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Number 83—August 4, 2017


Many of you may know that we have a YouTube channel where you can view short videos of instructions, processes, machines, accessories, and models, but did you know that you can access those videos directly from our website? CLICK HERE to view our Videos page.

Don't see anything that answers your question? Send us an email and maybe we'll make a video. Many of our videos were produced after a customer made a suggestion. Or you can search “Sherline” on YouTube, where you will find a plethora of videos put up by Sherline customers. Sherline users are not only producing high-quality pieces with their Sherline machines, but many of them are also producing high-quality videos showcasing their work. They offer great how-tos and reviews on a variety of topics. CLICK HERE to check out our Sherline Customer Videos page.

Aluminum Replacement Pie Jaws – NEW
5800 NexGen Mill
This replacement set of aluminum pie jaws, P/N 11454-4P, was designed to give our customers the option of pie jaws that are made from a softer material than our P/N 1143-4P steel replacement pie jaws. Because they are aluminum, they can be used with our 1076 chuck, however, we still recommend using them with our 1076C because of the hardness of the nickel and the lubricating properties of the Teflon. Read more... 
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Save 20% on a Rotary Table
Whether used manually or with computer control, a rotary table adds a tremendous amount of functionality to your mill. A rotary table makes it possible to mill round parts that would be too large or otherwise difficult to make on a small lathe. You can also radius the ends of a part or cut inside radii when making spokes of a wheel. In addition, circular hole patterns are a breeze, and the number of divisions is virtually unlimited, unlike when using dividing plates with fixed numbers of holesRead more...
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Using the Threading Attachment to Wind Springs 
Retired Craftsmanship Museum master machinist Tom Boyer sent an email describing how he learned to wind springs using the threading attachment on a Sherline lathe. He first found this method in Model Engine Builder magazine issue #11 (Mar/Apr 07). Read more...

Stanford Takes 1st Place at 2017 IREC Competition

The Stanford Student Space Initiative (SSI) rocket team took first place in the 30k ft COTS division at the 2017 IREC (Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competition), held in New Mexico this past June. You can read more about the competition here:

As some of you may remember from previous newsletters, Sherline became a proud sponsor of the Stanford SSI team. They have been using a Sherline 2000-CNC mill to make parts for their rockets. Teams within the SSI include rockets, balloons, satellites, policy, operations, and biology.

According to rocket team member, John Lars Dean, "We've used the mill to cut numerous Delrin parts, mostly for our rocket team's Intercollegiate Rocketry Engineering Competition project. We've mainly used the mill in the manual mode." He added that the CNC has not been fully integrated at this time.

John went onto say, "I think the best part to highlight would be a Delrin bulkhead manufactured to be a load bearing element on the recovery path in the avionics bay on our rocket for the IREC competition. The part that was made was for the forward bulkhead of our Avionics assembly." (Click on image for a larger view.)

John explained that this part was used to seal off the avionics unit from the forward end of the rocket. It sits inside of a 4" diameter carbon fiber airframe. It is a key structural element, as it transmits the shock force from when the nosecone is ejected off of the rocket, (held on) from a U-bolt that is bolted to it to fiberglass rods that run down the length of the avionics bay. It also is used for mounting connection points for wires of electric matches that trigger the separation of sections of the rocket.

To see more about the Stanford team's experience please visit their blog site at

We look forward to seeing more from the Stanford SSI crew.
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