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Whelp, as if I wasn't busy enough publishing books and binge drinking (I think I'm still gainfully employed too...) I decided to start work on a little thing called The Naughty Library this month. While I usually celebrate one of the authors on my "To Be Leg Humped" list, I'm celebrating ALL of them with one little does of shameless self-promotion.

I also want to sincerely thank all of you for the support regarding Bad For Business. It's like I'm a real author now 😱 Let's make sure we don't tell anyone. Then I might have to start acting legit and all. Who wants to be legit when you can run around your house pants-less in a unicorn mask, ya know what I'm saying? There's lots of information on my budding "career" in this issue but know that even I expect it to be scanned over in favor of memes and dick lattes. 

Oh and don't worry, despite the rumor, Cole is still cumming so there's a reason to scroll to the bottom.



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The Naughty Library launched with a lot success this month thanks in large part to you badasses. THANK YOU! We're desperate to support authors and celebrate readers with the best indie resource on the web for all thing romance. I had to be married for a few days (hubs though ten years was worth celebrating) but I'm back at the grindstone today. Look for events, blogs to follow, and more fun things to do as a Naughty Librarian soon. If you aren't already participating but would like to plug the rockstar authors we know and love email me here!

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Someday this nameless book will be shelved at the Library!
(Cole and Elle's story continued from my July newsletter)  

    I’d made her cry. Tears pooled so quickly in the corners of Elle’s eyes that they spilled over her plump cheeks and danced on her cherry lips. 

    Of all the filthy, nasty things I’d seen and done on this earth, Elle crying was the one that gutted me. I hadn’t had the heart to question her. Matter of fact, I hadn’t been able to do anything but kiss her until I swallowed all her tears and replaced them with the warm water of a shower. 

    And the sight of shower dripping down the perfect curves of her pale body was the reason I agreed to come. Well begged to stay with her was more like it.

    Now here I was, shutting off my Charger in the parking lot of a church. A Catholic church I knew all too well. I would have done anything for the teary Elle of this morning—more than just attraction had tethered me to Elle—but in hindsight I don’t know that I would have willingly agreed come here. 

    Years ago when my life had been different I’d been here too many times to count. During the thick of the turf war almost once a week. The stones of this building reminded me that my foundation was built on death and destruction. The Reaper himself would have found this place too thickly coated with blood to come in. 

    Of all the churches in Chicago, why were we here?

    “You really didn’t have to come, Cole.” Elle’s voice was small from the passenger’s seat.

    When I swept my eyes over her, my response came easy. “Yeah I did.” 

    The confident temptress of the past few days had disappeared. The woman beside me seemed thinner, small somehow. Her skin was waxy rather than peaches and cream. Mischief didn’t light a single one of her features. I wanted to protect this woman every bit as much as I wanted to fuck the other side of Elle. 

    Without hesitating, I grabbed the back of her neck and pulled her violently to my lips. I kissed her as if it would breathe the missing life back into her. My fingers squeezed on her flesh, my tongue lapped every inch of hers, I even felt myself shoving over the console and stick shift to get at her. 

    If I don’t stop now…

    I dropped my hold and plopped back against my seat, blowing out a deep breath as I went. If I was honest, I didn’t care that I was here. I cared that I was with her. She’d become heroine in my veins in a matter of minutes, and I was making bad decisions all over again because of durgs. 

    The black Range Rover that pulled into the lot and sat in the back row of cars said just how piss poor this decision actually was. For the first time in years fear, real guttural fear, socked my insides. I knew that driver. I knew who he drove. And I knew why we were at this particular chapel. 

    “Cole,” Elle’s timid voice pulled me from my spiral, “that’s my father in law.” She leveled her finger at a man pacing near the back of the church—a man better known as Jimmy Ponies—and the havoc churning through me broke loose into full chaos. “I need to talk to him alone.”

    Before I had a chance to respond, she pushed on the car door and was gone. 

    I couldn’t appreciate the way the black fabric of her skirt danced across her legs, or that she reminded me of a naughty ballerina because nine years, an honestly earned million and the first real attraction in my life had landed me back at square one. 

    The Maloney family business. 

    I'd clawed my way out the first time. The price I paid still felt sticky on my skin somedays, I scrubbed too hard in the shower too many mornings to count. It had taken too long to look myself in the mirror again, too long to feel like I had a future. A future I might share. With someone like Elle. But someone like Elle had me unknowingly dragged me back in. 


    My blood was boiling, my bones vibrating as I shoved out of the car to stalk toward Elle. Fury and fear had created something otherworldly inside me. The monster was only fueled when her voice carried on the wind in shrieks and whimpers, both broken terrified but in different ways.

    The closer I got the tighter my fists balled.    

    "What did you do? Tell me! For fucks sake tell me!" Elle was blubbering through tears.

    "Nothing your mother didn't know about. Nothing she wasn’t riding shotgun for.”

    “How dare you!” Elle’s voice was as sharp as nails on a blackboard. 

    The body I now knew intimately told me what it was doing a split-second before Elle launched herself at her step-dad. I caught her mid-pounce and hauled her into my chest. My internal chaos made me squeezed a little too tight. She didn’t seem to mind when she slumped into my chest, a snarling wildcat and a mewling kitten all at once. Her tears were warm against my chest.

    "We'll look who the cat dragged in." Jimmy was coolly detached as he met my gaze head on.

    “How does he know  you, Cole?” Elle questioned against me, her voice muffled in my suit.

    “Could say the same for you, Ponies, though I pity the cat.” My fingers dug into Elle as I glowered at him over her golden hair. 

    "You shouldn't be here." Jimmy shook his head side to side as he spoke.

    “I wasn't gonna let her go alone. And that was long before I knew she was walking into the killing fields." 

    "She's not innocent. This family as a whole is in as deep as mother. Six feet under whether we both like it or not." 

    The very thought of Elle six feet under had fury overwhelming me. I was seeing red not reason when I let go of Elle and swung at Jimmy. I caught his shoulder but he ducked before I could land another blow. 

    "Cole!" Elle was right behind me, her slight but determined hands yanked at my shoulders but she couldn't move me. Not with Jimmy and his threats square in my sights. 

    I had my hands balled into his lapels and a slimy rat obsessed with gambling inches from my nose. "Don't you dare threaten her. Ever.” I shook him with each word, unconcerned that speckles of spit were flying into his face. Honestly, I wanted something far more disgusting, maybe even something deadly to fly in his face.

    "Cole, you know how I feel about people touching my things." A new but all too familiar voice crawled up my spine and made me shiver.

    “He’s yours Mickey?” My voice was icy as I turned toward him, Jimmy still in my clutches. 

    Now I wished it was Elle beneath my fingers. Why I’d let her go, I had no idea. Her skin would soothe me, her heartbeat would reassure me, her cherry smell would ground me; she’d keep me afloat in the sea of terrifying memories Mickey Maloney threatened to drown me in. 

    "Let him go, Cole. He’s valuable." Mickey sneered when he said valuable and my back bristled. "You're lucky I let you touch Elle." 

    My switch flipped. I dropped Jimmy and wheeled on Mick despite the reputation, despite the people I’d seen him murder, despite the things he’d made me do. I would have taken on him and the whole of his hierarchy if it meant getting Elle’s name out of his mouth.  

    "What did you say?” I snarled, my nails digging into my fists.

    "Jimmy has forty-eight hours to come up with half a mill. I'm guessing we’ll need to make alternative arrangements for payments. And since he’s worn out his value and already paid a rather serious price…” Mickey jerked his head toward the church and I wanted to heave. “…he’s gonna have to get creative this time around.”

    My stomach bottomed out. 

    I knew why Elle’s mom laid in a coffin just behind me in Satan’s chapel. The story was as familiar as my nightmares. I’d lived it. No, this story was worse. It was very, very real and revolved around my perfect and naughty Elle. 

    "What do you mean?" I asked even though I knew.  And that Mickey knew that I knew. His eyebrow twitch said everything. He took a step toward Elle and gave her the once over.

    God love Elle for pulling her shoulders back and narrowing her eyes at him. She may not have understood the severity of what was happening but she sensed a fight and was rising to it. 

    It was the worst time imaginable to get semi-hard. 

    But that’s what she did to me. Her gorgeous dress and golden hair rustling in the wind. Her long legs disappearing beneath that deceptively innocent skirt. Those plump lips she was trying to thin into a straight line. She was everything. And everything worth fighting for. 

    “Jimmy’s a worthless, gutless fish. He’s worth nothing but the cash he can scrape up. But the women in his life? We’ll see how this one does at fulfilling his debts." The corner of his smile cricked up. 

    I swung at Mickey before I thought about it. The sound of shoes scuffing on the pavements and the grunts of a few men were punctuated by Elle’s shout then the crunch of a crushing hand wrapping around my fist. It and stopped me faster than a brick wall. 

    "Wouldn't do that if I were you, Cole.” Another familiar, though far softer and friendlier voice accompanied the sickening splinter of my bones.

    I turned to find the green eyes of my former best friend staring back at me. Horse and I had joined up together, boosting cars to begin with then diving in deeper. His matching cat tattoo was wrapped around my trembling fist.  

    “It’s alright, Horse. Let him go. We’re all having an emotional day,” Mickey said it without taking his eyes off Elle. 

    The Hulk that was Horse pushed my hand down by my hip then smoothed my jacket.

    "How you doing Cole?"

    I couldn't answer. I couldn't make my jaw unclench. When he slapped me on the shoulder I made a point to stay rooted and glare at Mickey. 

    “Cole always was a hot head. Let’s go pay our respects and give him a minute.” 

    Mickey held my gaze, waiting for my eyes to fall away, to show my deference. For years I’d nodded and let Mickey walk out of the room with my eyes downcast, but for Elle he was getting a big fuck off.

    To my surprise, he laughed. Loud. 

    “You always were my most rebellious. I think it’s why I considered you a son. I know it’s why you’re still alive.” The crunch of the gravel beneath his feet echoed deep inside my soul. “It’s probably best you try and stay that way Cole.” Mickey added the last bit under his breath and in a tone only a handful of people had lived to recall. “Jimmy you coming?”

    I watched the figures walked away until they disappeared into the church. Horse led the way, glancing back once or twice to check on me; Jimmy slunk behind. Mickey adjusted his suit, he nodded to the people filtering in, he hugged a few of the wives that walked up. At the last minute he turned back toward us and a wicked smile split his face, a smile that was meant for me, one that threatened to split the earth if I’d let it. 

    “Cole?” Elle’s voice was still a wreck, a perfect mirror of my insides. Her hand tentatively found my shoulders and pulled. 

    My body reacted immediately to her touch. I turned abruptly and grabbed her. We were a tangle of limbs and legs as I shoved her up against the stone wall closest to us. I leaned in and bit on her bottom lip. 


    My tongue traced along what my teeth were violating. My hands gripped tighter on her wrists and thumped them against the wall once or twice. I shoved my knee in between hers, forcing her to hitch her leg around my hip. 

    “We can’t here,” she said breathlessly into my mouth. 

    I didn’t hesitate, I simply took her wrists and pinned them over her head. I shifted my grip so I could hold her slight bones in one hand. My free fingertips brushed down her cheek, along her jaw, pressed firmly across her neck for a few leisured kisses, then worked lower. 

    My hand was under her skirt in a moment and I was tracing the legs I knew intimately. I tried to find the spots on her inner thighs that had been slathered with me but one shower had erased my mark.

    I growled into her mouth and kept exploring. Eventually I brushed her pussy only to find her slick and waiting. I thumped her against the wall again and did what I could to devour her. 

    Elle kissed me back just as urgently. Her hands tugged at my grip and her thighs shuffled against my hand and wrist. 

    She made it all fade away. My past wasn’t on the other side of that stone wall, my nightmares weren’t living, walking zombies. For the moment. For the moment, I was home.

    I couldn’t stop kissing her—I wouldn’t. I wanted more. Needed more.

    My fingers were slick from exploring her pussy when I brought them up. I pulled away from her and watched as her lips followed mine, searching just for a split second. Her eyes fluttered open as she flopped back against the wall. I took advantage and shoved my Elle-flavored fingers in her mouth. 

    She gasped and her big doe eyes snapped to mine. I couldn’t smile for her but I let my guard down completely, I let her see everything happening inside of me. Something about it encouraged her to bite down, close her lips around me, and suck. Hard. 

    Just like my dick.

    It was my turn to groan as I let my hand twist in her mouth. My free fingers danced along her jaw and her neck for a split second before I decided to pull her mouth open and latch my fingers around her throat. I dropped her wrists from above and grabbed at her hips instead, yanking her flat against my body. My grip on her neck tightened as I found any space of free skin to suck along her neck. 

    Ragged sounds slipped from Elle’s lips over and over. My lips wandered over her skin, relishing the taste. I was sucking too hard, biting too hard but I couldn’t stop. When things got hard again—and they would get hard again—this is what I’d close my eyes and remember. Her and the way her body bent beneath mine.  

    I pulled back to look at her, her red face desperate for air, her knees knocking together, her golden hair still blowing in the slight breeze. The small tears pooling in the corner of her got to me. I wouldn’t see her cry real tears again. I swore an oath to myself right then.

    My fate was sealed.

    My lips crashed back to her collar bone as my hand fell from her back to fumble at my belt. As soon as I got the fabric out of the way, my cock was searching for Elle’s sweet folds beneath the wispy fabric of her skirt. When I found a tiny scrap of lace fabric in my way, I yanked. She whimpered and shoved her hips toward me. When the fabric finally split across her thighs, she full on screamed into the parking lot air. 

    I tucked the lace into my pocket just before I grabbed my dick and guided myself into her pussy. 

    It was my turn to moan into the open air as I started thrusting. Her face was going darker, her breathing shallower both of which somehow made her lips far plumper. She was gorgeous, she was mine, but I needed her lips. I dropped my hand from her throat only to replace it with my lips. The faintest taste of her pussy hung on her lips. I kissed her all the harder with no intention of ever stopping. 

    My thrusts picked up speed and I gripped her standing leg, lifting her easily off the ground. We crashed back against the stone of the church as Elle’s arms wound around my neck. As soon as she had a good hold, I wound my hand underneath her skirt and found her clit. She was soaked and slippery as I started circling on her. There was a gentle rock of her hips against my thrusts that had me gritting my teeth. I pulled away just enough to brush her lips as I spoke.

    “Fuck, ladyface, I’m gonna come. I can’t…”

    Elle’s wild moans cut me off. Her eyes had slammed shut and her mouth made a perfect O. Her tits trembled right above the neckline of her dress as she forced her hips to still buck against me. 

    I let myself go when her orgasm rolled along my dick. Little muscles waved along me as I shot into her. For a minute the world melted away. Heaven was within reach rather than hell. 

    Heavy breathing replaced the moans from earlier, then church bells rang over top. 

    “Cole?” Elle’s voice quivered “What just happened?”

    “Ladyface, if I have to explain sex to you, I think we have some problems.” I tried to smile up at her but couldn’t quite manage. 

    “Cole.” She playfully smacked my chest but couldn’t get her face to match the gesture. 

    I blew out a deep breath as I set her back to her feet. I snatched her torn underwear from my pocket and used it to clean up as best I could when I pulled out. 

    “You don’t want your cum all over me?” She squeezed on my biceps as I tended to first her, then tucked myself away. 

    “Course I do.” I kissed her forehead as I buckled my belt. “Just thought we were pushing our luck enough with church parking lot sex.”   

    She managed a wry smile. “Explain Cole. I went from ranting at my step-father to a pawn in a game I don’t understand. Don’t let me walk in there blind.”

    “You won’t be a pawn Elle. I promise.” I’d made up my mind about that before I fucked her. 

    “Don’t do this. Jimmy does this evasive, sit down shut up because you're a woman thing. Give it to me straight.”

    I sighed loudly again and turned to rest flat against the wall next to her. Her fingertips brushed against mine and I wove my fingers into hers. 

    “I take it you’ve heard of the Maloney Family if your step-dad is Jimmy Ponies?”

    “Yeah. They always bring trouble.” Her voice got quiet and I swore thick with piss-poor memories.

    “Trouble’s an understatement. Death is more like it.” I squeezed her hand. “I don’t know the story Elle but if they’re here. And I mean here, this church. Your mom’s death was Maloney related. From the sounds of it Maloney caused.”

    “What?” She shot off the wall and was barging toward the entrance without a second though. Luckily I had her hand.

    “Elle.” I yanked her back in. “That’s what happens when you get tangled up with them. Jimmy has been fixing races, letting them use the back barn for shakedowns, and hiding bodies for years. Something went south, way south, if he owes them a half mill. Your mom paid for it, somehow. You may too.”

    A tear trickled down her cheek and I curled her into the crook of my shoulder. 

    “Don’t worry ladyface. Okay? Promise me you won’t worry. I know how to handle this. When I told you about being on the streets, being trouble…Trust me, okay.” The organ started reverberating through the walls but otherwise we sat in silence, taking turns rubbing on the back of each other’s hands. “We should get in there,” I finally murmured.

    I followed it up by leaning over and slowly kissing a trail from her shoulder up to the corner of her jaw, only to nip at her ear. That seemed to bring her back to life. She squeezed my hand harder as she gracelessly wiped away her tears with the back of her hand. 

    The crunch of our shoes seemed to get louder as we got closer to the door. Each footstep was heavier too. Perhaps it was because of my own personal memory lane. Perhaps it was the death march I knew I was walking. 

    We stepped inside and a weight crashed into my shoulders. It came in the form of the red candles flickering on each side of the entry way that I’d lit too many times. They still cast a sullen light on the already morbid resurrection scenes depicted in stained glass. The burgundy carpet was still well worn between the darkly, polished pews that led to a site that was just as familiar as the small details of the church. 

    A dark black polished casket, closed and coated with lilies, to hide the fact that the body wasn’t in a state to be seen. I’d had to put a few of those bodies in those coffins. Once or twice I’d had to arrange the lilies on top myself. And now…

    “Elle, go take a seat. I’ll be right there.” 

    She shot me a look.

    “Just go, okay? I’ll have to punish you later if you don’t.” I managed a smirk and turned her down the aisle. Toward the pew she’d share with Jimmy and whoever had actually killed her mom. Mickey always liked to remind the living they were that way because he allowed it. 

    I turned back toward the back of the church. Alone in the back row, with Horse and Vinny and Carla in front of him, his other enforcers across the aisle, sat Mickey. 

    I shook my head, trying to clear the memory of the many times I’d sat in front of him, right next to Horse. Then again trying to white out the few times I sat at the end of that front pew, as I slid along the polished wood. At least four thugs stood up. 

    “He’s fine.” Mickey held up his hand. “How have you been Cole?”

    “Good, Mick. Real good.” I sighed and let my head fall into my hands, my every move a contradiction to my words. 

    “She’s something, isn’t she? Jimmy didn’t do her justice.” 

    I knew without looking up he was staring hungrily at Elle. 

    “You can’t have her Mick.”

    “Sure I can. Jimmy owes me. She’ll choose to play along once I lay her options out for her.”

    His sentence made my stomach turn. I knew she’d play along too. Anyone who wanted to keep breathing usually did. 

    “What if I have a different option for you?” The words were heavy in my mouth. Thick and jagged and sour all at once, but I forced them out. 

    “I’m listening.” The smile was obvious and thick in his voice. 

    This was the last chance to back out. To chalk Elle up to hot airplane sex or a perfect weekend and wash my hands of her. I could turn my eye and let Mickey keep doing what he always did. I was sure he’d done it a million times since I’d gotten out of the family. Once more wouldn’t bother him. It shouldn’t bother me. 

    But Elle…

    So I did the only thing I’d been able to think of. My fingers dug into my temples and I had to clear my throat before I said it but I managed.

    “Mick, take me instead.”

Copyright © 2016 Ace Gray Author, All rights reserved.

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