Rape for men and women and no help from prison staff - when it isn't actually done by them. Lack of prenatal care and vitamins during pregnancies., Shackling a woman to the bed during labor, general lack of medical care for women's issues. Women often lose any other children to adoption and are forced to give up their parental rights. When a judge reads a sentence, where does it state torture is included?

Rape happens just as much to men as it does to women so I'm going to talk about both. Men with long sentences use men because that is all there is. They aren't necessarily gay, they just want either sex or dominance. A young man, especially slight of build doesn't stand a chance unless they are isolated and that brings with it a different set of problems. Which is worse? Women have a separate set of issues that also affects the medical care of her reproductive system and the inhumane torture of being shackled during childbirth.


Men and women inmates often have children. When a man goes inside the mother is left with the struggle of raising the children alone with just her income causing her to often work two jobs and unable to provide good childcare. But when women are incarcerated it's a completely different ball game. There usually aren't father's around who pick up raising any children. Sometimes there is family; a grandparent or sibling but in many cases the children are put in foster care.

What most people don't realize, the foster care system is NOT a government program. There is no oversight or govt regulation, but they are paid by the government for every child they take away from it's parents to the tune of $30k. If they adopt it out the figure goes up to $40k. If a woman is incarcerated for any reason they can put her children up for adoption  after 22 months, and it is permanent. She won't get them back even if she could pay an attorney. Even if she did get out before 22 months she still needs to have a job and a place to live. It does not allow someone to pay for their crime and get their life together. In our society,anyone who has been incarcerated for any reason gets to continue to pay for the rest of their life. These women permanently lose their children and the children lose their parent and it is often motivated by money. Are their children who should be taken away? Yes. Some people are lousy parents. But for a parent to not be able to fight for their child it is just plain wrong.

In the rest of the newsletter I will give you stories and links to follow about incarcerated women in the hope of creating better understanding and empathy for women who don't have the means to keep the children they gave birth to, or to stop being sexually assaulted by their jailers. Don't judge them, help them. Our prison system is a racket which uses and misuses the people caught in it's snare. Most of them do not deserve what happens to them inside but it will   continue  as long as we allow it to happen
It is illegal to shackle women during childbirth in only about half of the states, but some choose to allow it anyway. There is no other reason for it but torture because where would this mother go during labor? It's inhumane.
Men & Rape -Prison Rape Widely Ignore By Authorities.   Just weeks after he entered the Texas prison system at age 19, Kerry Max Cook says he was gang-raped by fellow inmates. It was the beginning of what he describes as two decades of torture...con't
Although there is women on women rape just like men, and I don't want to discount that, these articles focus on the rape of women comes from male staff and officers and son higher ups who condone it. The women have little recourse because grievances often don't make to someone who is willing or able to help.
Women & Rape - Bartered Sex, Corruption and Cover-up Behind Bars at Largest Women's Prison in Florida.. “The so-called punishment for an officer who rapes an inmate is to get transferred to another facility. Florida’s prisons allow officers to rape women in prison because the inmates aren’t considered to have any rights,”
One of the plaintiffs, identified in the complaint as only Jane Doe 2, reported the rapes to a mental health clinician and later to a doctor with the City Department of Investigation, the suit says, but was told nothing could be done.

 Lawsuit Alleges Georgia Prison Supervisor Raped Women Inmates
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I met a woman last year who has a story that broke my heart. Three years ago she had a beautiful baby boy with blond curly hair. She and her boyfriend didn't have much money but they had a lot of love. When she went into labor it was especially bad because she had been born with bone disease that caused her pain. As a child she was in a wheelchair, told she would never walk again. Before being able to get to the hospital she took a Vicoden. Blood tests are standard after birth and they saw she had the pain medication in her system, although the baby did not. Child protective services had to be called who took the baby away from her and put him in foster care.

She never got her baby back. They said she had to do 90 days in a rehab, although there was no need. They would not let the father have the baby because they weren't married. They wouldn't let the child be brought to the rehab so she could nurse him. They told the mother the hoops she would have to jump through to get her baby back until they ran out of excuses and told her there was no way she would ever get him back. Blond babies with curly hair were worth a lot of money. She was out of options. They wanted her to give up her parental rights. A year and a half later she got pregnant again with the same man. She was told if she didn't sign her baby away they would take the second baby,too. She had no choice. She signed. She was lucky because at least the woman who adopted her baby has stayed in touch and sends pictures. Her child is well cared for. She knows where he is but she will never raise her son.

She and her boyfriend left the state and she had her new baby, another boy. CPS had kept track of her and when the baby was born it was taken away the day after she gave birth. They are trying now to get him back but without money its nearly impossible. The system can use any excuse they want to keep them separated.They tried to do a fundraiser to hire an attorney. She told the court appointed family attorney she thought was on her side, who told the judge and he accused her of trying to make money off her baby and had to take the fundraiser down.

You can say this is impossible. The foster care system is good. CPS only takes kids from abusive and neglectful parents but that would be wrong. It takes a very simple google search to learn the truth. Taking children away from their parents is a goldmine. They don't want to return them. This story doesn't involve prison but you can see, with no one to take care of their children they are easy prey. It is one thing to use foster care if it is necessary, but to force them to permanently lose their children and the children to lose their mother? And most likely they will be permanently separated from other siblings. Most women have no idea they are losing their children for good

Are there good foster parents out there? Yes, and many children are lucky to have them. But there are many who take in children for the money and the children are sexually and physically abused. 70% end up in prison because they never really had parents who taught them their lives had value. Many of the girls end up pregnant with no idea how they are going to care for the baby and no parent to help them. The cycle continues to go around. Many run away and go through juvenile detention as well. Some kids end up on the street and prostitute themselves to survive. Once they reach 18they have no one to turn to. Can we change this? Is it possible? We need more good people willing to help take care of the children everyone seems to want to be born, but doesn't do anything to help them later. Is their function to fill the prisons? This is touching on more than one issue. I only ask that you read and educate yourself and pass it on to others,  below are a few links that are a good starting place.
How Child Protective Services Buys and Sells Our Children
Utilize the list of resources down the right side of the page

Mothers in Prison Losing All Parental Rights

Women Stripped of Parental Rights After Minor Crimes

Parental Rights of a Father in Jail

Formerly Incarcerated Women vs Foster Care
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