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October 2016
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Morning Commute

We're SO excited to introduce our new design intern, Hanan Shoubaki, to our Studio 424 family and friends! Hanan is a recent graduate from the University of Kansas, where she got her BFA in Visual Communication Design. Passionate about digital experiences, she’s interested in understanding the world of design and the impact that it can create in everyday life. Outside of work, Hanan spends her time learning how to program, practicing yoga, and doodling. We're pumped to have her on the team. Her first studio contribution was this week's graphic, an illustration of her morning commute. Did that How to Survive The Gaypocalypse brochure catch your eye? If you're interested in learning more, you can download the full survival manual here!

What we're reading

ConFab Recap

This week's article is a recap of Jamie's recent trip to Seattle to attend ConFab Intensive. She reviews six workshops and how the experiences and methods add value to our studio and our clients. Read it. Like it. Share it.

Get Paid

Here's a useful article from FastCo on the case against paying designers by the hour. They lay out a few situations and methods for calculating design fees that align with clients' business models rather than traditional hourly fees.

Be Our Guest

Do you LOVE our newsletter? Do you want to be featured in our newsletter and share it with all your friends? This is an open call for guest artwork, graphics, and illustrations. Send a 301 x 602 px png with a cool title, short descriptive blurb, and your preferred portfolio link to We'll pop it into an upcoming issue of the weekly dump.

Get Scared

Another FastCo article for ya, this time on the evolution of a brand from a logo to artificial intelligence. Here's the big question: "Have we evolved to be such inherently social creatures that when we have the opportunity—and eventual necessity—of talking directly to companies all day, will we all just be consumer pinballs, being knocked around a manipulation machine?"

Overheard at the studio
oh how she spins her wheels

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