MARCH 2021

EMODnet Open Conference (14-16 June 2021) goes fully online!

Call for posters by 6 April 2021!


Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the EMODnet Open Conference (14-16 June 2021) will now take place fully online. Check out the Conference high-level programme, with more details of speakers and the interactive format to follow. 

How can you get involved?

  • Submit your e-poster abstract by 6 April 2021, and receive a 1-minute pitch presentation in the plenary sessions!
  • Pre-register online to hear the very latest updates on the Conference. 

EMODnet Geology releases new pan-European shoreline-migration map based on field measurements and aerial photography

In March 2021, EMODnet Geology released an updated version of their shoreline-migration map, freely accessible from the EMODnet Geology portal. This map allows policy makers, together with national and regional coastal managers, to determine large-scale coastal behaviour and identify areas of rapid change resulting in improved planning and decision-making. It is based on field measurements and aerial photography, and covers time periods up to decades. This technique is particularly valuable for mapping cliffs, which are prevalent along European coastlines, particularly since state-of-the-art satellite-monitoring methods aren’t yet suitable for imaging erosion of non-sandy types of coastline.

EMODnet Biology data product release: Presence/Absence maps of phytoplankton in the Greater Baltic Sea

EMODnet Biology developed a map overview containing input from a total of 23 datasets presence-only data of phytoplankton species occurring in the Greater Baltic Sea. These datasets were selected and manually curated to estimate absences. The result is a refined dataset of 34968 spatio-temporal events where a presence/absence flag for each of those species is provided. The products are presented as maps of the distribution of the 20 most common species of (phyto)plankton in the Greater Baltic Sea. In addition, gridded probability maps in Geotiff format were created by species. These products are now freely available to download from EMODnet Biology. 

More information

New habitat data products released
by EMODnet Seabed Habitats


EMODnet Seabed Habitats released a number of new habitat data products on their portal, which include 10 habitat point datasets, 23 individual habitat maps from survey and 3 composite habitat data products. The new individual habitat maps span across a number of regions, including the Greater North and Celtic Seas, Black Sea and Mediterranean. They contain a mixture of Annex I habitats data, EUNIS habitats data (2007 and 2019 versions) and habitat data in national classification systems. The newly added habitat point data includes datasets from the North Sea, Black Sea, and the wider Atlantic region – with new composite habitats directive products available around the UK. 

EMODnet Chemistry: New high quality integrated marine litter dataset and data products for Europe

Following endorsement by the EU Joint Research Centre (JRC), EMODnet partners have produced a new data collection for beach litter and related data products, covering all EU sea-basins for the period 2010-2020. Over 40 European countries contributed to the integrated dataset, data formatting and validation of data gathered from more than 10,300 surveys from national monitoring for legislative purposes and other sources such as research and citizen science initiatives. The marine litter workflow explains the process including all fit-for-purpose guidelines, tools and software. The new data and data products have high relevance and potential for use in national assessments of Good Environmental Status for the European the Marine Strategy Framework Directive, in particular for Descriptor 10: Marine Litter.

Marine Data to support Aquaculture in the Mediterranean and Black Sea, a workshop co-organised by EMODnet, CMEMS, EATiP and DG MARE

On 24-25 March 2021, EMODnet co-organised a workshop on marine data for the aquaculture sector in the Mediterranean and Black Sea, in collaboration with EATiP, CMEMS,  DG MARE and DG DEFIS. The workshop was attended by 75 participants with representatives from the aquaculture industry, national authorities, and intermediate users, together with marine data services. EMODnet was well represented by thematic experts from bathymetry, biology, chemistry, physics and human activities, together with the EMODnet Secretariat.  

The objectives for this workshop included raising awareness about existing open access marine data and data products available through EMODnet and CMEMS, exploring opportunities and applications for open source marine environmental data to support and innovate the aquaculture sector in the Mediterranean and Black seas regions, and discussing needs and requirements from the Aquaculture sector. At the meeting EMODnet Secretariat’s Technical Coordinator Conor Delaney presented the diverse data and data product portfolio from the seven EMODnet thematic nodes, and the wealth of data and web services available.
A report summarizing key messages will be produced in due course. In the meantime, a report from a previous event dedicated to the North-Atlantic region in October 2020 is available.

Meet the European Atlas of the Seas’ ambassadors advocating for advanced ocean literacy!


What do EU Commissioner Virginijus Sinkevičius, surfer Easkey Britton and Minister of the Sea of Portugal Ricardo Serrão Santos have in common? They are some of the European Atlas of the Seas’ ambassadors advocating for a more ocean literate society!

Following the release of the European Atlas of the Seas in the 24 official EU languages in September 2020, the EMODnet Secretariat asked well-known public figures experienced in ocean-related issues to explain in their own language what the ocean means to them and why you should #ExploreYourOcean

The campaign was launched on 16 September 2020 by the European Commissioner for Environment, Oceans and Fisheries, Virginijus Sinkevičius. Now halfway through the campaign, we invite you to (re)discover the first twelve European Atlas of the Seas’ ambassadors and what they wanted to share with us.

Upcoming Events

  • IMDIS SeaDataNet Online Conference 12-14 April 2021 
The International Conference on Marine Data and Information Systems (IMDIS) will be taking place from 12-14 April 2021 online. The conference aims to provide ocean-scientists with all the latest information for existing information systems and with news on the progress being made in the field of IT infrastructure in ocean systems. This will include updates on best practices in big data management, recent advances in metadata standards, interoperable information systems, as well as the services and tools available for education in this domain. EMODnet will be well represented at the conference with partners involved in the co-organisation and others presenting achievements of EMODnet thematic developments at the event. Registration and information
  • EMODnet workshop on “ocean observation and marine data for the blue economy” at European Maritime Day, 20-21 May 2021
At this year’s European Maritime Day (EMD) 2021 Conference, on 20-21 May 2021 the EMODnet Secretariat is organising a stakeholder workshop on “Ocean Observation and Marine Data for the Blue Economy”. This online workshop, scheduled for 20 May AM (timings to be confirmed) will explore the value of ocean observation and marine monitoring, data collection and sharing for the blue economy, from the perspectives of marine and maritime industry, port authorities, government agencies and EMODnet thematic experts. This workshop takes place in the context of a European Commission consultation “Ocean observation – sharing responsibility” and one month before the EMODnet Open Conference 2021 where results from this consultation will be presented. Registration and information

Bathymetry Surveys by related initiatives

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