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Dear SNADers,

Here’s hoping you and yours are enjoying a wonderful summer, beautiful weather, and some well-earned vacation time.
At SFSNAD we are preparing for all the new and exciting opportunities this Fall will bring: new programming, classes and workshops, exhibitions and even…..wait for it….a new website!
But before we get to all that, SFSNAD is pleased to announce that three of our stitchers have successfully completed the six-course Introduction to Embroidery Series! These stitchers, after attending 36 hours of instructional time and learning 48 different stitches, have earned their certificate of completion. We wish them all a hearty congratulations and we can’t wait to see what’s next for these three embroidery enthusiasts.

  • Chloé Ginsburg
  • Louise Smith
  • Shirley Robbins

In this issue:

  • Get illuminated. Explore the intersection of stitching and queer ecology, a mode of ecocriticism that explores the disruption of boundaries such as human/non-human and natural/unnatural, as well as the precarious implications of non-normative, boundary-crossing (and species-crossing) bodies in public environments at Liz Harvey’s webinar on August 24.
  • Don’t leave us hanging. Stop by to visit the Hanging Thread Gallery and the stunning work of Indian embroidery artist Asif Shaikh. The Gallery is open T-Sat 10-4.
  • Long Live Prince! Our next Challenge deadline, Purple Reign, has been extended to August 30. 
  • Wish You Were Here. Our online Stitch-In is going on a well deserved vacation for the month of August and will return in the fall feeling refreshed!
  • Get out your wallets….the 2022 Annual Campaign is about to go live! This is your chance to literally Move the Needle Forward by making a donation that will amplify SFSNAD’s Mission and Vision to preserve and advance the art of hand embroidery - a globally practiced craft!

As always, thanks for stitching with us!

Lisa Coscino
Executive Director (she/her)

LIFE 2.0
By Lisa Coscino, SFSNAD Executive Director

As we prepare for the next wave of whatever Covid's next variant throws our way, I have been thinking a lot about the individual and societal changes we are experiencing as a result of this pesky pandemic. Do you notice any changes in your neighborhood, town, family or self? In San Francisco where I live, there seems to be a ping pong game being played outside my door: "I'm never going back to working onsite" vs "I wanna throw it all away and live on an island" - (this second group may be responding to more than the pandemic!) In either case, so many of my close friends and family (including my kids!) are considering making some big changes in their lives. And many of these have to do with careers. Everything seems so up in the air right now to me. Does it to you?

                                                     Lucy Barter, Memphis Belle, (detail)  
Up in the air. This phrase refers to unsettled particles or matter as something that is floating in the air. “In the air” has been used with a similar meaning since the mid 1700s, and this exact phrase has been in use since the first half of 1900s. I like the idea of life floating in the air. Choices floating in space, suspended until I choose one or the other, or until something heavy settles. I have done my fair share of pivoting - in life and career - before Covid - and I doubt I will stop now. But where before I was considered a risk taker by my friends and family when I quit a job without another one lined up, or moved cross country (more than once) without a job to follow my dreams, now I am in good company with the rest of you who are imagining what's next.

                            Shanaz Kahn, Evil Eyes (detail) from the Talismans Stitch at Home Challenge

My last career pivot led me to SFSNAD. Like all changes in my life (at least to me), I made a conscious decision to leave the museum world to focus on education in an attempt to spend more time with artists - which is why I chose a career in the arts in the first place. I think I hit the jackpot. This is my Life 2.0.

Where will your creative dust settle? Maybe the next road will lead you to SFSNAD too. We do have an amazing new professional development program that is ready for you to peek at. Maybe you'd like to be an artist, exhibiting in one of our galleries instead of sitting in another zoom meeting. Maybe you fancy yourself in the couture world, stitching madly as your model is about to float down the runway. Or maybe you feel passionately about teaching and preserving the art form you grew up with or that represents your culture. And maybe it's just time for a 'cool change'. If you are curious about our new program, you can watch this presentation which will demystify the road to a potential new phase of your life. It might be the perfect antidote for all those swarming particles in your heart and head not finding a place to land. In the meantime, feel free to drop by for a visit. You are the reason I work here - even though some things for all of us are still up in the air!

           Cole Morrison, Creation Myth (detail) from the Out of This World Stitch at Home Challenge

Stitch-at-Home Challenge:
Out of this World: (link to online exhibition)
June 13 - September 3

Artwork: Amy Jenkins
Asif Shaikh: 'resurgence'
July 23 - November 28




The easiest way to see our entire course and event catalog through December is to follow this link. To see everything we are offering, you will need to click on the SHOW MORE button on our registration page.

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Our Comprehensive Studies Program will be taught in-person. Registration is open.

Registration for Fall Term CSP:
CSP Metalwork Level 1: October 24-28
CSP All Concentrations Level 2: October 31-November 4
and in the same realm, introducing:
Introduction to Tambour Work Level 2 with Bob Haven: October 24-28
And Sew it begins: In-Person Stitch Solutions with Lauren Yeager: October 31-Nov. 4

August 10th, 10am-11:00am PDT
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August 24th, 10am-11:00am PDT
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In-person classes and workshops are taught at 850 Battery St, San Francisco.
In-Person Mandala Design for Embroidery with Laura Tandeske
August 20, 11am-4pm PDT

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In-Person Technique Tasters
August 27 - October 6th
Mornings: 10am-1pm PDT
Afternoons: 2pm-5pm PDT

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In-Person Meaningful Textiles: Creative Re-Use with Juli van Tellingen
(Two-Session Workshop)

September 10 and 17, 10am-4pm PDT
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In-Person Bite-Size for Beginners
September 18, 1:30pm-4pm PDT

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In-Person Silk and Gold Tudor Rose with Lucy Barter
(Two-Session Workshop)
September 21 and 22, 10am-4pm PDT
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In-Person Stitch Foundations
with Laura Tandeske

September 24 and October 22,
11am-1:30pm PDT

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In-Person Introduction to Embroidery: Contemporary and Traditional Insect
with Laura Tandeske
October 1st, 10am-4pm PDT
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In-Person Layered Appliqué
with Judith Epstein

October 9, 10am-4pm PDT

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All Online classes are taught via Zoom in Pacific Time (US and Canada)
Needlelace Workshop with Lauren Yeager (Two-Session Class)
Aug 20 and Aug 27, 10am-1pm PDT

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Bite-Size for Beginners
August 25, 5:30am-8pm PDT

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Online Stumpwork Iris with Lauren Yeager (Two-Session Class)
September 9 and 16, 10am-1pm PDT

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Online Introduction to Embroidery: Contemporary and Traditional Flower 
with Mae McCourt

September 10, 10am-3pm PDT
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Online Japanese Mum with
Lauren Yeager (Two-Session Class)

September 10 and 17, 10am-1pm PDT

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Online Sweet Geometric Garden 
with Mae McCourt 

September 17, 10am-3pm PDT

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Online Lemony Stitches with
Lauren Yeager (Three-Session Class)

September 23, 30, and October 7,
8am-11am PDT

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Online Ribbon Flowers Mason Jar 
with Marilu Morency
(Three-Session Class)

September 23, 30, and October 7, 
12pm-3pm PDT

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