Mark talks with Mr. Chett, TIP Life Coach, who guides Circle
discussions and meets with students individually each week.

Every morning at TIP, we start our day with our Gratitude Circle, where staff and students take turns sharing something for which they are thankful. Circle is a great exercise to train our minds to focus on the blessings we have, and it is a tradition that our graduates frequently note was a critical part of their experience at TIP. They reflect that Circle helped them with public speaking, being vulnerable, and staying positive.

Last week, carpentry student Mark shared the ultimate outcome: he brought Circle home! After being away from his family for several years, Mark sees the importance of uninterrupted quality time together. During dinner, he and his family put away their phones and take turns talking about their day. They call it Power Hour. Mark exemplifies excellent leadership by finding value in this tool and using it to strengthen his family. 

"Circle helped me to open up to others. At home, "Power Hour" helps my family to do the same. Every day, I learn something new at TIP, and I learn something new at home."—MARK

The encouragement Circle provides at TIP can be easily replicated in homes and workplaces. We hope all of our students create their version of Circle or Power Hour with the people in their lives.

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