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Tomorrow is day one of GIANT Health 2020: the unmissable two-day global virtual event is bringing together many 1000s of health and technology innovators like you:  for valuable business networking and to share the latest valuable insights. 

The NUMBER ONE thing we heard from our 5,100+ delegates at GIANT Health last year was that all of you in the GIANT Health community are unusually ambitious, accomplished, vibrant, success-focussed, and way above average nice and fun!

And on that theme: here are a few more of those speaking at GIANT 2020 onstage tomorrow (1st December) and Wednesday 2nd December.

The GIANT Health 2020 event: 1-2 December
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See below for over 300 reasons to join us tomorrow.

GIANT Health is an engaged global community of nearly 200,000 people working passionately to improve the health and well-being of people around the world. 

Please join us tomorrow for the healthcare innovation event of the year.

Barry Shrier, Founder, GIANT Health
+44 7776 132 517


The GIANT Health Event 2020

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This ticket will provide you with a valuable package of benefits, including networking opportunities with other inspiring individuals, access to the entire exhibition hall and access to ALL our conferences and our fireside chat with VODAFONE.

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Here are another 300+ reasons to join 1000s and 1000s at GIANT Health 2020 online tomorrow

Why should you join many 1000s of unusually ambitious, successful people at GIANT Health online event tomorrow?
  1. Invaluable networking.  Via the GIANT Health event online platform you can meet, engage with, have live video calls with your customers, world-leading tech entrepreneurs, hospital leaders, sales leads, health-tech investors, 1000s of clinicians, and more.
  2. Meet the world-class Intellectual Property advisors GJE.  Click here to book your FREE one-to-one advice session.
  3. See 26 healthtech companies looking to raise money. This is an impactful opportunity to meet potential investors, speak to like minded entrepreneurs and gain valuable advice from those who have successfully exited in the past. For more information check out our pitch to investors page!
  4. Meet our Chairman Professor Shafi Ahmed
  5. Attend "Living a life with Parkinson’s" conference.
  6. Meet Head of Innovation at Vodafone Danny Kelly and Alistair Phillips – Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon from Southampton General Hospital who discuss the clinicians perspective,  the importance of investment in technology for the advancement in the OR and the need for a joined-up network strategy to take advantage of the innovation happening at pace in hospitals.
  7. Engage with nearly 100 exhibitors in GIANT's vibrant virtual exhibition hall
  8. Meet the Founder of Proximie, Dr. Nadine Hachach-Haram, BEM, an NHS surgeon, lecturer and clinical entrepreneur. Nadine drew on her passion for innovation, education and global surgery to found Proximie, an augmented reality platform aiming to improve access to expert care and to scale clinical expertise.
  9. See direct successful case studies of health-tech innovation from the world leading children's hospital Alder Hey, Liverpool, England
  10. Attend the leading Fertility tech innovation event of the year.
  11. Hear from Vodafone on the GIANT main stage.
  12.  Connect with top level executives, decision makers, health professionals, NHS executives, healthcare providers, investors, and more.


Reason 13 to 16. Meet our impressive judges for GIANT's BEANSTALKS health-tech startup competition

Reason 17. Engage with the Barclays Bank Eagle Labs team.

Barclays Eagle Labs is supporting the promotion of new and emerging technologies designed to improve independent living, health management, increased prevention and delivery of precision medicine.

Find out more at and join us at #GIANT2020 @Gianthealthevent 

Reasons 18 to 29. Partner with GIANT Health's international award winners

Join the GIANT Health community as we are celebrating and championing the world's best innovators, entrepreneurs, and businesses within healthcare technology.

Award categories
  1. Healthcare Innovator of the year - Voted for by you 
  2. Leaders in healthcare innovation
    1. Entrepreneur of the year
    2. Start up of the year
    3. Female entrepreneur of the year
  3. Healthcare technology innovation
    1. Best application of Immersive tech in health
    2. Best tech innovation in Mental Health/ digital therapeutics.
    3. Pharma - best tech innovation
    4. Women’s health: tech innovation of Year.
    5. Best Wearable Tech in health care
    6. Best Medical App
  4. Investors and support categories
    1. VC investor of the year
    2. Angel investor of the year
    3. Accelerator - best health tech accelerator / incubator

join us at #GIANT2020 @Gianthealthevnt 

Reason 30. Meet the successful tech entrepeneurs / Founders of HUMANITY.

Hear from world-class leaders in Aging Science, Genetics, Digital Health start-ups and scale-ups that are focused on maximising healthspan, the biomarkers of aging, preventative health and digital innovation.

join us at #GIANT2020


Reason 31 to 37.  Learn and network with 40 NHS innovators and the team.

Join who are presenting
NHS Spread and Scale: from one to many

Why is idea and experience sharing across the NHS a struggle?

What's being done to aid innovation adoption, improvement, and prevent reinvention of the wheel?

Join BOB at GIANT to hear leaders across the NHS, pharmaceutical and med tech industries discuss the challenges and opportunities to achieving spread and scale.


Reason 38 to 71.  Meet world leading health-tech investors and 26 companies pitching on stage.

This is a whole day conference for healthcare tech companies looking to raise money.


Reason 72 to 313.  Meet even more of GIANT's impressive and ambitious successful health tech innovators.

The NUMBER ONE thing we heard from our 5,100+ delegates at GIANT Health last year was the view that all of you in the GIANT Health community are unusually ambitious, accomplished, vibrant, success-focussed, and way above average nice and fun!

And on that theme: here are a few more of those speaking at GIANT 2020 onstage tomorrow (1st December) and Wednesday 2nd December.
  1. Prof. Paolo Milia, Chairman Robotic Area; Neurologist, MD, PhD, Prosperius Institute, University of Perugia, Italy
  2. Ms. Michelle Sullivan, Health Economics & Market Access, Boston Scientific
  3. Mr. Christopher Gray, Healthcare Manager, Astra Zeneca
  4. Ms. Lucia Pannese, CEO, imaginary srl
  5. Mrs. Claudia Backus, Head of Enterprise & Productivity Partnerships, Facebook Reality Labs
  6. Dr. Walter Greenleaf, Distnguished Scholar, Stanford University
  7. Dr. Naj Rotheram, Medical lead - Partnerships, Boehringer Ingelheim
  8. Mr. Graham Bazlington, Global Marketing Director, AstraZeneca
  9. Mr. Konrad Dobschuetz, Head of Customer Solutions, (Digital) Health Innovation and BIOME, Novartis
  10. Mr. David Wortley, CEO & Founder, 360in360 Immersive Experiences
  11. Dr. Jack Pottle, Founder & Chief Medical Officer, Oxford Medical Simulation
  12. Prof. Joyce Harper, Professor, Institute for Women's Health, UCL
  13. Prof. K Ray Chaudhuri, Professor and Director, Kings College and Kings College Hospital London
  14. Mr. Gary Shaughnessy, Chair, Parkinson’s UK, Parkinson’s UK
  15. Dr. Brooke Vandermolen, Dr & Founder of The OBGYN Mum and The Birth Collective, Registrar NHS
  16. Mr. Will Gibbs, Head of the Health VC team, Octopus Ventures
  17. Dr. Lucy Mackillop BM BCh MA (Oxon.) FRCP  Consultant Obstetric Physician, Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust, Senior Clinical Lecturer, Nuffield Department of Women’s and Reproductive Health, University of Oxford and Chief Medical Officer, Sensyne Health plc, Sensyne Health
  18. Mr. Richard Cooke, Consultant Medical Microbiologist, Alder Hey Children's Hospital
  19. Mr. Arjun Panesar, CEO and Head of AI, DDM Health
  20. Ms. Scarlett Brandley, 5th Year Medical Student, CardMedic
  21. Mr. Noah Falstein, President, The Inspiracy
  22. Mr. Juan Pablo Segura, Co-Founder & President, Babyscripts
  23. Ms. Lea Von Bidder, Co-Founder & CEO, AVA
  24. Dr. Piraye Beim, Founder & CEO, Celmatix
  25. Ms. Helene Guillaume, Founder & CEO, WILD.AI
  26. Ms. Marie-Odile McKeeney, Co-Founder, H'ability
  27. Dr. Charles Nduka, Chief Scientific Officer, Emteq Labs
  28. Mr. Valentino Megale, CEO, Softcare Studios
  29. Mr. Ben Wilkins, CEO, Good Boost
  30. Mr. David Burden, CEO, Daden Limited
  31. Mr. Chris Barker, Chief Executive (& Chief Mischievist), Spirit Health Group
  32. Mrs. Maren Bannon, Co-founder & General Partner, January Ventures
  33. Ms. Mindy Daeschner, Managing Partner, Daeschner Consulting
  34. Dr. Aubrey de Grey, Chief Science Officer, SENS Research Foundation
  35. Ms. Giovanna Forte, CEO, Forte Medical Limited
  36. Mr. Sami Nur, Digital Health Specialist | Director of Strategic Development and Partnership, Digital Health Advisor
  37. Mr. Matt Penneycard, Partner, ADA Ventures
  38. Dr. Mala Mawkin, Digital Health Podcast Host for Royal Society of Medicine and Head of Market Dev, CELLEN/Royal College of Medicine
  39. Ms. Olivia Ahn, Co-founder, Planera
  40. Ms. Sarah Ticho, Founder, Hatsumi
  41. Ms. Julie LeMoine, Chief Innovation Officer, HorizonIRs
  42. Sue Bohle, Executive Director, Serious Play Conference
  43. Mrs. Victoria Smith, Healthcare Business Development - EMEIA, Jamf
  44. Ms. Siri Steinmo, Health Intervention Design & Quality Improvement, Inform Health Informatics, University College London Hospital
  45. Ms. Lisa Talia Moretti, Digital Sociologist, Goldsmiths, University of London
  46. Aline Noizet, Founder, Digital Health Connector
  47. Mr. Eugene Borukhovich, Chairman & COO, YourCoach Health
  48. Mrs. Line A. Saele, Enterprise Architect, TietoEVRY
  49. Dr. Kristen Fortney, CEO, BioAge Labs
  50. Ms. Denise Silber, Co-founder, VRforHealth
  51. Mrs. Devi Kolli, CEO, i3 Simulations Limited
  52. Edouard Gasser, Co-Founder & CEO, Tilak Healthcare
  53. Dr. peter fedichev, CEO, GERO.AI
  54. Ms. Tina Woods, Founder & CEO, Collider Health
  55. Dr. Kathrin Cresswell, Senior Lecturer, University of Edinburgh
  56. Mrs. Catherine Boule, Managind director, Karista
  57. Mr. Thierry Sarda, Operating partner, LallianSe
  58. Dr. Chris Wasden, Head of HappifyDTx, Happify Health
  59. Mr. Khalid Ghaloua Adine, Head of Digital Healthcare Industry, Etisalat Digital
  60. Dr. Chandana Fitzgerald, Chief Medical Officer, HealthXL
  61. Luella Trickett, Director, Value & Access, ABHI
  62. Dr. Rachael Grimaldi, Founder and CEO, Card Medic Limited
  63. Mr. Gareth Frith, TEL Project Manager, University of Leeds
  64. Dr. Ryan Ribeira, CEO and Founder, SimX VR
  65. Mrs. Trish Costello, Founder and CEO, Portfolia
  66. Mrs. Rachel Braun Scherl, Co-Founder and Managing Director, SPARK Solutions for Growth
  67. Mr. Benjamin Viaris de Lesegno, CMO & Co-founder, CELLEN
  68. Mrs. Sally Chisholm, Managing Director, HealthTech Adoption Strategies Ltd
  69. Dr. Leon Eisen, CEO, Oxitone Medical
  70. Mr. Andrew Thelwell, Chief Commercial Officer, Sky Medical Technology
  71. Mr. Josh Rackstraw, Product Owner, Fenomatch
  72. Dr. Funmi Adewara, CEO, Mobihealth International
  73. Dr. Abdullah Albeyatti, CEO, MyClinic
  74. Mr. Eugene Boadu, Head, Corporate Affairs, mPedigree
  75. Dr. Dafydd Loughran, CEO, Concentric Health
  76. Mr. Iain Fletcher, Senior Programme Lead for Blueprinting, NHSX
  77. Mr. Mohamed Ismail, Founder Leeds XR Society and Yr5 Medical Student, Leeds Extended Reality Society
  78. Pradeep Kakkattil, Director, Office of Innovation, UNAIDS
  79. Mr. Craig Mustoe, Market Access Manager, Baxter Healthcare Ltd
  80. Mr. Jacob Skinner, CEO, Thrive Wearables
  81. Ms. Barbara Shepherd, Head of Business Engagement, Manchester Metropolitan University
  82. Ms. Valentina Tacchi, Clinical Psychologist | MBA, IE Business School
  83. Mr. Paul Charnley, Digital Lead, Cheshire and Merseyside Health and Care Partners
  84. Mrs. Andreia Trigo, Founder/Nurse Consultant, Enhanced Fertility Ltd
  85. Ms. Anna-Lena Lorenz, Track Curator at GIANT Health Event & International MBA Grad, ie Business School
  86. Mrs. Ayala Bliah, CEO, Sivan innovation
  87. Mr. Hugh McCaughey, National Director of Improvement, NHS England and NHS Improvement
  88. Mr. Iain Hennessey, Honorary Associate Professor, Healthcare technology and design, Alder Hey Childrens'  NHS Foundation Trust
  89. Ms. Emma Hughes, Deputy Director of Innovation, Alder Hey Childrens' NHS Foundation Trust
  90. Mrs. Claire Liddy, [14:39] Liddy Claire     Managing Director of Innovation and Commercvial Director, Alder Hey Children's NHS Foundation Trust
  91. Mr. Nicholas Lansman, CEO, Health Tech Alliance
  92. Mrs. David Powell, Development Director, Alder Hey Children's NHS Foundation Trust
  93. Mr. Phil Jennings, Chief Executive, Innovation Agency
  94. Mrs. Wendy Moore, Chief Operating Officer, Healium
  95. Mr. Timothy Mauri, Director of Technology & Innovation, Johnson & Johnson Institute
  96. Mr. Duncan Allen, Sales Manager, InterSystems
  97. Ms. Pilar Fernandez Hermida, Founder & CEO, i-Expand
  98. Dr. Rachael Grimaldi, Founder and CEO, Card Medic Limited
  99. Dr. Christina Jackson, Partner, Sprout Health Solutions
  100. Dr. Myles Furnace, Global Digital Health Partnerships Lead, Ipsen
  101. Dr. Adam Kaufman, EIR & Head of DTxL, DTxL
  102. Mr. Gabriel Festoc, President, Polyplus transfection
  103. Mr. Ludovic Alonzi, Director, Archimed
  104. Mrs. Julie Rachline, President, LallianSe
  105. Mr. Tim Antos, CEO & Co-Founder, Kokoon Technology
  106. Mr. Phil Kunovski, Chief Technology Officer, KYMIRA
  107. Dr. Kai Yang, Principal Research Fellow, University of Southampton
  108. Mrs. Nicola Cartner, Exercise Physiologist, University Hospitals of North Midlands NHS Trust
  109. Mrs. Louise Shepherd CBE, Chief Executive, Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust
  110. Mrs. Dawn Tretton, Head of Policy and Partnerships, Boehringer-Ingelheim
  111. Ms. Wendy Moore, Chief Operating Officer & Data Protection Officer, Healium
  112. Dr. Zain Sikafi, CEO, Mynurva
  113. Mr. Dom Raban, CEO, Xploro
  114. Mr. Emilian Popa, CEO & Founder, ILARA Health
  115. Noga Sapir, Founder and CEO, Reflect Innovation
  116. Dr. Ricardo Sainz Fuertes, Medical Director (Epilepsy) for Europe, Middle East, Africa, Russia and Australia at Eisai EMEA, EISAI
  117. Pauline O'Callaghan, Founder, Hearable Labs
  118. Mr. Teemu Arina, Speaker, Author, Biohacker, Biohacker Center
  119. Alan Davis, Chief Product Officer, Nuheara
  120. Dr. Matthew Fenech, Medical Safety Lead, Ada Health
  121. Prof. Robert Green, Professor, Harvard Medical School
  122. Mr. Andrew Riley, Oncology Healthcare Lead, MSD UK Ltd
  123. Deborah Rozman, CEO, HeartMath
  124. Steve Parr, Healthcare and Medtech Lead, Enterprise M3 Growth Hub, SBRI Healthcare Panel, AHSN Innovation Panel
  125. Michael Larson, Founder and President, Sleep Shepherd
  126. Dr. Zain Sikafi, CEO, Mynurva
  127. Rachel Wingfield, Creative Director, Soma Laboratory
  128. Ms. Farah Elahi, Research Programme Manager and PhD Student, University of Warwick & Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust
  129. Mr. Daniel Ghyssels, Innovation Project Lead, Europe & Canada, Oncology Business, AstraZeneca, AstraZeneca
  130. Dr. Ivan Koychev, Senior Clinical Researcher, University of Oxford
  131. Mr. Rich Westman, Founder, Kaido
  132. Mr. Thomas Olivier, Founder/ CEO, Omnos ltd
  133. Dr. Petra Wilson, Managing Director, Health Connect Partners
  134. Mr. Sylvain Piquet, Co-founder & COO, Sharp Therapeutics
  135. Ms. Jessica Hepburn, Author / Arts Producer / Adventure Activist, Representing The Fertility Show
  136. Bill Byrom, Vice President, Signant Health
  137. Mr. Abhishek Shah, Chief Executive Officer, Wellthy Therapeutics
  138. Ms. Clíodhna Ní Ghuidhir, Innovation Strategy & Policy Manager, Accelerated Access Collaborative, NHS England & NHS Improvement
  139. Dr. Uzma Choudry, VC Investor, Octopus Ventures
  140. Mr. James Burtt, Podcast Producer, Relations Group
  141. Mr. Paul Devlin, NHS Change Agent, NHS England NHS Improvement
  142. Ms. Tina Woods, Founder & CEO, Collider Health
  143. Ms. Rachel Harwood, Paediatric Surgical Registrar, Alder Hey Children's Hospital
  144. Mr. Henry Pinchbeck, CEO, 3D LifePrints
  145. Mr. Jack Morton, Innovation Consultant, Alder Hey Children's Hospital
  146. Mrs. Kate Warriner, Chief Digital & Information Officer,  IM&T, Alder Hey Children's Hospital
  147. Mr. David Collins PhD, Biomedical Engineer, 3D Lifeprints
  148. Ms. Carol Platt, Senior Innovation Consultant, Alder Hey Children's Hospital
  149. Mr. Ian Sinah, Consultant Respiratory Consultant, Alder Hey Children's Hospital
  150. Mr. Shereef Hosny, Innovation Consultant, Alder Hey Children's Hospital
  151. Mr. Paul Roberts, Project and Business Development Manager, 3D LifePrints
  152. Mr. Kevin Bell, Interim Associate Director of Data Insight & Automation, Alder Hey Children's Hospital
  153. Mr. Keith Comito, President,
  154. Dr. Aman Coonar, Consultant surgeon, Royal Papworth Hospital
  155. Mr. Eduard de Wilde, CEO, and Noordcode
  156. Liz Ashall-Payne, CEO, ORCHA Health
  157. Mr. Xavier Abadie, Chief International Development Officer, SimforHealth
  158. Dr. Matthew Fenech, Medical Safety Lead, Ada Health
  159. Prof. Emma Lundberg, Founder, Mindforce Game Lab
  160. Mr. David Taylor, Vice Chair, The Patients Association
  161. Mr. Joseph Delahunty, Global Marketing Director, Ascensia Diabetes Care
  162. Ms. Jemma Durbridge, Senior Brand Manager Obesity & Diabetes, Nestle Health Science
  163. Mr. Anthony Whitington, Founder, Fixing Dad
  164. Ms. Sandy Silk, Patient, Fixing Us
  165. Mrs. Urmita Hirani, Patient, Fixing Us
  166. Dr. Michael Bazlington, GP and Founder, The Bodymapping Clinic
  167. Ms. Frederike Rohr, Head of Plug and Play Munich, Plug and Play
  168. Dr. Scott Murray, Consultant Cardiologist, Fixing Us
  169. Mr. Geoff Whitington, Patient, Fixing Dad
  170. Dr. Brittany Barreto, Co-Founder, Executive Director, and Podcast Host of FemTech Focus, FemTech Focus
  171. Prof. Roy Taylor, Professor of Medicine and Metabolism & Consultant Physician, Newcastle Magnetic Resonance Centre
  172. Ms. Vernita Brown, Chief Operating Officer, Natalist
  173. Mr. Craig Russell, Patient, Fixing Us
  174. Ms. Billie Quinlan, Founder, Ferly
  175. Dr. Olivia Ahn, CEO and founder, Planera
  176. Dr. Dan Nayot, Co-Founder and Medical Director, Future Fertility
  177. Mrs. Catherine Davies, Managing Partner, Monticle
  178. Ms. Colette Courtion, Founder, Joylux
  179. Dr. Jane van Dis, Medical Director, Mavenclinic
  180. Ms. Alli Kasirer, Founder, Robyn
  181. Mr. Simon Minford, Clinical Innovation Consultant & Advanced Nurse Practitioner - Plastic Surgery, Alder Hey Children's Hospital
  182. Mr. Olufemi Olajide, Senior Data Scientist, Alder Hey Children's Hospital
  183. Mr. Rowland Partridge, Consultant Paediatric & Neonatal Surgeon, Alder Hey Children's Hospital
  184. Mr. Matt Eagles, Head of Patient Engagement, Havas Lynx Group
  185. Mr. Jonas Duss, US CEO, Kaia Health
  186. Ms. Hayley Thomas, Head of Corporate Fundraising at Alder Hey Children’s Charity, Alder Hey Children's Hospital
  187. Mr. Sanjay Pingle, CEO, PWNHealth
  188. Mr. John Neary, Patient, Fixing Us
  189. Mrs. Sonya Lockett, Cardiac Rehabilitation Service Lead, University Hospitals of North Midlands NHS Trust
  190. Mr. Rafael Guerrero, Consultant Congenital Cardiac Surgeon & Chief of Congenital Cardiac Surgery, Alder Hey Children's Hospital
  191. Mr. Darren Gates, Clinical Innovation Consultant & Paediatric Intensivist, Alder Hey Children's Hospital
  192. Mr. Steve Begley, Head of Procurement, Alder Hey Children's Hospital
  193. Ms. Helen Routledge, CEO, Totem Learning
  194. Ms. Rebecca Hamilton-Cook, Commercial Research Business Development Manager, Alder Hey Children's Hospital
  195. Dr. Lizzie Hill, Course Tutor in Sleep Medicine, University of Oxford
  196. Mr. Jacob Loewenstein, VP, Business Development & Strategy, Spatial
  197. Dr. Anu Obaro, Radiologist, St Mark's Hospital, LNWH NHS Trust
  198. Dr. Aubrey de Grey, Chief Science Officer, SENS Research Foundation
  199. Ms. Charlotte Summers, Founding COO, Diabetes Digital Media
  200. Ms. Adriane Berg, Executive Director, The Kitalys Institute
  201. Mr. PETER JOSHI, Chief Scientific Officer, Humanity
  202. Mr. Steve Dann, Chairman, Medical Realities
  203. Mr. Chun Kwok, Paediatric Surgical Specialist Trainee, Aldey Hey Children's Hospital
  204. Ms. Deepali Nangia, Angel Investor
  205. Mr. Adrian Wong, Chief Innovation Officer, Venture Agenda
  206. Ms. Julia Hawkins, Partner, Localglobe
  207. Ms. Nic Vovk, Quality Manager,
  208. Mr. James Wise, Partner, Balderton Capital
  209. Mr. Marc Southern, CEO & Co-Founder,
  210. Ms. Chloe Fox, Client Services Director,
  211. Dr. Michelle Perugini, CEO, Presagen
  212. Ms. Bernie Piscopo, Client Services Executive,
  213. Ms. Carolyn Heaney, NHS Engagement Policy Partner, A B P I
  214. Dave Sandbach, Director of Innovation, Thrive Wearables
  215. Anna Gudmundson, CEO, BioSelf Technology
  216. Dr. Myles Furnace, Global Digital Health Partnerships Lead, Ipsen
  217. Dr. Johannes Kreuzer, CEO, cosinuss°
  218. Dr. Andrew Elder, Deputy Managing Partner, AlbionVC
  219. Ms. Kim VERGOTTINI, Founder and CEO, SMART-LE
  220. Mr. David Salt, Director, Immersive Interactive Ltd
  221. Mr. Neil Crump, Chief Partnership Officer,
  222. Ms. Mary Akangbe, President/Founder, Zenith Global Health
  223. Mr. PETER WARD, Co-founder & CEO, Humanity Inc.
  224. Mr. Michael Geer, Co-founder & Chief Strategy Officer, Humanity Inc.
  225. Mr. Siim Land, Founder, Siim Land OÜ
  226. Mrs. marian garcia-prieto, CEO, i4life
  227. Prof. Rhoda Au, Professor, Boston University
  228. Dr. Lorena Macnaughtan, Digital Health Advisor, Independent
  229. Dr. Charlotte Lee, UK Director, Big Health
  230. Mr. matt morgan, Founder/Exec producer, The Original Content Company
  231. Dr. Rayna Patel, CEO and Co-Founder, Vinehealth
  232. Mr. Russ Bradford, Co-Founder, Parkinson's Concierge
  233. Mr. Adam Cox, Managing Director, Relations Group
  234. Dr. Paul Rinne, CEO, GripAble Limited
  235. Mr. David Leventhal, Program Director, Dance for PD at Mark Morris Dance Group
  236. Mr. Robert Berry, Head of Innovation, Kent Surrey Sussex AHSN
  237. Barbara Ficarra, Writer | Academic Author | Producer | Registered Nurse | Mutli-Media Host, Barbara Ficarra Productions LLC/
  238. Catherine Brant, Senior External Relations Manager, Novo Nordisk
  239. Mrs. Charlotte Allen, Director, Parkinson’s Concierge Ltd
  240. Mr. paul gordon, Chief Marketing Officer, 11 Health
  241. Mr. James Kinross, Senior Lecturer in Surgery, Imperial College London
  242. Prof. Andrew J Scott, Professor of Economics, London Business School & The Longevity Forum

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