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Soul Family Gathering: Cacao & Sound in Sacred Ceremony

Join Cacao Connection and Light of Sound for this extra special ceremonial experience. We will be gathering on October 14th at the Church of Truth in Victoria to share a mug of ceremonial grade cacao elixer and a healing sound journey.

For those who wish to stay and connect even more, we will be hosting an optional plant-based potluck after the ceremony. 

The Cacao Ceremony will be enhanced and deepened with the healing vibrations of Crystal Bowls, singing, drumming, guided meditation and more... this ceremony is quite likely to open up your HEART!

Cacao is known as a food for "THE SHIFT". It can gently support us and guide us each toward what needs our love and attention within. It is an ancient medicine plant that helps to connect each participant to their own inner guide. It is a facilitator of sharper focus, greater awareness, creativity boosting, and can be supportive for emotional and energetic healing on an individual or collective level. It can be extremely supportive to those making efforts to raise personal, and therefore, collective consciousness.

To read more about the amazing properties of Cacao, please click here.

Music and sound have the unique ability to cultivate a sense of love, peacefulness, and clarity throughout every cell in the body, whilst bringing one into alignment with truth, higher consciousness, and connection with the Divine. Sound Vibration allows the body to entrain to a higher frequency, creating space for self-healing, heightened awareness, and remembrance of one's truth. 

To understand more about how sound healing works, please click here. 

You can read an account of one of our previous ceremony guests here to get an idea of what the experience is like.

Bring a friend and be nourished, inspired, and loved up with us at what will be sure to be a most beautiful experience. 

For more info and to register for this heart opening ceremony, please follow this link:

Blessings of love and harmony

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