May your heart open like a flower

and blossom into it's full radiance

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Hola Beloved Soul Family,

I am tuning in, after a very long time of not being very active in my newsletter communications, to say I love you. Thank you for being here. 

Thank you for choosing to be a part of this massive transformation that we are all going through right now. 

It is an honor to know you, and to feel your presence, as gift in this world. 

My 2 year anniversary of being in Gautemala has just passed. Its hard for me to fathom that I've been away from Canada for this long! Wow ... and where do I even begin to tell you the stories of my experiences here?

Perhaps I will share more along my journey forward... for now I will say that I've been on a deep Shamanic healing journey since coming to this powerfull vortex. And in the process of diving deep, I have been collecting my pieces, calling all of my self home, back into wholeness. I've travelled to what has felt like the depths of hell at times... and have also experienced more joy and expansion than every before (sometimes we gotta travel into the dark in order to invite more light in).
At times I've questioned my own sanity... and more and more lately I've been surrendering into a place of acceptance. 

I have been learning that it's easier to surrender to life, rather than try to fight resistance. 
I have been learning that nothing manifests in life unless we are willing to take aligned action. 

I have held a deep dream within my soul for many many years... a dream to record and produce music from my heart... to move people to release stuck emotions, to remind them of who they are, to bring a sense of peace and calm to the mind... 

And I've discovered that this is exactly what I must gift to myself first. 

And so I'm doing some deep work, clearing the blockages that have held me back from sharing with myself what has been wanting to be expressed. 

It's been really really hard I have to admit... it's probably been one of the greatest challenges of my life, and often it makes no logical sense as to why it feels so difficult...

There're all kinds of stories I could make up about this... and what I'm discovering is that it's the stories I've been telling myself that have been getting in the way... 

The story that I'm not good enough... if I don't reach perfection than it's not worth even trying... that I'm not worthy of my dream, etc etc etc... 

Well, since we are in the Scorpio New Moon portal and it's also my birthday coming up in a few days... This is my time for dying, transforming, and rebirthing myself. It's been happening for a number of years around this time... I experience a death to my old self and I shed another layer of what just doesn't fit anymore. 

So with all of this shared so far, I want to say that if you too have a dream within you, I believe that you can do whatever it takes to bring that dream to life! I believe in you. Because I also believe in myself... and I'm willing to devote myself to the commitment of showing up every day for my dreams.

I started a 13 week transformational journey called The Rainbow Way this October and it's been a powerful experience so far. As a facilitator, I am in the journey alongside my participants. We are all being initiated in some way or another to step up more fully for ourselves, so that we can share our soul gifts with the world. This a journey to reclaim the colors of our expression and free our creativity. 
Who knew that creativity could be so hard to tap into? It's eye opening to realize that we've been conditioned to shut down our creative spirit and believe that we have to spend all of our time working at a job we're not happy in, just to survive. 

How many of you can relate to this? 

Well the only way to have a new experience in life is to CREATE IT! 

And this is why it's so important for us to free our creativity... so that we can remember how powerful we are...

So that we can remember that we are here to create a beautyfull world... to anchor Heaven on Earth through our own hearts and souls. 
I would love to share a sample of a vocal recording I am working on. This transmission is part of a series, which at the moment is calling itself The Beautyfull Place.

This is a song of reverence for the place that I've been calling home for the last 2 years... a place that has absolutely supported me in soo many profound ways.
This is a song for the Earth, our Divine Mother, who gives us so much, allways. 

You can download it for free by going here to SoundCloud
then click on  ... More and select Download file 

I made a video to go along with it too... its a collage of some of the beautyfull flowers that grow in my environment. When I first arrived to Guatemala, it happened to be the flower festival in Antigua where I was first staying. The flowers have become powerfull allies for me, reminding me of the Divine Feminine essence that we all carry within. 
Have a watch here:

I would appreciate any encouragement and/or feedback you are willing to share with me after you have a listen. Let me know how it made you feel... if it activated any memories... if it told you a story.... 

I love you.

I'm sending you so much encouragement to tune into your dream(s) and remember that this is what you were born for. 

We all have a song to sing, a story to share, an expression from our soul that wants to be free.

Astaria Illuminaia 

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