I hope you passed your fourth grade reading exam because this one is a doozie...

Soooooo you may or may not know that I published a little thing called a book this week. Those are those things that have covers and lots of leafy pages in between. You may know them by their alternate name: Kindles. Whether you're familiar with bookus paperbackius or kindlea lightbrighteum, hopefully you've familiarized yourself with the monster that is BAD FOR BUSINESS. I certainly extend my greatest thanks and love if so!

And one might think that this whole publishing thing keeps me from my usual shenanigans like dick arts and crafts or kinky tattooed porn but you are sadly (or if you're reading this, probably not so sadly) mistaken. I was left with plenty of time to google wildly in appropriate things, cut up wildly inappropriate things and write wildly inappropriate things. You wouldn't want me any other way, right?

Sending you all the blue hearts in the world for the launch email!



  • Crickets are sexy
  • Bad For Business purchase info
  • Get your scissors and your glue gun (why doesn't Michaels want to advertise with me?)
  • Family Business Info
  • Sharpen your penis. Oops, I mean pencil. Oh God, I hope no one I know has a pencil penis...
  • I'll take you to the ice cream shop 
  • A Field Guide to Catching Crickets
  • Short Fiction: What's Going On?
  • Everyone needs a good weatherman
Crickets fucking are H. O. T. Right????? WRONG. I know. Just remember I could have put the video in here...
I wish something catchy was coming to mind here but alas, words fail. I am beyond honored that you guys have given me the support you have. Here are the links for purchasing. Please use and share with your friends. I mean as long as your friends are badasses like you....



Falling was the easy part.

Kate Elliott can still see blood on her hands and feel the last breath of a dying man on her lips. Anytime she closes her eyes, a small piece of her world crumbles, leaving her something she's never been: weak. Luckily, Nicholas Bryant is strong enough for the both of them. And he'd do anything to lift Kate up…kiss her tears until they stop, take her breath away, and pleasure her until she barely remembers the outside world.


Nicholas' past is catching up to him, and fast. The secrets he's kept at bay have wound their way into his present and threaten the very real future he’s started to build with Kate. He'll fight for Kate—every bit as much as he'll fight with her—but even that may not be enough. Nicholas Bryant may turn out to be very Bad For Business after all.

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(Strippers do arts and crafts right?)

To earn instant cash (aka $5 Amazon gift card), create your own dick art. Any media you choose as long as it's 3D. $15 to anyone who makes a filthy gravestone rubbing.

I made mine by:
1) finding a random box (easier than finding my car keys) and begin cutting shapes (dicks are way easier than finding my car keys)
2) glue dick and cum to cardboard backing (self explanatory)
3) add veins (no dick is complete without veins)
4) drink wine (from the bottle only during arts and crafts time)
5) snap a pic and send it to both @acekgray and @awildingwells via DM on Instagram
(aka when can I have book three?)
Book three in the Mixing Business with Pleasure Series is officially titled FAMILY BUSINESS. It will be out within the next two or three months. It's super close to going to edits, after which its just a hop, skip and a fucking field jump to publish.

FAMILY BUSINESS is the final book centered on Kate Elliott and Nicholas Bryant BUT it is not the last book they appear in. At present there are six MBWP books with books four through six being told from other character's POVs. Kate and Nick will show up, bringing their usual drama and heat, to Laura, Ari and a mystery character in the next year. 
I love a good crossword over coffee. Okay, that's a lie. I do not have the patience for these things. And since when did we all start speaking some abbreviated language about prefixes and multiples and sailors and weird shit? (and lets be honest, if I call it weird...)

Anywho, not gonna stop me from making one to celebrate the magnificent A Wilding Wells and her beautiful books HOW TO TAME BEASTS AND OTHER WILD THINGS and A FIELD GUIDE TO CATCHING CRICKETS. Fill this out, post the complete one on IG and tag both @acekgray and @awildingwells. 

WINNER CHOSEN AUGUST 1st and will get a paperback of their choice from both myself and A Wilding!!!

Congrats to @bookminx25 for winning the gift card from last month!

If you need it the .jpeg is available HERE to print. 
A Wilding and I have a long running joke that I drive an ice cream truck that delivers magic to all the children. And by magic to all the children, we mean dick ice cream and treats to all the delicious book whores we know! Enjoy ladies <<insert seriously wicked smile here>>
Hey A! This is my truck selfie. What do you think? Oh holy Jesus I can't even type this with a straight face. <<insert a million crying laughing emojis here>>
And on a 9 inch note... 
(Because we're always on a 9 inch note...)
I couldn't help but put a few of A Wilding Wells' teasers in here. THEY ARE GORGEOUS! But back off ladies. He's mine. I'm not only taking those glorious inches he likes to show off but the beautiful ones he's got tucked inside. (Damn this is the perfect place for a that's what she said joke but I'm trying to be serious... What a failure. Let us return to the porn star with the perfect cock! He is not a failure).
And if you weren't thinking about cock already...
(Cole and Elle's story continued from my June newsletter)  

I nestled into the navy sheets and breathed in the smell of Cole. There was something raw and husky underneath the fresh spice of his deodorant. I breathed it in deeply as I laid alone in his bed. 

    Just like his insanely tattooed skin, and his fucking talented dick, something about his musky, manly, delicious scent made the outside world melt away. I could get lost in Cole and for that I was grateful. I wanted to be anywhere but my life right now. 

    “Morning Ladyface.” Cole bent over me like he was going to kiss me. At the last moment, he zigged and caught my pert nipple in his teeth and bit down. 

    “Fuck,” I swore as my hands flew to his shoulders. 

    Every muscle flexed beneath my hands as he lowered himself to my body. His tongue rolled around my nipple, miraculously touching every inch. He wrapped it in a painfully talented way, making my whole body tremble. His teeth closed to replace his tongue and he gently rolled his teeth side to side, spinning my tit left to right and back again. My fingers clenched into him and I groaned. 

    “Are you going to fuck me sideways today?” I managed to gasp. 

    He kept my tit in his mouth as he rolled his head side to side like he was contemplating whether he wanted to. My skin pulled and my back jerked off the bed. Some incredibly breathy, awkward sound shot out of my lips when he changed directions. 

    “Am I allowed to?” His voice was muffled since he hadn’t bothered letting go of my nipple. 

    “Sideways? Sure.” I couldn’t help but gasp as I pulled him up toward my lips. 

    Cole didn’t let go, stretching me to the max. I cried out with the lightning that shot straight to my clit. But I didn’t stop pulling him upwards. My body was coming off the bed damn near Exorcist style when Cole shoved my hips down. My breast fell from his teeth and jiggled slightly, sending aftershocks through me. 

    “A day of playing with your body? Yes please.” He sounded like a kid in the candy store; I had to press my thighs together. 

    But then I remembered what today was and the world was back, hanging heavy on my neck. I let loose a heavy sigh before I thought about it. 

    “Something about that sound bad to you?” He sat back and my hands fell away when he looked at me—really looked at me. 

    Cole’s eyes we’re evaluating my every motion, piercing straight into me and laying me bare. I was ready to surrender all over again to the man that made me feel so damned…much. But, it was my mom.

    “The funeral.” 

    “Ladyface,” Cole only breathed the word as he all but launched himself at me. His lips devoured mine, his tongue roughly pressed into my mouth and his body blanketed mine. “I’m so sorry, I didn’t expect it to be today. I thought there’d be things for you to do.” He kissed me. “Or family for you to see.” He traced his nose along my jaw. “I mean you got here yesterday and came home with me.”

    “And I’m so glad, Cole. I can’t think about all the shit when you’re playing fuck games with me.”

    “Well then, fuck games it is.” He kissed big, open mouth kisses down my neck and then across my chest. 

    He snatched up the same nipple he’d had before and once again latched on. This time he held softly with both his teeth and lips. Cole used the tip of his tongue to flick back and forth on my sensitive nub.  

     The pounding notes of Hypnotize by Notorious B.I.G. started to blare from my phone somewhere over by my discarded clothes. 

    “Uggghhhhh,” I whined as I wiggled away from his wanting lips. He held my nipple as long as he could but then let me go with a smirk. 

    “That’s your alarm?” 

    “Yeah.” I slid out from under him and tiptoed over to where my phone was buried in my bag. 

    With a click, I silenced it and turned around to find Cole in nothing but soft boxer briefs laying across his bed like a god damned underwear model. I inwardly sighed and let my eyes wander the ink I’d gladly traced last night. 

    “Elle?” The question was inherent in Cole’s voice and I bit my lips as I hovered where I’d stopped short. “Why are you single?”

    I blushed a color that would put a rose to shame. I hated that question. I mean why was anyone single? Why did guys in bars or bros with Tinder profiles find it particularly odd that I was unattached? Why did Cole?

    The answer was so complex. It was knotted up with something ugly, inky black and overly sticky. Something I’d be damned to bring anyone into. Particularly not someone like Cole who looked at me with those eyes and fucked me that way. He deserved better.

    “I should’ve said that I’m grateful, whatever the reason. I’m just curious because so far, you’re fucking everything as far as I’m concerned.”

    I needed to get ready and get going—hell, I needed to scrub the cum off my thighs—but I couldn’t make myself. My fragile insides responded overwhelmingly to his words. Just like that the blackness faded away and I felt clean again. 

    As sexy as I could manage, I walked toward him then slithered across the bed. I pressed against his hip, wanting to roll him onto his back. He didn’t budge. 

    “No way.” He arched an eyebrow as he smirked. “I was promised a sideways fuck.” 

    Cole grabbed my shoulders and pulled. His perfectly sculpted arms were that way for a reason, he could have his way with me six ways from Sunday if he wanted to.  I was plastered, my back to his front, and those tree trunks he called arms wove around me like restraints. One crawled up toward my throat while the other plunged between my thighs. 

    His deliciously perfect erection pressed firmly against me and he rocked his hips slow and steady just to make sure I knew it. I gasped and my hand shot back to wind around him and grab into his ass.  

    “I like the way your body fits with mine, Elle. Perfectly fuckable at every angle.” His breath was warm against my shoulder as his fingertips pushed my chin up, opening my throat up and giving me a view of the headboard.

    His other hand shoved at his boxer briefs and my body jolted with each slow steady shove. When the fabric was free of his legs, he wound them into mine. His dick twitched against my backside and I purposely shimmied against it.

    “You don’t need to encourage me, Elle. I got hard when I first saw you in the terminal.”  Cole’s fingers squeezed into my throat, his others brushed against my ass. 

    “I got a lady boner myself. That’s why I propositioned you.” My voice was already fading, words barely weaving through the tight space he’d left me.

    “Thank God for small miracles.” He bit down on my shoulder at the same time he pushed his cock into me. 

    “There’s nothing small about you,” I groaned the words then let them become something else entirely.    

    “Glad you like it.” His words puffed against my cheek as he wrapped around me so completely that his body almost swallowed mine whole.

    Cole stretched me just like he had each time before but that wasn’t what threatened to split me in two. It was him. It was him wrapped around me, kissing me, biting me—choking me—and the absolutely odd things that stirred in me. It wasn’t until he picked up pace that it became a very real fear that he could break me. Thank fucking God he held me together.

    His hand moved down my hip, my leg. He wrapped around my thigh and slid up and down. Two fingers even worked their way to my pussy. The split on either side of his hard cock, teasing and tormenting my already slick sex. He made sure to rub on my clit too, every bit as leisurely as the way his fingers wandered. The slow and soft mixed with the fast and furious epitomized Cole and everything I was becoming obsessed with.

    Hip bones hit my backside over and over and I could picture the leaves and panther inked across those bones. I could picture the equally intricate tattoos covering his hands as they explored me. Well not so much explore as dominate. Cole’s grip was getting tighter. I gasped but it choked off partway when his nails dug into the side of my neck. His pussy wasn’t playing with mine this morning but it made me drip all the same.  

    We rolled together in perfect unison and I melted into his hands. Cole had complete control of me and my body and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. His dick was at the perfect angle and his head was hitting my G-spot over and over. I couldn’t catch my breath, not even to screech or moan. 

    “Can I?” Cole asked as his hand drifted back to the flesh of my ass cheek. His hand played at my backside, teasing ever so slightly. 

    My gasping picked up pace. I couldn’t answer him, I couldn’t even moan or gasp. All I could really do was burn for him and his perfect fucking. And feel my fingertips. Those I put them to work, reaching for him. 

    I grabbed his rock hard shaft and pulled him from my sex. He groaned a wholly pained sound into my ear, and he was so close, it reverberated through my bones. When I pushed his shaft toward my ass he groaned again, letting himself nestle between my cheeks. My face throbbed, my heart beat thumped against his hand and my breathing was almost nonexistent. 

    He started to nudge against me.

    “Relax.” His word tickled my ear. 

    I couldn’t. The gasping for breath was making it far too hard. My hand flew to his, still wrapped around my neck, and I pulled. He didn’t let me pry his fingers from my flesh but he did did loosen his grip the slightest bit. It was enough for my body to mellow and breath to filter into my lungs again. 

    Cole took advantage. His hand that was at my hip fell away and a moment later the watery slickness of lube slid along the curve of my ass cheek. Then further down, hitting it’s mark. Cole barely hesitated before the tip of his dick pushed into me. 

    I screamed, I couldn’t help it. Cole clamped down effectively cutting off my air again, and ending my shriek prematurely. I tried anyway as he nudged further and further into me. Blood rushed in two very different directions, bringing a fevered heat and a ragged beat to both my face and between my thighs.

    It took a few rocks of his hips but he finally pressed in fully to sit flush with my backside. I gasped shallow, wild, haggard breaths. His hand moved back between my thighs to flick my clit. My body short-circuited and I bucked against him. 

    His hand splayed across my stomach to still me. My body had a mind of it’s own, writhing wildly despite his desire to pin me. He wouldn’t let me move. 

    When I finally stilled, Cole started hammering into me at a merciless pace. His hands finally moved from my throat, to find other real estate. His fingers found my nipple and pulled. Hard. This time I could cry out. My voice echoed off every corner of his loft. He groaned into my ear. 

    We rolled on top of the mattress, body fitting to body exquisitely. I cried out each time he thrust up into me and he groaned in reply to almost every one. It was my symphony of pleasure; with him providing accompaniment. 

    Cole threw his leg up and over mine, pulling me back into his body even further. We were a twisted mesh of limbs on the bed. His cock was hellbent on acquainting itself with every inch of my ass. Over and over and over. 

    I lost myself to the perfect feeling and let tingling spread throughout my body. It wasn’t long before the wave of a perfect orgasm crashed down around me and the world went fuzzy then turned a blinding shade of white. 


“Ladyface,” Cole breathed into my hair.

    “Umhum?” I questioned back, unable to make sentences with his semi-hard cock still inside me. 

    “When do you have to get going?” He leaned in a kissed my shoulder. Despite his touch I felt the suffocating black reaching for me.

    “Shhhhh,” I whispered as I closed my eyes, willing the bright light to come back.

    As if on cue my phone started ringing. Frank Sinatra’s Come Fly With Me blared through the room the way my shrieks had earlier. A giant boulder dropped into my stomach. That was my mom’s ringtone. 

    Darkness took my heart back swiftly and squeezed. I sat still for a moment, hoping Cole would start his hypnotic roll again. When he didn’t, I shimmied against him, desperate to provoke round two. He just laughed then blew out a low whistle.    

    My phone started ringing again. 

    I sighed and pressed away from Cole. I grabbed the phone in one swift movement and headed to the bathroom. Gently, I pushed the door shut and leaned against it without a word of explanation to Cole 

    “What?” I answered sharply.

    “Why didn’t you check in?” My step-father’s oily voice rolled across the line. 

    “What do you mean why didn’t I check in? Are you having me watched?” I shouted far to loudly. 

    “No,” he snapped at me the way he used to snap at my mom and it made my skin boil. “But they are. I guarantee it.”

    My legs gave out and just barely managed to find a perch on the ledge of the tub. Everything in me was bottoming out, completely erasing my orgasm. Hell, completely erasing Cole. There was only one they in my family’s life. They’d been there since my step-father came into the picture. And they were bringers of doom and death.

    Mom’s death.

    The thought popped into my head automatically. The truth of it resonated in my bones.

    “What have you done?” My voice went low, raspy, barely able to sneak out. 

    But I couldn’t listen to my step-father’s answer. A perfectly sculpted Cole stood in the doorframe, his semi swinging squarely between skillfully etched tattoos and even more skillfully sculpted muscles. His head was cocked as he watched me, his eyes cutting through me once again.

    I tried to swallow the softball-sized lump in my throat. Part of me wanted to believe it was my step-dad, or even them but I knew deep down it was that right here, right now, I was going to have to answer for it.

    Sure enough, just a weak heartbeat later, clear, concise and sharp over the jibber in my ear on the phone, Cole asked, “Ladyface, what the hell is going on?”

and on that note, i'm out!
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