Montavilla Gardens Tour schedule

The full schedule for the Montavilla Gardens Tour is now available.

Saturday, July 16, 9-11:30 a.m.:
  • 9250 SE Yamhill St, Portland
  • 128 NE 89th Ave, Portland
  • 9313 SE Morrison St, Portland
  • 45 NE 83rd Ave, Portland
  • 8321 NE Hassalo St, Portland
  • 56 NE 83rd Ave, Portland

Sunday, July 17, 9-11:30 a.m.:
  • 56 NE 83rd Ave, Portland
  • 7044 NE Pacific St, Portland
  • 955 NE 80th Ave, Portland
  • 1333 NE 70th Ave, Portland
  • 12500 NE Flanders St, Portland

Most of the gardens on Saturday are primarily vegetable and fruit gardens. Most of the gardens on Sunday are ornamental gardens.

Profiles for each gardener and what they're growing are available at the

Happy touring!
Gardeners of Montavilla SE Stark Portland, OR 97215 USA
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