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"The Serenade" - Solo Piano Concert Overview/Proposal

Thanks for taking the time to read. I have a standard “contract” however I decided to write this document to give you a bit of my “heart” too.
The Serenade is a concept birthed through the process of remembering that in the midst of all the layers of being a producer, studio engineer, business owner, entrepreneur and public figure at my basic “core” I’m foundationally a solo piano artist and have been one long before accepting the title of artist for myself.
Here’s a straight forward definition.
"The Serenade"
A “soul journey” through diverse genres, emotions, moods, textures, musical colors and ambiences all wrapped in an intimate, meditative and therapeutic piano experience.
I never intended on being a pianist…..yep, never. My only goal at 19 years old was only to learn enough about the keyboard to take my hip hop tracks to another level…lol :-) It was after teaching myself how to read music, studying classical for a short time then exposing myself to the intricacies of other genres of music like gospel, blues, jazz, latin, soul etc. that I would gain a deep appreciation for these expressions, have a desire to explore them, then shortly after find out that I had an actual talent for playing and interpreting these various styles and sounds.
Some of my favorite times (and the times of others around me) would be me sitting at the piano and freely improvising, interpreting songs, and expressing various moods, emotions and textures musically in such a “bare bones” way.
I didn’t realize until taking into consideration various comments and compliments, then enjoying my own playing in the moment or listening back to a recording that I was in fact a “piano artist”.
So with that and all of the events I’ve done over the years my goal in the next phase of my life is to share my artistry freely with as many people as possible not only because of everything I’ve already mentioned but because even deeper than that my life goal is to build community, lasting relationships and deeply impact as many lives as humanly possible via my full personal brand, business, entrepreneurship and legacy that I’m living out in so many other ways outside of music every single day.
In this way the piano is the introductory conduit or vehicle to a much more macro humanitarian goal.
To get a better idea of this spectrum I’m referring to please see the dropdown menu on my website at
With that, here’s my simple proposal for most organizations [churches, corporate, community etc.] (exceptions where sensible will apply):
- To host a totally free or donation based concert for your community. (If ticketed or donation based you keep all profits)
- A $250 honorarium for me to host a 90 minute solo piano concert with the option for me to sell CDs (with no split on sales)
That’s it……
My goal is to make the formula as simple and easy as possible in order to get to the heart of my goal….To use my most insular musical gift to connect with the world.
Lastly, (especially for Sunday evening church held concerts) I really feel strongly about the possibility of the concerts being free to the public because of the 90 min format and more importantly the ability for the moment to be experienced by as many people as possible without “financial interference”.
Thanks so much for taking the time to read and consider.
I excitedly await your response.
Aaron Hill
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