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Stay With Me
(continued from BOTH April & May newsletters. See at the bottom for archived newsletters)

“Cole, Cole, ColeColeColeCole…” I screeched in time with the devilish laps of his tongue. 

    My body shuddered like I was living through the shifting of continents. The fact that the godforsaken engine was still rumbling beneath me made my teeth chatter. Or was that the fucking orgasm I was about to have? 

    Because I was headed for the most spectacular orgasm of my life. It was going to be rainbows and puppies and unicorns and shit. 

    I blindly patted around to find his hands where they dug into my thighs. My fingers curled into his and encouraged him to dig in even harder. Warm puffs of air from a barely-there laugh tickled my pussy and my hips twerked all on their own. Cole laughed louder. 

     “Cole, please. Please let me come,” I begged.

    He wrapped his tongue around my clit and by some miracle of mouth muscles rolled the cylinder along the tiny bud of nerves. 

    “Fuck. Please!” I dug my nails into his hands where I held them. 

    “That makes me so hard it hurts Elle.”

    Cole sat back as he said it, that painfully attractive smirk pulling across his face. In the dying afternoon light his face glistened with my arousal. 

    I groaned then added a ragged whisper of, “Please.” 

    Wordlessly he shook my hand free of his big palm. My arm crashed gracelessly back into the leather of the backseat. 

    “I got you Ladyface.” 

    He balled his hand except one finger. The cat tattoo on his middle finger was left on full display. His mischievous dimple hollowed out his cheek just before he shoved his finger into his mouth. Just a second later, he pulled it out, every bit as shiny as his cheeks. Cole disappeared back between my thighs and his wet finger slid into me just a moment before his mouth was back on my clit. 

    His pussy danced inside mine, teasing it, tormenting it as he petted every inch inside me. I digressed into nonsensical whimpers when his tongue folded on me. Every inch of his tongue rolled on me as he found my g-spot and roughly pressed. 

     In less than a moment my world shattered. I screamed a guttural, banshee sound that I didn’t recognize as my voice. Waves rolled through my body and broke along his finger. His tongue didn’t stop it’s stupid, wonderful, insane, heavenly dance. I couldn’t help but watch him, slack jawed. 

    Bright green eyes bored into mine, leaving me exposed even when I tried to shutter myself up. The quiet slurping and delightful lapping between my legs slowed on the heels of the most spectacular orgasm I’d ever had. The intense engine threatened to unhinge my bones and scatter me across Cole’s backseat.

    “Elle,” he growled, “do you like milkshakes?”

    I couldn’t help but crinkle my nose at the unexpected question. “Yeah, but only cherry. Why?” I managed between deep, haggard breaths. Cole burst out laughing. His real laugh was brash and boomed through the car, equal parts joyous and sinful. I wanted to squeeze my legs together at the sound but his fingers were still clawing into my skin. 

    “Cherry? Fucking for reals?” 

    His answering smile threatened to split his face, and if it was possible, I would have fallen into the deep well his left cheek was sporting.

    “Yeah. Why?” I wiggled against his grip, hoping to sit up a little straighter and salvage what may be left of my dignity.

    Cole just laughed all the louder as he let go of me as he twisted to slide back into the driver’s seat. He took a moment to adjust the rearview mirror before answering. “You taste like a goddamn cherry milkshake.” He leaned across the seat and popped the front seat forward. “And cherry is my fucking favorite.”

    Was every sentence out of his mouth sexier than the last?

    “Get up here.” He jerked his chin toward the front and I couldn’t help but press my legs together again.

    I shoved my skirt down then slid across the bench backseat. As soon as I popped out the door, Cole shoved the seat back into place and patted the leather waiting for me. I slid into the seat and pulled the door shut, leaving only the rumble of the car to fill the space between us. 

    The Chicago skyline pierced the faded blue hombre of Cole’s windshield, I blew out a deep breath that rustled the golden waves hanging in my face. Out of habit I shoved my hands through my hair then sagged back into the seat. 

    “You alright Ladyface?” 

    Cole slid his hand behind my neck and started massaging with the same strong fingers that had their way with me moments later. I groaned and let my eyes flutter shut. 

    “The orgasms make things better.” 

    I let out a giant sigh. I couldn’t help it. His fingers skated up and down, alternating gentle touches and and strong, soothing strokes. 

    “You wanna talk about it?”

    “Cole, you don’t even know my last name.” 

    “You’re right. But I know every single fold of your pussy, so that’s gotta count for something.”

    I couldn’t help but smile, and smiles were pretty rare of late. Cradled in Cole’s rough touch, my world didn’t seem so dark. And behind closed eyes, I gathered the strength to say the words I hadn’t been able to muster yet. The words that had sent me into his arms for the most reckless sex of my life in the first place. Then three orgasms after that too.  

    “I’m in Chicago for my mother’s funeral.”

    I wanted to reel the words back in as soon as I spit them out. Most people had looked at me with pity when I managed to relay that my mother passed away. Their hollow faces and bleary eyes had made me feel even more dead inside than the actual death. Pity was slowly gutting me. And the fact that I’d just said it to my own personal sex machine threatened to strangle me. He was the last person I wanted to look at me like that. He should continue to look at me like he might eat me. I couldn’t pry my eyes open to see how sympathy hung on his face. 

    His fingers clutched into my neck every bit as hard as he’d held my thighs. For a moment I thought he was trying to coax my eyes open but just a heartbeat later, he pulled on me and mashed his lips to mine. A spark jolted me the moment his perfect pout pressed to mine. I gasped but I didn’t get to pull away. Cole held me too tightly. So tightly in fact that his fingertips almost hurt on the back on my neck. Almost. 

    My lips tingled and they threatened to lose all sensation. I was disoriented. I only managed to keep my lips moving by a slight miracle of God.

    Cole used his grip to keep me pinned to his face while his mouth proceeded to fuck mine. If he’d been tenacious in his assault of my clit, then the way he kissed me qualified as unrelenting. Lips that were soft but firm, warm and just the slightest bit rough worked against me. Cole tasted like me, a little salty and a little sweet but it mixed with his flavor. Bourbon and musk and sex hung on his skin and danced on my tongue.    

    The devilish tongue I’d been so drawn to on the plane had it’s way with my lips and then plunged into my mouth and tangled every bit as skillfully with my tongue. He swallowed my breaths every time I tried to gasp for air. Every single one of my moves was matched then answered tenfold. Cole kissed the way he fucked and went down on a woman, aggressively and as if he might actually be interested in breaking me. For good. 

    My hands shot to his hair and started grabbing, pulling, and all of their own accord. He snarled against my lips and his grip on my neck shifted. His other hand wrapped around my throat and the harder he kissed me, the harder he squeezed. As if his kisses themselves hadn’t left me breathless enough, now he was actually choking me. 

    I gasped but I couldn’t get much air into my lungs. My heart started thundering, my lips went dry. Cole kept right on kissing me, devouring me. Every single inch of my throbbed, begging for air, begging for release. My hands dropped from his hair and landed limply at my sides. I whimpered into his ravenous mouth but it turned into an unladylike gag. The edges of my vision blurred. 

    Then Cole’s hands abruptly fell away and he sat back. 

    My vision came back enough that I caught him panting raggedly as he fell back into the driver’s seat. The rush of air into my lungs set a euphoric honied feeling shooting through my veins, almost like I’d orgasmed all over again. My heart pumped all the harder, shaking my chest, sure it wouldn’t get to beat right ever again. My fingers trembled ever so slightly.

    “You choked me,” I managed between haggard breaths. 

    “Yeah, I did.” He closed his eyes and smiled brightly as he leaned back against the headrest. “Usually I ask first. My bad. Glad you fucking loved it.” 

    “Did not.”

    “Elle, are you thinking about anything but me? Anything besides sex, orgasms or how your pussy is dripping onto my upholstery?”

    My mouth flopped open, ready to argue, ready to tell him that it didn’t fucking matter—he’d cut off my air after all—but the truth was he was all I could think of. Since I’d stood behind him in the boarding line, I hadn’t been able to think of much beyond him. Or of rough fucking. What was more, I was grateful I’d follow through. 

    I scoffed a weird almost snorty sound, mostly at myself and how I’d been thinking with my clit and nothing but for the past eight hours.

    “I’ll take that as a no, Cole. I can’t think of anything but your dick.” He mocked me but it was such and exaggerated goofy tone, I simply reached out to smack him where I could reach. 

    At that he burst out laughing and I couldn’t help but follow suit. 

    “For the record, I just wanted to make things better.” He reached over and squeezed my thigh. 

    “You don’t even know me.” 

    “Is that a big thing for you Ladyface? You said that before, like you expected me to be a dick with a giant cock and nothing more.”

    “Giant cock, eh?”

    “Tell me you weren’t impressed.” He smirked but it wasn’t as mischievous as before. He was being soft with me but somehow knew I didn’t need sorrow.

    “Eh,” I laughed breathily, “we’ll see if I choke on you or not before I answer.” 

    “That’s a fucking deal.” 

    We both sat for a minute, the car was silent besides the rumble of the engine. I was lost in my thoughts. These past few hours with Cole were good. I felt normal. No, better than normal. He didn’t take the sadness away but he made living through it bearable. 

    “I’m sorry about your mom.” Cole’s voice was simple and sweet rather than syrupy or distressed. 

    “Thank you,” I said far too quietly as my eyes fell to my hands. 

    “For choking you? You’re more than welcome.” He laughed lightly but it wasn’t his cocky bastard laugh from before. 

    “Good Christ that makes me sound like a freak but yeah, thanks for choking me. And the orgasms. And for letting me drip all over your car.” I rolled my eyes but I meant it. 

    “Believe me when I say it was my pleasure.” 

    He reached his pussy (now in more ways than one) covered finger over and notched it beneath my chin. Gently he pulled me over to kiss me. This time he was so tender it was like he was afraid I’d turned to glass and may break. 

    “So where can I take you? Your family’s place?” He all but whispered against my lips. 

    I started shaking my head far too wildly for such an intimate moment and he pulled back. His green eyes bored into me the same way they had when they’d been framed by my thighs. The way that took my breath away. 

    “My Stepfather and I aren’t speaking. We haven’t been for years. I…hotel…no,” I scrambled for an explanation.

    “Shhhhh.” His thumb came up and trapped my lips. As soon as I stopped speaking he let the pad of his finger explore my pout. “So you’re free to have dinner at my place,” he said matter of factly, like he’d known all along. 

    “Yeah, I guess I am. What are we having?” I smiled and all my tension melted as I pictured staying seated next to him. And writhing underneath him. 

    “I’m thinking ramen for me.” His wicked smirk and the dimple-for-days were back. I bit my bottom lip as I inadvertently imagined licking it.

    “And for me?” I had a feeling I already knew what he was going to say. 

    “You’ll have cock, of course.” 


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