I should start doing cocaine.

October was a bitch. She was named Tiffany Ann and she only wears pink, won't parallel park and lives for pumpkin spice lattes. Tiffany Ann and I do not get along. I'm the bitch in all black judging her from behind my sunglasses even though it's dark outside. I am beyond thrilled to give Tiffany Ann a serious byeeeeeeee Felicia. Anyone else?

Because let me tell you, I'm tired. Like for realsies tired. Hence the internal debate whether I'd be more productive or not taking up cocaine. In theory, the answer is yes but in reality, I'd probably run around like a crazy person. Oh wait... I already do that...

Sweet fuck am I rambling...

I probably should have lead with THANK YOU! October was my first book signing, and had not one but two book releases - Family Business and Because Beards. You guys have continued to support my bad habits (porn, champagne, shenanigans so again I'm back to contemplating coke...) and you even went so far as to love them. From the bottom of my cold, dead, Tiffany Ann hating heart, I love you. I consider you all my friends and I cannot wait to meet you at some signing or some shenanigan, champagne, cocaine and porn filled Pacific Northwest weekend soon.


So I think I finally have to admit that I'm an author. I mean I have a tiny catalogue but I guess four works is enough to consider it a catalogue. Weird, I know. I've always been neurotic and highly caffeinated so I guess that means I've hit all the check boxes...

In case you didn't know that I wrote books, here are my beauties, lined up for ya...

STRICTLY BUSINESS, BAD FOR BUSINESS and FAMILY BUSINESS are the first three books in the Mixing Business with Pleasure series. They feature the dueling control freak CEOs Nicholas Bryant and Kate Elliott and tons of steamy friggin sex. There will be more Mixing Business with Pleasure books - the next picking up right where FAMILY BUSINESS left off - but they will feature other characters in the world of everyone's favorite ribbon loving, race car driving couple.

BECAUSE BEARDS is an anthology featuring short works from 21 authors, myself included. My piece How to Kill a Lady Boner was my first foray into humor and, apparently, you guys thought I was mildly amusing. You've gone so far as to request that Graham "The Beast" Foster and Livy Collins get a full length. I have my pink sharpie out and I'm writing...

In case you haven't purchased these books, their availability and links are below:

Kindle (all are available NOW!):
iBook (SB, BFB and BB available NOW! FB coming once the IRS and I have it out):

Paperbacks are available of SB, BFB, and BB on most major online retailers. FAMILY BUSINESS will be available via paperback on Amazon by the end of the week!


Please Sir, I'll beg 

(imagine me batting my eyelashes up at you when I say this. And you've seen my selfies, I have nice eyelashes, they're long and real and full even without mascara... I know I'm a brat, but I'm no Tiffany Ann...)

Reviews are everything in this crazy little mixed up world of indie authoring. Okay, not everything but they are massively helpful when it comes to discoverability. That's why I beg. Just by rating my books on Amazon you guys help me find new readers. Lets not even talk about when you like helpful reviews or write a full one... I'm appreciative of each and every one. I couldn't do what I do without my readers. If you've liked something please, PLEASE, PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE review it. Even if it's simple, it means the world to me. 

Oh and I'll be running contests off the reviews posted to Amazon in the near future (bitches love a good contest) so.... 


Don't get too excited...

But I need your help. My brain is a jumbled mess of filthy, terrible things. While this is good for plots, it's not so good for sanity. I have no less than seven WIPs in progress and another four planned. Which one do you want to read next?

TWISTED FATE & TWISTED DEATH? This series all began here in the newsletter. You may remember Cole? Mile High Club? Talented tongue? Pussy hand tattoo? Well I took those first few chapters and mixed in some far hotter sex, a few downright debasing things, a real villian, and blood - a lot of blood.

BUSINESS BOOK #4? This picks up right where FAMILY BUSINESS left off. It is told from a different character's POV but the whole gang is still dealing with the same ole shit stack. Well and a few more shit stacks too...

HOW TO KILL A LADY BONER? Do we need a laugh? Perhaps some sharpie cats? Interesting use of pool cues? Send me a dick pic if you vote yes.

THE MUSE SERIES? These were introduced in the last newsletter in which I sampled unpublished work. They are bookworm fantasies pure and simple. Cover models, #teasertuesday palooza, book signing, scene reenactment are just the start for these author ladies and the models they fall for.

Wanna weigh in? Join my Facebook group here and let's talk! 


($5 Amazon gift card to anyone who finishes and posts 😈)

*available here for printing*
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