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More news about "European Health-Tech Innovation Week" by GIANT Health

European Health-Tech Innovation Week ™ - sponsored by GIANT Health - takes place from 17-21 May 2021 and is five 1-day hybrid conferences and exhibitions across Europe’s leading healthcare innovation regions; successfully driving business collaboration by showcasing & championing the best health-tech innovations.

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Participating cities are Barcelona, Berlin, Liverpool, Paris, and Stockholm. Each 1-day festival is both a physical and virtual format, providing valuable face-to-face and virtual networking and promotional opportunities, learning, and collaboration for the entire European health-tech community including healthcare businesses, investors, clinicians, and government agencies. The virtual / fully digital elements of the event enable robust collaboration remotely, and engagement for all our community around the world.

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HealthTech News - Summary

Health technology Innovation and News 

1. A new digital symptom tracker has been launched to monitor COVID-19 in greater Manchester care homes. The tracker is in the form of an app that allows for care home workers to input data regarding COVID-19 related symptoms which can then be assessed by GP’s/NHS community members. Data is presented as a visual dashboard with a tracker adaptation to record vaccination consent.
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2. Intelligent automation is becoming more popular by the day and is now considered the key to personalised care in our growing world. There are many benefits to intelligent automation including: a tailored approach to health care, improved patient experience and faster access to information.
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3. Government and health tech bodies are backing campaigns to showcase UK digital health. This creates opportunities for leading UK digital health innovators to get a global boost through new campaigns that showcase their talents to healthcare systems worldwide.
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Health-Tech Innovation feature:  Widex.

This year, medical technology manufacturer, Widex, have recently been recognised by Digital Trends Media Group with a Tech for Change Award in at CES 2021 for the launch of the Widex Moment hearing aids. The Widex Moment uniquely incorporates dual artificial intelligence engines to improve real-time listening for hearing aid users. The technology incorporates ZeroDelay technology to significantly reduce the standard sound delay from 7-10 milliseconds to 0.5 milliseconds creating the most natural hearing experience for users and by doing so, Widex have been able to overcome the ‘tinny, tube-like sound’ of standard hearing aids, as described by the company’s president, Søren Hvidberg Nielsen.
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Health-Tech funding and investment deals


Babylon developed an app that allows patients to book and conduct remote video consultations with GPs and send medical prescriptions to their specified location. The artificial intelligence behind the app allows for patients to virtually interact with a nurse or a GP to discuss symptoms as opposed to at a clinic/surgery. The funds raised by the company have totalled to £518m which has been obtained over the course of three funding rounds – the majority acquired in 2019. The funds were acquired through Kinnevik, Munich Re’s Ergo Fund, Public Investment Fund, Vostok New Ventures who invested a huge £454m into Babylon in 2019. These funds have allowed for Babylon to develop their R&D capabilities and aided with the company’s expansion into Asia and the US.



Huma develop a web-based portal to allow hospitals and healthcare professionals to contain, manage and collect health records which is then accessible to patients on mobile devices. This key aspect is the business’ main goal; however, Huma also work on developing wearable technology to identify digital biomarkers and assess health in real-time to support digital health insights. The app contains a symptom tracker and a telemedicine feature, allowing clinicians to rapidly converse with patients if and when required. Healthbox, Nexus Investments, Bayer, and NWS Holdings have allowed for the company to secure a £57.3m in fundraising to date and last year, the company was involved in the acquisition of two businesses: BioBeats, and Tarilian.

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"Reasons to be cheerful, Part 3:"

10 Healthtech startups selected for the HealthInc 2021 Accelerator Program
Amsterdam, 29 January 2021 – The 10 most interesting startups in Healthtech have been selected for the HealthInc 2021 program after reviewing more than 3500 startups worldwide. They cover various aspects of the healthtech industry. This year the program focuses on startups in Telehealth, Predictive Analytics & Diagnostics and the Doctorless World.
Startups Participating
  1. Afya Bora (Tanzania): A data-driven medical appointment scheduling platform and marketplace
  2. Amygdala (Estonia): Digital health programme powered by behavioural science to create a lifestyle change.
  3. BioMinds (Poland): a complex therapy system – motor therapy, cognitive therapy, psychological therapy and alternative communication
  4. Phamo (Cyprus): Pharmacy Platform to match patients with compatible pharmacy goods
  5. Enhanced Fertility (UK): The Enhanced Fertility Programme is a digital programme making fertility education, support and care accessible to all
  6. Kapsule (UK): A managed marketplace to revolutionise African medical supply chains
  7. Luci Health (Spain): Luci is a disruptive application platform through voice, which detect early stage dementia markers and increase the patient longevity and quality of life.
  8. Martixa Inc. (US): Telehealth platform enables doctors to offer high-quality physician consultations while allowing them to complete clinical documentation accurately
  9. ShareMed (Chile): Global and exclusive platform for health professionals, for the exchange of knowledge in real time
  10. SuperPow (UK): Online platform where users can connect with a therapist who can help them overcome mental wellbeing challenges
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