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Mandatory Reporter - New Training Now Available Through AEA Learning Online

There has been some recent incorrect information that has been sent out regarding the Mandatory Reporter training by other sources in the state.  As mentioned in our last newsletter, new legislation in Iowa has changed the rules around the Mandatory Reporter training.  The only approved curriculum for the training is provided by the Department of Human Services.

However, the AEAs are approved to offer the DHS' training on our training system.

The AEAs are currently offering the DHS's e-curriculum as trainings on our system, having replaced our home-built e-curriculum as of July 1.  We were forwarded many emails by school district personnel that said otherwise.  Please help us share this message with your employees and colleagues at other school districts, who might not have the correct information.

Changes in Law: What it Means for Educators

While the AEAs continue to offer the Mandatory Reporter training, there are some changes that are significant for individual educators.

1. Educators are now required to complete a separate Child Abuse training and Dependent Adult Abuse training.  The BoEE will require both certificates when renewing your license.  Certificates that were completed before July 1 (i.e. the combined training we used to offer) are still valid for renewal.  But if you have completed the Child Abuse training after July 1, you also need to finish the Dependent Adult Abuse training.  More on that below.

2. Certifications are good for 3 years instead of 5.  Again, previous certificates are grandfathered in.  The certificate of completion on our system reflects the difference between the current training and the old training.

Accessing & Taking the Training

The trainings are live on our system.

The Mandatory Reporter: Child Abuse training can be taken here.

The Mandatory Reporter: Dependent Adult Abuse training can be taken here.

There is still a $25 fee for the Mandatory Reporter: Child Abuse training.  We are waiving the fee for the Dependent Adult Abuse training.  In the future, we will have the trainings bundled, so that when a participant pays, the system will register her for both trainings at the same time with the one fee.  But right now, a participant needs to register for each separately.

Since the training uses the DHS e-curriculum, the format will be a bit different.  The curriculum they developed is narrated, not allowing a participant to move forward to the next page until the narration is done.  In each of the trainings, there are 6 modules of content, a pre-test, a post-test, and an evaluation survey.  A participant must complete all the elements to complete the module, and they must complete them in order (i.e. module 2 is not available until module 1 is done, which isn't available until the pre-test is done, etc.).

When the training is finished, it does take a bit of time for the module to update the records within the Training System, and thus, the certificate is not immediately available.  Our system updates records every 5 minutes, but in times of peak capacity such as this August, we mention it might be up to an hour before the record moves from "registered" to "completed".

Technical Tips for the Training

1. We recommend Chrome as the browser, and then Firefox.  We have experienced slower issues with Safari.  Since we are using the DHS curriculum, we are unable to adjust the speed the module plays.

2. Participants must have audio on their device, since it is narrated.

3. To complete the post-test, a participant must receive 10/10.  A participant can take the post-test up to 3 times on their own, and can contact our support desk if they need further opportunities.  The post-test does provide feedback on what was missed each time a test was taken, so we encourage participants to study the feedback closely.

4. A participant can leave the training at any time, and pick it up where they left off.  This includes in the middle of a content module.

We will have additional technical tips as we experience more support calls for the training.  We thank you for your patience as we learn the technical tricks with the modules ourselves.

Why the AEA Training?

There have been several questions about why the fee for the Mandatory Reporter training, and whether it would be beneficial to have teachers take the training for free elsewhere.

The fee for the training helps support the entire system.  Without the fee for the training, school districts would have higher costs to have access to trainings.  In fact, the price per student would raise from 50 cents to $1.25.  The fee helps keep costs low for individual districts.

Those fees help provide a better training experience.  We offer phone customer support 8:00 - 4:00 during weekdays, and email/help desk support during the night and weekends.  In the first 24 hours we have launched the trainings, we have received 42 support calls or emails.  The DHS system does not offer that type of support.  For many individuals who are looking to renew a license last minute, this customer service is crucial.

Fees also support the system itself.  The system itself gathers all certificates for participants in one location, making it easy to access a certificate when it comes time to renew the license.  Plus, the system sends out notifications of when the current certification is set to expire.  School administrators can see records of completion of employees and quickly assign the training to staff that need it.  These are not options on a different system.

Plus, the AEA trainings are part of different license renewal course opportunities, including the Practicing Educator and Super Sub 101 self-paced courses.

The AEAs are committed to providing high quality services and experiences to schools and educators, and look to do so as cost efficiently as possible.  For further question, please contact our Program Director, Evan Abbey (
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