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I'm zapped my friends. Summer in the Northwest is like a ten day cocaine bender with Hunter S. Thompson straight outta Fear and Loathing but FOR MONTHS. And it started early this year. Needless to say between life in upheaval, insane work schedule, a second book that may or may not be shit, and a social calendar that would make Kurt Cobain kill himself all over again, I'm lagging ass. That said, you're getting a doozy today... 

If I disappear afterwards it's either to binge eat, watch True Blood all over again and FINALLY catch up on GoT (hence the title) OR because I went into the woods on a spirit quest and didn't come back. Either way, you guys have some Bad For Business news and (fingers crossed) my books are why you tolerate me in the first place.

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Is this Pippa? Is it M. Andrews? Is it neither because they both have way better tits? Like equal/non lopsided?
Sooooooo... This is the first time I've done an official cover reveal. I'm expecting a drumroll and at least two horns and three strings before the seriously anti-climatic small symbol clash. If you're so inclined, feel free to share this, but ya don't have to. We both know you're casually scrolling to Cole...


Falling was the easy part.

Kate Elliott can still see blood on her hands and feel the last breath of a dying man on her lips. Anytime she closes her eyes, a small piece of her world crumbles, leaving her something she's never been: weak. Luckily, Nicholas Bryant is strong enough for the both of them. And he'd do anything to lift Kate up…kiss her tears until they stop, take her breath away, and pleasure her until she barely remembers the outside world.


Nicholas' past is catching up to him, and fast. The secrets he's kept at bay have wound their way into his present and threaten the very real future he’s started to build with Kate. He'll fight for Kate—every bit as much as he'll fight with her—but even that may not be enough. Nicholas Bryant may turn out to be very Bad For Business after all.

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So I drew this. Don't judge. But I love M. Andrews, her book Cupcake and the masterful work that is 2006's classic Dick in a Box so... 

If you're brave enough, print this, color it, and either post or DM me and M. Andrews the finished product. EVERYONE that follows through with a full color page will get a $5 Amazon gift card.

If you need it the .jpeg is available HERE to print. 
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So good ole ComParrot (don't even get me started - I've read CumParrot 8000 times) has 12 differences between these photos. Circle all 12, post them on IG and tag both M. Andrews and I (THIS IS CRITICAL TO ENTERING). And remember, we're all just a squirrel tryna' get a nut. Specially book whores. We're like tryna' get, like, 200 nuts a year... 

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I really can't decide if they are hot or not. Weigh in. And if it's a fat fucking responding NO then scroll down...
And if you weren't thinking about cock already...
(Cole and Elle's story continued from Birthday Surprise)  

I stared up at the ceiling but I didn't see the plaster. I saw Elle. Or remembered Elle and the way she had sucked my cock like a goddamn pornstar maybe an hour ago. 

    On the plane she'd joked about what she could do with cum but now I knew this girl could put blow jobs on a resume. 

    I'd gotten takeout at the place around the corner while Elle made sure I didn't get a ticket for loitering. As a thank you for yelling at the cop who came by, I picked up special champagne and perfect red velvet cake from the bakery across the street. I had every intention of breaking into the goodies when Elle took it upon herself to strip. 

    My jaw almost hit the floor when she stood in nothing but chunky heels and a white eyelet bra. Her skin was even more peachy-creamy than I imagined. Her dark golden locks actually hung to frame her tits. I couldn't help but slowly look her up and down. Twice. She had curves that had me making grabby hands like a toddler.

    "Fuck." I couldn't help but swear.

    She bit her lip and her hands fluttered to cover up. 

    "No." I all but jogged to cross the space between us. "Fuck no. You're gorgeous ladyface. You make me hard." I took the hand that was trying to shield her pussy from me and pressed it roughly to my dick. 

    The corners of her smile pulled up even though she was still biting her lip. She flexed her fingers into me and damn it if I didn’t shove my hips to meet her. Her hand folded around me as if it was built to cocoon me. The little minx used her grip to pull me to my bed. I was gladly going to follow her down but she stopped me with a single finger. 

    I would play the memory of Elle laying out before me like a goddamn buffet over and over in my head until I died. She spread her legs and dug her heels into my mattress just before she laid back and let her head hang off the edge closest to me. Her hands worked instantly, perfectly talented, at my belt and she yanked my pants far enough down that my thigh tattoos framed her slight face. She didn't even give me a minute process before she pulled my dick into her mouth.

    And groaned.

    Her throat vibrated around me and my whole body trembled, my teeth even chattered against themselves. Elle steadied me by wrapping her hands up and around and digging her fingers into my ass only to drive me into her throat. 

    "Fucking shit." I couldn't help but close my eyes as I swore.

    Once or twice I almost took over but honestly Elle slurped, sucked, and deep throated me so perfectly I laid back to enjoy the ride. She was fucking her own throat and mercifully using my cock to do it. Her body rolled up with a rhythm all it’s own. Her legs jolted and twisted every time she gagged. I was going to get off watching that.

     But then she held me there. And rippled along my shaft. She was choking but she wasn't fighting to get free. The outline of my dick was obvious in her throat. Her legs clamored and her heels were tangling in my sheets. Gagging, quaking tits, wheeling legs were hypnotic. The sensation of her mouth was incredible. Her puffs of breath on my nuts made them tighten. But then she came, arousal splashing across her thighs and onto my sheets.

    I’d been lucky I hadn’t lost my mind. 

    Now soft sounds of her breathing next to me, and warmed skin wrapped around me were secondary to the memory. 

    I could vividly remember taking over by ripping my shirt off and fucking the hell out of her mouth. I'd even brought my hand down on her throat and squeezed. She'd almost bucked right off the bed. But she’d kept clinging to my hips. And splooging on my sheets.

    A slight finger pulled me back to the present. Elle's small pastel pink nail traced the dark lines of my chest tattoo. Warmth spread from where she outlined the flowers covering my pec. Her featherlight touch was something new, nothing like cum covered thighs, choking or dick outlines but with her I liked it. Really liked it. And I didn't want her to stop. 

    She was barely touching me but I could feel it deep in my bones. I didn't want her to stop. 

    I titled my head so I could watch her. She sucked in an audible breath and her finger froze, hovering just above my skin. 

    "I didn't mean to wake you," she whispered.

    "I was awake. Don't stop. Please." I was equally quiet as I grabbed a fistful of her hair and pulled so she’d look up at me. "Why weren't you sleeping ladyface?"

    "Haven't slept well lately." The sadness was obvious in her voice as I loosened my hold and her finger found its way back to my body to skate across the panther on my abdomen.

    I used the arm had been wrapped around her to pull her closer to me. I twisted to kiss her forehead, hoping it would melt some of her sorrow. She sighed a warm, sugary breathy sigh that pulled on my heartstrings every bit as badly as it made my dick twitch.

    “Never been much of a sleeper myself,” I said as I watched her finger, transfixed. 

    “Busy rattling headboards?”  

    I couldn’t help but laugh. Elle said it so differently than other women. She wasn’t accusatory or digging for dirt. Her finger didn't waver, nor did she pull away from me. She said it as simply as if asking whether I breathed air.

    So I was honest, “Lately? A little.” I couldn’t help but chuckle at some of my more idiotic exploits. One of which was definitely Elle. I couldn’t regret any of them, particularly her. Nor could I shut my fucking mouth; my secrets just spilled out. “But no. I grew up on the streets. I’ve always had one eye open.” 

    Elle’s head snapped up and her hand flattened on my stomach. My muscles hollowed out and I automatically arched to meet her gaze. 

    “Is this the part where you tell me your deep dark secrets?” She was staring up at me, worry plain on her face as her fingertips dug into me. 

    “No deep, dark secrets ladyface.” I tangled my feet into hers. “My parents sucked, and I left. I started stealing cars and getting ink. I was in court getting my emancipation the day my crew got snatched. Rather than post bail for them with another job, I got my shit together. I started fixing cars and apprenticing at a tattoo shop. It took a while but I own my own shop now.”

    Her fingers started back in on the outlines of the designs. This time her four dainty fingers all followed along, sweeping across my skin. 

    “That’s what you do? You’re a tattoo artist?” She leaned up on her elbow to look at my artwork, her hair cascaded around her shoulders and danced on my abs. They flexed involuntarily beneath the whisper touch. 

    “Yeah but those aren’t my work.” I nodded toward the tracks she was still making. 

    “Oh, right.” Her warm little giggle tightened my balls and I reached out for her. Elle folded onto my chest, her chin resting right on the nose of my panther and her bright eyes studied me. “Did you ever practice on yourself?” 

    I held my hand up and showed her the back of my palm. “A lot of these.” I couldn’t help but shake my head at myself.

    “Like the pussy?” She giggled at me and I didn’t blame her. 

    “Like Felix.” I laughed as she wiggled on my torso in the faint moonlight. 

    “He has a name?” Elle folded her hands under her chin, still just watching me as we spoke. Her eyes were dancing and had the faintest twinkle in this light. If it was possible, she was even more irresistible than she’d been before. 

    “Course. All good pussies have a name. Your’s has to be something about cherries.” 

    Her cheeks flushed and she twisted away from me but didn’t stray from my side. Something inside me clenched, but this time it wasn’t below my belt. Who knew a night laying in bed with Elle was a bigger treat then her sexual exploits?  

    “What do you do Elle?” 

    Deep warm eyes twisted back to meet my gaze and she smiled again. “I’m an artist too. I work mostly with metals, etchings, printings and such. I have a few large installations in more modern buildings in Seattle.” 

    “Damn, woman.” I knew the type of equipment that required. Elle played with fire, literally. Her almost shy smile split her face but then her stomach rumbled. “Shit I never fed you.” 

    “Well technically you only promised cock so…” 

    Her full, bright and unashamed smile spread across her face and for the first time in years, I felt myself falling. I’d maybe been in love once. Maybe. And I’d known Elle for 12 hours so there was no way this was love but…

    She interrupted my thoughts by pushing up off me and walking toward my kitchen. In the loft I could follow her silky, smooth silhouette as she snaked toward the pile of takeout still on the counter. A big, dumbass, goofy grin split my face when she lifted up onto tip toes and crept the rest of the way. 

    Elle snatched something and turned, still on tip toes. She was holding a singular pink box, the one that held the red velvet cake. She sauntered back to bed, letting me appreciate the sway of her hips, then effortlessly sat cross-legged next to me. I shifted up, letting the sheet fall from me as I hugged my knees, more interested in watching her than eating the cake. 

    “Silverware ladyface?” I asked when she popped the lid, no utensil in site. 

    “Nah.” She settled further into her seat, gently rocking side to side, then shoved her fingers in to snatch a piece of cake. 

    Elle wrangled the crumbles as best she could and lifted it up to her lips. She arched her head back to catch what she could of the cake and frosting and I couldn’t help but think about my hand around her throat again. 

    But this time I could act on it. I rose up onto my knees, dragging a finger through frosting as I went. Elle’s big eyes watched me and I stretched over her. Just like I imagined, I grabbed her throat and squeezed. Her eyes widened but they didn’t threaten to bug out this time. Whether she said it or not, she trusted me with her body. 

    I crunched harder as I bent to kiss her. I roughly took her lips kissing her until she gasped raggedly against my skin. Only then did I pull back. I barely lightened my grip on her throat. But I took the moment to shove my frosting coated finger into her mouth. Every muscle in her neck rippled beneath my hand as she closed her plump lips around and sucked. My dick perked up. 

    When I pulled my finger from Elle’s lips she gasped but I only hesitated long enough to grab another piece of cake and shove it into her mouth. She chewed a little on the luscious cake and the flex of her muscles beneath my hand got me nice and hard. 

    From somewhere she materialized frosting and she drug it down her front, even circling one of her nipples. A primal snarl ripped through my chest without me meaning to make a sound. I used my grip on her to push her down to the bed and pin her there. 

    Her breaths were short, small gasps but she didn’t stop me—she didn’t even make a move to lighten my grip. My mouth moved down the trail of frosting with licks and kisses, even nips and Elle loved it. Her hips rolled an easy rhythm, her eyes fluttered shut and her hands simply balled at the covers beneath her. 

    I captured her nipple and pulled. A mangled cry left her throat as best it could. I reached for more cake and fed her, lightening my grip so she could swallow. She groaned again but this time it was that loud, lusty groan of hers that tightened my balls. I couldn’t help but laugh against her soft skin, never letting her nipple leave the trap of my teeth. 

    I scooped more frosting and painted her stomach in it. Still holding her throat, I let my tongue travel across her body. She tasted every bit as good where there wasn’t frosting. My lips made it to her clit and for a second I thought about biting down and mercilessly pleasuring her the way I had in the car. If her skin tasted good then her pussy tasted downright magical. 

    But I stopped short. 

    The urge to kiss a very different set of lips overwhelmed me. I wanted to be close to Elle, close to the woman that had me tumbling. 

    I changed directions and captured her lips. I kissed her wildly as my grip fell away. I didn’t need to squeeze her throat to take her breath away this time. Besides, I needed that hand to scramble and pat around for the condoms I hid beneath the mattress. 

    When I couldn’t find one blindly fumbling and looked away, Elle snatched some cake. When I turned back she shoved a small bit of it in my face. Her laugh was pure gold but I pinched my gaze all the same. 

    “Lick it off,” I challenged. 

    She didn’t even hesitate. Her mouth was at mine, her tongue at my cheeks, sucking, lapping, licking the frosting and crumbs from me. A shiver ran down my spine at the sensation. My dick twitched begging to get inside her. 

    “Bite this.” I held the condom wrapper up to her lips and she tore. 

    I roughly shoved my hand into the cake and smothered her lips to tits before I pulled away enough to roll the rubber on. The second it sat snugly in place I pushed into her. 

    I’d been inside her before but not like this. Not skin to skin. Not in my bed. Not with her shy smiles and epic blow jobs and sorrow filled eyes. Not when I felt…something. 

    I couldn’t help but cry out like a little bitch. Something ragged, pained and about four octaves higher than I would have liked. She just felt so…good.

    Elle let me hammer into her, her hands racked over me trying to find somewhere to hold. I kept moving though, into her, to taste her, to suck on the cake that was squishing between us. And then I found her throat again. I couldn’t help but squeeze. 

    She screamed but it cut off in a gargle. I picked up my pace hitting the end of her each time. Every inch of Elle trembled beneath me. Her legs started scrambling again and her breasts shook and swayed with every single thrust. Her face was turning a red to match the cake. I let up just enough that she could gasp for air then slammed into her again. I clamped down on her throat again. 

    This time she shoved at me but it wasn’t at my hands. She railed against my shoulder and after a few decent thumps I knew what she wanted. I grabbed the crook of her knee and flipped so she was on top. Her slight hand came to mine and encouraged me to squeeze even harder on her neck. 

    It was my turn to let my eyes bug. A bright red but still flooringly gorgeous woman sat on top of me, balanced on my dick. Her hair swirled down around her chin and breasts, tears pooled at the corner of her eyes and her lips had dried from desperate breaths but I’d never been so enamored by raw beauty before. 

    Then she started to ride me, setting a rhythm all her own.

    Her eyes rolled back as her fingers dug into me, clawing at the flowers she’d been tracing earlier. She never arched too far, content keeping her throat in my clutches. It didn’t stop her hips from rolling expertly up and down the length of my dick. Without moving her neck she could roll her body up so high that I almost fell out, then shove it back down and sit flat on my hips. 

    Elle was a goddess. And I was going to nut in her far too fast. 

    I dropped my hand, hoping that it would cool things the slightest bit for me. She took it as an invitation to lay down along me. Her nipples pressed against my chest and I could feel them grow harder. Soft breaths grew to desperate moans against my skin. Then I remembered what she’d let me do to her backdoor on the plane. 

    Without hesitating, I wrapped around her ass and shoved my finger in.

    Her whole body clenched down around me and I swore. Heat shot through my body and focused on the rod pounding into her. Because she was her, not Elle. I couldn’t remember my own name, let alone hers in that moment. 

    I came hard and fast into her. Everything below my bellybutton clenched and waved painfully hard, almost like a jackhammer was being taken to my body. But there was no pain from the assault, only pleasure, releasing like hot butter on a skillet as it skated across my body. 

    An otherworldly shriek brought me halfway back to the apartment, just in time to watch Elle as she convulsed on top of me then collapsed the last inch onto my chest. I was aware as she nuzzled, still whimpering, into the crook of my neck. 

    “Oh ladyface,” I breathed. 

    There was a way to finish that sentence but I was too far gone to figure it out. You do something special to me seemed appropriate but far too intimate. So I simply turned and kissed the corner of her mouth.   


Best song ever mixed with the best prank ever. Combine these two and I'll straight worship you. Gauntlet thrown...
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