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Sunshine Coast COVID Physician Task Force
COMMUNITY UPDATE #57 - Sept. 24, 2021

Dear Fellow Sunshine Coast Residents:
We wish to extend our deepest condolences to members of the Sechelt Nation, who are mourning the loss of an elder due to COVID-19. Our thoughts and hearts are with the family and the community at this time.
Many healthcare workers are still reeling from the anti-vaccine, anti-mask, anti-mandate protests by a small but vocal group a couple of weeks ago. While we strongly disagree with the protesters’ viewpoint, we do support their right to express their views and to protest publicly. However, the fact that patient care was disrupted and that healthcare workers were harassed and intimidated in a place where they are doing their level best to help people with a wide range of health problems (including COVID-19) was disappointing and saddening, to say the least.
When we first shut down over 18 months ago and didn’t know whether we would be facing tragic scenes like those in Italy and elsewhere, our healthcare workers swallowed their fear, rolled up their sleeves, came to work, and prepared to face whatever was coming. Over the past 18 months, they have continued to do that very important work, often short-handed and lacking sleep, but caring for everyone who comes through those hospital doors. Together, we have celebrated those who have recovered from COVID-19 infection, and mourned those who did not.
We would like to recognize and thank all the healthcare workers who were willing to face the unknown bravely, who have given so much of themselves over the past 18 months, and who continue to provide exemplary care in difficult circumstances. You are deeply appreciated and valued, and you inspire us every day.
Likewise, we would like to thank the vast majority of people on the Sunshine Coast who have consistently done their best to protect our community and to help and support their fellow community members. It is incredible to be part of a community where people truly care for each other and look out for each other. Your efforts and sacrifices have helped to keep our infection rates one of the lowest in the province, despite the fact that we are in such close proximity to the greater Vancouver area.
I think we speak for all of our local healthcare workers, when we say thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We are truly thankful to be living on the Sunshine Coast!
Thankfully, our local COVID-19 infection rates have dropped over the past month, with only four positive tests in the past week. Please continue to take precautions by wearing a mask indoors, washing your hands, and maintaining physical distance.
It remains extremely important to stay home from work, school and other activities if you develop any symptoms that could be caused by COVID-19. If you do have symptoms, please arrange for testing at the Respiratory Assessment Clinic as soon as you can. We remain open Monday to Friday from 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM, and can be reached at 604-740-1252, or at Please remember that you should self-isolate and get tested even if you have been fully vaccinated.
With respect to vaccinations, our numbers continue to climb, with 85% of our adult population fully vaccinated. Our vaccination rates are still a bit lower than we would like to see in the 12 to 40 age range, so if you have not been vaccinated, please book in to do so as soon as you can. This gives us our best chance of continuing to open up!
Those who are immunocompromised are now eligible for a third vaccine dose and will be contacted by phone, text or email. Please see the BCCDC website for information.
We will continue to run vaccination clinics at various locations through the fall. Please check the Coast Reporter or the Sunshine Coast BC Facebook page for details on times and locations. If you are 12 or older and have not yet registered to be vaccinated, please register at at 1-833-838-2323, or in person at any Service BC location. You are also welcome to drop in to any of our vaccination clinics.
The Sunshine Coast COVID Physician Task Force
Dr Jennifer Baxter
Dr Ted Krickan
Dr Herman Mentz
Dr Brian Nelson
Dr Daren Spithoff
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