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Well, it’s that time of year again, the time to celebrate LOVE with hearts and flowers and candy and romance. Cheers to all the different types of love out there in this beautiful world! Enjoy each other, celebrate each other, and express all the love you can to all the people you can - there’s no such thing as too much love, so love, love, love - and then love some more!
This February at SFSNAD, we are celebrating love by celebrating those who uplift, serve and support us. Please join us on February 15th for our annual VOLUNTEER THANK YOU PARTY! If you have volunteered at SFSNAD or are interested in volunteering in the future, or want to thank a volunteer who has made a difference in your experience at SFSNAD, please stop by this online event to share.
In other news related to service and love, SFSNAD is pleased to announce the recent appointment of 3 new board members: Angela Grimes, Jennie Martel and Todd Hellman, and 4 new advisory board members: Barb Lieberman, Beth Woolbright, Jill Zerkle, and Shelley Wells - elected at our January meeting. This esteemed group of new members bring a wide breadth of skills and experience to our already fabulous board. We are excited to see how they will provide essential counsel, leadership, and diversity to SFSNAD!

In this issue:

  • Membership has its Perks! If you are an inaugural member at SFSNAD, your membership renewal will be due in March - renewal letters will hit your inbox in February. For those of you who joined later in 2022, your renewal letters will go out one month before your membership expires. New members are always welcome!
  • Liz Harvey - Join us on Saturday, February 11 from 1- 4pm for a reception and drop in stitching program in support of Liz’s exhibition. This event is FREE.
  • Some things just don’t work out as planned: Karen Barbe's Webinar scheduled for March 15th has been canceled. If you registered for this program, Lauren will be contacting you with cancellation details.

As always, thanks for stitching with us!
Lisa Coscino
Executive Director (she/her)                                    photo: Tiny Pricks Projects, stitching by Diana Weymar

Stitch-Ins - Keeping You in Stitches

By Lisa Coscino, SFSNAD Executive Director
SFSNAD was founded with building and engaging with community in mind. Understanding San Francisco's rich cultural landscape and serving the community outside our door was realized in the early days of SFSNAD through our Stitch-Ins. During the pandemic, we quickly realized that the need to gather, share, and stitch became even more important, and so we created online Stitch-Ins - which connected people from all over the world.

What is a Stitch-In? Simply put, it's a gathering spot for anyone who might need some stitching support (how can I resolve this issue?), some friendly banter, a nurturing and productive environment to complete projects, a safe place to hear stories, connect, and sew. All are welcome: all ages, levels of expertise, interests, and goals. As artist Louise Bourgeois so aptly states, "The act of sewing is a process of emotional repair", and one of the many benefits of our Stitch-Ins is the healing that sewing can provide.


One of the absolute BEST things about our Stitch-Ins is that they are run by volunteers. Online Stitch-Ins are hosted by the Friends of SFSNAD. This is an important group of dedicated volunteers who are so committed to this program that they run it twice a week: Wednesdays and Saturdays from 2-4 PST. The Friends, comprised of SFSNAD educator Bob Haven, Denise Forsyth, and Jacquie Biege really do keep Stitch-In stitchers in stitches - sharing stories, swapping short-cuts and encouraging experimentation. You can join this group from your phone, tablet, pad or computer from anywhere - all you need is the link - and they will make you feel most welcome if you do. Stay for the whole time or stay a few minutes, it is all up to you! (And it's FREE!!)


In-Person Stitch-In takes place at SFSNAD's Battery Street location on Thursdays from 2-4 and is hosted by one of our favorite educators, Laura Tandeske. The same rules apply to In-Person Stitch-In - all are welcome, stay as long as you'd like, and it is FREE. The wonderful bonus (besides hanging out with Laura!) is that you can visit our Library and check out our Exhibitions, Collection, and Shop when you are at SFSNAD. We also have lots of free materials onsite that you can use to experiment or practice with. And sometimes we have treats....

Our community helps us to thrive. You take our classes, bring us ideas, cheer us on, challenge us to grow and do better. In exchange, we want to give you a chance to connect, learn from each other, comfort each other and build friendships - online or in-person. The real heroes of this program are Bob, Denise, Jacquie, and Laura - so stop by and meet them. They would love to see a new face and see what you're working on. They are fountains of wisdom and some of our best friends - and soon they will be yours too!

Stitch-at-Home Challenge:
On the Bright Side

Exhibition opens in February 

image: Katherine Dossman, Good Morning
Liz Harvey 
the lost ones: iterations and murmurs
January 21- March 11, 2023
Reception: February 11, 1pm


To search for classes by Educator, Technique, Level, Location or Session type, click here.


Web: Scandal and Imprisonment:
Gold Spinners of 17th Century England  
February 6, 10am-11:00am PST

Register here
Web: Walking Through History, Costumes  
February 25, 10am-11:00am PST

Register here

Taught at 850 Battery St, San Francisco.
In-Person Stitch Foundations: Cross Stitches with Laura Tandeske
February 11th, 11am-1:30pm PST
Register here
In-Person Bite-Size Embroidery for Beginners with Laura Tandeske
February 12, 1:30pm-4pm PST
Register here
In-Person Meaningful Textiles: Creative Re-Use with Juliana van Tellingen
February 16, 10am-4pm PST
Register here
In-Person Personal Patches
with Laura Tandeske

February 18, 10am-2pm PST
Register here
In-Person Crochet Sugar Cookie Coasters with Normalynn Ablao
February 25, 10:30am-12:30pm PST
Register here
In-Person Technique Taster:
Turned Fabric Appliqué w/Judith Epstein-Williams

February 25, 1:30-4:30pm PST
Register here
In-Person Technique Taster:
Blackwork with Margaret Timball

March 2, 10am-1pm PST
Register here
In-Person: Spring Flowers for Beginners with Laura Tandeske
March 2, 2:30pm-4:30pm PST
Register here
In-Person Technique Taster:
Crewelwork with Laura Tandeske

March 4, 10am-1pm PST
Register here
In-Person: A Taste of Band and Ribbon Weaving - Sami Style! With Joan Near
March 4, 11am-1pm PST
Register here

All Online classes are taught via Zoom in Pacific Time (US and Canada)
Online Stitch Foundations:
Cross Stitches with Allison Railo

February 16, 5-7pm PST
Register here
Online Global Chain Stitch
with Sarah Pedlow

February 18, 12-3pm PST
Register here
Online Edward Burne-Jones Inspiration with Lauren Yeager (4 sessions)
Feb 24, Mar 3, 10, 17, 10am-1pm PST
Register here
The Personal Mend: An Online
Darning Workshop with Felicity Alice

February 25, 10am-1pm PST
Register here
Online Needlepainted Red Peony
with Lauren Yeager (4 sessions)

March 4, 11, 18, 25, 10am-1pm PST
Register here
Online Technique Tasters
March 4 - April 29
Mornings: 10am-1pm PST
Afternoons: 2pm-5pm PST

Register here
Online Exploring Natural Dyeing
with Sasha 
March 4, 11am-2pm PST
Register here
Online Exploring Forms: Stitch &
Love Birds with Michelle Hamill

March 10, 5pm-7pm PST
Register here
Online Creative Mark Making
with Felicity Alice

March 18, 10am-2pm PST
Register here
Online Bite Size for Beginners
with Allison Railo

March 23, 5pm-7:30pm PST
Register here
Online Mini French Éclairs
with Normalynn 
March 25, 10am-2pm PST
Register here
Online Jumeoni Pouches
with Youngmin Lee

April 1, 10am-1pm PST
Register here
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