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Number 91—August 2018


Have you ever lost a screw or needed to replace a worn out or damaged part for your Sherline tool, but you don't know how to identify the part number?

We have three web pages that can aid you in identifying the part numbers of our machines, accessories, and replacement parts.

Understanding Sherline Part Numbers

This page gives descriptions of our lathe and mill numbering system, how to identify if you have an inch or metric machine, the different package offerings, and real-world examples of various products. CLICK HERE.

How to Find Replacement Parts the Easy Way

If you need to replace a part for a particular tool, this page shows you how to search for that tool. Part numbers can typically be found on the corresponding tool product page and checking either the Instructions or Replacement Parts tabs. CLICK HERE to learn more.

Machine Exploded Views

Our machine exploded views identify every part of all of our mills and lathes, both manual and CNC. If you know where the part goes, it can be located on the exploded views, and from there you can use the corresponding part number to order from our Replacement Parts shop. CLICK HERE to go to the Machine Exploded Views page.

P/N 3100 Thread Cutting Attachment
We recently completed a three-part series of videos that cover the thread-cutting attachment for our lathe. The videos show how to assemble the thread cutting attachment, how to use the thread cutting attachment in a standard set-up, and how to use the thread cutting attachment with our compound slide (P/N 1270/1280). You can visit our Instructional Videos page to watch them, or click on the direct links below to view them on our YouTube channel.
Assembling the Thread Cutting Attachment 
Using the Thread Cutting Attachment
Using the Compound Slide with the Thread Cutting Attachment
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Save 20% on Quick-Change Tool Lathe Accessories!

These accessories give your Sherline lathe the ability to change tools quickly and easily. They use a dovetail design to locate removable holders in a fashion similar to that used in production machine shops.

The individual accessories on sale include:

  • P/N 2250 Quick-Change Toolpost (includes 3 Holders)
  • P/N 2251 Riser Block for Quick-Change Tool Holder
  • P/N 2282 Quick-Change 3/8" Tool Holder
  • P/N 2295 Quick-Change Carbide 55° Insert Tool Holder
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Holding Irregular Stock in the Follower Rest 
Russ Cupan needed to face some hex rod material on his lathe that required the use of the follower rest (P/N 1090). The problem is the shape of the rod doesn't allow it to spin in the follower arms. He added a plate to the follower rest to hold the hex rod material during the facing process. He has included dimensional plans for the mounting plate. Read more...

Extreme Customer Projects

These projects are really too big to be made on Sherline tools. If a potential customer were to ask if this operation could be done, we would say “No, you need a bigger machine.” But modelers are among the most resourceful craftsmen in the world, and many find it a challenge to make things that everyone else said couldn’t be done. We'll highlight other extreme projects in upcoming newsletters.

Jerry Kieffer—An Oak, Model Display Case

ext_001_picJerry designed an oak case with an angled glass front and top to display his models while at shows. He decided to add to the challenge by making it on the same Sherline tools he used to make the models displayed within. CLICK HERE to see how he modified his Sherline tools to build the display cases.

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