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  • iPractice Apps release their new iPractice Hub - the first workflow product for administration staff.  See more info below on how to book a demo.
  • Pricing Power - are you struggling to implement fixed price agreements.  Watch Steve Major's "High Value Webinar"
  • Marketing to Millennials - some tips on marketing to this demographic.
  • Do you have a lead generator on your website? Bizink's "Learn Xero in 7 days" lead generator is a great way to capture new clients attention.
  • GBU "Good Bad Ugly" of the profession survey closes Friday.  See link to participate.
  • How Now Smart Workpapers - download a free trial.
  • August Blogs.
Email me if you have any particular products you would like me to research for your practice.

iPractice Apps

iPractice apps have released a new product called iPractice Hub to collect and manage information feeding back to the practice from the app.  

Research from accounting practice audits has shown that whilst there is a strong focus on workflow for the accountants in the practice, there are some shortfalls in the admin teams.

My experience shows that the most successful practices have a very slick and empowered admin team. Building an app for the practice which then connects direct to an admin workflow product will significantly improve efficiency in this area.

I have included the link to a video on how this works but would love to do a one on one demo with you.  

Watch the video

Book a one on one demo


Since 2004 Steve Major has worked with professional service firms around the world to help them unlock the value within by building their pricing power, optimising their business model and pricing for profit. 

Accountants, bookkeepers and advisory businesses have the opportunity to transform small businesses around the globe. Small businesses are the engine room or growth and prosperity for society. It is this fact that drives me to work with accountants and advisory businesses to help them transform small business. 

Watch his "High Value" webinar and pick up some tips.

Steve Major's High Value Webinar



Marketing to Millennials

by Kathleen Aoki January 29, 2016

Millennials are savvy, confident and generally open-minded, love to be challenged and, as the first generation to grow up completely online, are exceptionally well versed in anything and everything to do with technology.   So, traditional marketing methods may not work to secure their business.

There are, however, a number of ways to get into their minds and make them see that you’re the right broker to tackle their needs.


This is a given: you must do your research into what millennials are thinking. What do they want? Talk to people who represent the age bracket and then really listen to their answers. Sign up for Google Alerts, head to social media to see what they’re talking about, and read up on some blogs – find out what they want to know and then provide the answers to those questions. In order to show them that you understand their world, you need to understand it first.

Content is king

Millennials spend upwards of 25 hours a week online. They don’t take messages on face value and generally don’t respond to traditional marketing methods such as television or print advertisements. They do, however, respond to stories. Millennials want to know how you can improve their lives – they want authentic content, not product listings. Be the source of that authentic content by reacting to the research you’ve done. Create a blog about mortgages for the younger generation – topics such as “how to purchase your first home” and “how to save for that dreaded deposit” [link to the B2C blog posts] will show millennials that you can help them by taking them on a journey through engaging content.

Use social media

For the millennial generation, social media is where the interaction happens: if you’re not there interacting too, you’re missing out on key opportunities. Set up accounts in your company’s name on the social media channels you believe are relevant to you – generally speaking, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are the ones to focus on. Update your pages when you have something interesting to say or share, but don’t be overly commercial. Millennials want your authentic self; they want to know how you can help them, not what you sell.

Go mobile

Millennials are constantly tapping into their networks while on the go. This means their mobile is glued to their hands or in their pockets. Social media, blogs, emails, banking and communication is all done online and on a mobile device, so you need to be there, too. Ensure your website is mobile-friendly so they can access it no matter where they are.

Have fun

Millennials are a generation of fun. Generally speaking, the thrill of the chase is sometimes more appealing than the end point, so make their research interesting. People will always research which broker and lender to do business with – provide interesting links and informative content that is relatable and shows you understand what they want. Make their research entertaining and inspiring and they’ll gravitate towards you when they want to engage a broker.

Marketing to millennials may sound challenging at first, but all the switched-on generation really wants is an honest, engaging and informative experience. It’s your job to show them you provide this.

If you’ve already managed to successfully target millennials, feel free to tell us about your experience below.



Client Converters on your website.

Client Converters will revolutionise your marketing by turning your website visitors into clients.

Most people who visit your website will not get in touch and never come back. That doesn’t mean they are not interested, they are just not ready to engage you.

Client Converters capture website visitors details then build a relationship with them using content written by business and industry experts.

When that person is ready to switch accountants, your trust and credibility is established and your firm is “top of mind”. Who do you think they will contact?

  • Turn website visitors into clients
  • 100% automated – no input needed from you
  • The marketing method used by leading accounting firms
Bizink Client Converters
NOW OPEN - the 2016 Good Bad Ugly Accounting Benchmarking Survey
Why your firm should participate in the 2016 survey?
Business Fitness appreciates that completing the survey requires your valuable time and effort. That's why they are offering each firm who participates a COMPLIMENTARY electronic copy of the final reports (valued at $295). Those who participate will be sent their free electronic copy after the analysis is complete and before it is available to the industry.
Participating firms will also receive a COMPLIMENTARY customised comparison report (valued at $795) which specifically compares the performance results of their firm with those of similar firms and the industry as a whole.

See link for further information on how you can participate.

2016 GBU Survey 

Take a look at this webinar on the connected HowNow Smart Workpapers. Click on the HowNow Smart Workpapers image above to begin the webinar.

These workpapers currently connect with Class Super, MYOB Account Right, MYOB Essentials and Xero with other cloud products on their way.

Sign up for a free trial


Can't get to Xerocon but want to know more about any of the exhibitors.  Drop me a quick email and I can do the research for you.

Xerocon 7, 8, 9th September 2016


ATSA 2016 - Speed dating for technology.  I'll be there October 24th 25th 2016.

ATSA 24th, 25th October 2016


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