A tribute to our Lulie
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Lucy Lou, Vice President of Penny & Lucy Lou Art, has left this life.
11/3/12 - 1/11/23

Doggies are vital to our existence they teach us how to live, how to love, how to explore, how to not be afraid, and how to trust. They’re truly a part of the greater story we can not see because we are human.

They live a life of love and that is what we’re called to do too. We should listen to them more. Life would be a lot easier if we did.

The story of how Lucy Lou (Lulie) came into our life
Lulie came into our lives at the perfect moment. Mum Mum (my grandma) said that if I came back home, maybe we could get a doggy. I moved home from VA, and was started to working at Southern Places, Inc. again. Something was missing, so that Easter of 2013, Lulie popped up online. We saw her picture and made a phone call. She was in Raleigh, NC with a family that couldn’t take care of her since she was such a puppy. She was ornery and full of herself. She’d run around, nearly tripping all of us up from time to time, but she found her home. 

Not a typical doxie at all, she never chewed her toys up to the point of destruction, never bothered anything at the office where we have expensive furniture and fabrics everywhere. She had quite the responsibility of keeping all three of us (Pam, Sue, and Penny) in check and happy all of the time, but she knew her job and did it well each day. She loved her stroller rides when I was training for runs and races. She was ever the most demanding coach. She’d like to go fast and have the wind in her ears singing the entire time. She finally caught a lizzy a couple of months back, she was so proud. She loved to eat and get her onesies from grandmas robe pockets and house. If one of us was up, we all needed to be awake or awakened. She loved the sun and any patch she could find that came through the skylights at the office or at the house. She would lay right there and take it all in. Summer time was her favorite season, because she’d love to sun bath on the deck but not for too long as she even knew when she was getting too hot. Her little prance and runs brought the biggest smiles to all of our faces. She was the best bed partner any of us had ever had. She’s cuzzle up burrowed under the covers and headbutt us when she needed to remake her bed. 

Mum Mum and Lulie bonded when Pam (my mom) and I started the art line. Mom and I traveled all over the country spreading our creative talents with the world. Lulie was everywhere. We created her life size cutout. Anyone that passed by our booth would gladly hold her for a photo op, hoping to meet the real Lulie one day. She was famous and everyone loved talking about her and her singing. She was so full of life even when she didn’t feel good. Most of the time, I don’t think we always knew she wasn’t 100%, she’d hide it or just want to be closer to us. 

God knows all things and he knows he brought her to us for a reason. She created our little family for 10 years. We were a unit that enjoyed the mountains in the summers and Christmases. She loved to ride in the car and stare out the window.

She brought us peace and comfort because she loved us so much, and we loved her even more in return. She was the best girl.
She reminded me that this world is good and needs to be sniffed out daily, making sure that you always stop and smell the flowers on the walk back to the house.
Penny & Lucy Lou Art will continue to do that too. She was vice president after all. It’s what she would want.

To keep her memory alive whether you met her in person or virtually, take a walk and stop and smell the flowers when they’re in bloom again.

I am thankful for each and every day I’ve had with Lulie, and look forward to the day of seeing her again.

Penny McPeak,
Artist, Penny & Lucy Lou Art
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