January 2020

EMODnet and a new decade of ocean opportunities 


At the start of each New Year, it has become our tradition to take a moment to reflect on the past, take stock of our achievements and look forward to what the coming year will bring for our growing network of partners and users. 

As we enter a new and exciting decade for all things oceans, we mark also the end of the first decade of EMODnet. The vision for EMODnet was clear from its inception in 2009, with 2020 as the landmark year to deliver maps of our European seas covering topography, geology, habitats and ecosystems, with highest resolution possible in areas that have been surveyed. These maps are accompanied by timely information on the physical, chemical and biological state of the overlying water column. And we are proud that we have achieved this vision! What is more: we have done so working together across European countries, with more than 120 organisations providing access to data and products of Europe’s seas and oceans in a way which is easily accessible, interoperable and free of restrictions on use. As a result of this immense work, EMODnet has become a major pan-European provider of multidisciplinary marine data, data-products and services fostering a diverse and expanding user base.

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EMODnet 2nd Open Conference and Jamboree -
Save the date: 22-25 September 2020!


Five years after the first edition, we are delighted to announce the organisation of the second EMODnet Open Conference (22-23 September 2020) and Jamboree (23-25 September 2020). During the event, EMODnet partners, communicators and data providers/users will take stock of EMODnet achievements over the past 10 years, connect across stakeholder communities and set goals for the future. To start the week, the EMODnet Open Conference will focus on use cases and ocean data and observation requirements to develop essential open marine data services for blue economy actors, public sector, civil society and researchers.

Mapping the World Ocean Floor


Image reproduced from the GEBCO world map 2014,

EMODnet is delighted to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between EMODnet Bathymetry and the Nippon Foundation-GEBCO Seabed 2030 Project.  Seabed 2030 was launched at the United Nations Ocean Conference in 2017. It is a collaborative project between The Nippon Foundation and GEBCO, with the vision to fully map the world ocean floor by 2030 and make the definitive map freely available. With this MoU, EMODnet Bathymetry and Seabed 2030 will work in synergy to facilitate the exchange of data-products to fill gaps in ocean bathymetry, as well as to exchange and promote methods and best practices in ocean mapping and bathymetric data management.

The EMODnet Secretariat welcomes
Ms Julie Auerbach as Partnership Relations Officer


It is with great pleasure that we will welcome in February 2020 Ms Julie Auerbach as EMODnet Secretariat's Partnership Relations Officer. Most of her professional life has been based in Malta where as a Senior Scientific Officer she concentrated primarily on the technical aspects of offshore exploration, as well as coordinated marine scientific research. She was involved in EMODnet Geology phase 2, and also contributed to the EMFF funded project IMWESTMED proposal for Malta with respect to implementation of Maritime Spatial Planning legislation. Julie’s most recent work has been with the United Nations Environment Programme Mediterranean Action Plan (UNEP) as project manager of the EcAp MED II project.
Prepared and published by the EMODnet Secretariat
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