sooke and she began making websites back when the internet just started to become a thing. Check out her page for more about what she can do:

Upcoming Events

Allow the vibrations of the sound current carry you into pure bliss...
March 10 | Sacred Sound Healing Journey | Cowichan Bay, BC | Link
March 11 | Soul Medicine: Cacao & Sound in Sacred Ceremony | Duncan, BC | Link
March 18 | Heart of the Goddess - A Circle of Sisters in Sacred Ceremony | Sooke, BC | Link
March 21, 2017 | Acu-Sonic Healing | Victoria, BC | Link
March 25 | Soul Medicine: Cacao & Sound in Sacred Ceremony | Victoria, BC | Link
March 26 | Acu-Sonic Healing | Victoria, BC | Link
March 29 | Soul Medicine: Cacao and Sound in Sacred Ceremony | Port Alberni, BC | Link
April 1 | Soul Medicine: Cacao & Sound in Sacred Ceremony | Tofino, BC | Link
April 7 | Sacred Sound Journey | Sooke, BC | Link
April 8 | ROOT festival | Victoria, BC | Link

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