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March 2017
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It's March 1st, and Chicago went without measurable snow in January and February for the first time in recorded history. We'll probably be in for a spring blizzard and a historic heat wave before this month ends, but at least we're inching toward spring with minimal frostbite. This week's dump is looking up and out, into space and galaxies far, far away, and also looking back at newspapers and print advertising. A little extra fun this week: decode the Morse code in the graphic and send us the answer!

What we're reading


In 1994, Los Angeles experienced a blackout and residents called 911 when they saw the Milky Way for the first time. Light pollution had kept the galaxy out of sight for so long that most residents had no idea what real stars looked like.


NASA announced the discovery of the Trappist-1 System last week, a new star system with earth-like planets in the habitable zones, renewing curiosity about life elsewhere, and maybe an escape plan from the Orange Planet.


Explore the evolution of the New York Times, from first print to present day, and see how imagery and graphics have taken precedent over headlines and copy.


Subversion is resistance and art is subversive and advertising is art. Subvertising is the subversion of advertising, and makes for detournement that is provocative and compelling.

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