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70th Anniversary 
President Message
What a year we are having with so much human suffering going on in the world today.  Yet life goes on despite the coronavirus, crazy weather, and humans killing humans. We are living in a time where impermanence has elevated to a higher level.  To help make a better world, let’s be kind and gentle and show compassion and thoughtfulness to all.
With that said, I hope you are enjoying our weekly ABSC email newsletters as much as we enjoy preparing them. In our little way, we like you to pause as we share the Buddha Dharma with you.
Now that summer is over, we are getting ready for our fall programs and our 70th Anniversary celebration to be held on December 15.  As a starter, we have updated our ABSC website  Our Trailblazer is Rev. Hozen Seki, the founder of the Arizona Buddhist Temple, New York Buddhist Church, and the American Buddhist Study Center. 
During the upcoming weeks and as part of the kickoff to our annual fundraiser, we will be posting something for everyone.  Each week there will be featured—gifts for the holidays and gifts to treat yourself with.
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In Gassho,
Hoshina Seki
Understanding Buddhism
Faith and Understanding

Sk. Adhimukti; Having both trust and understanding of the Buddhist teaching.
Wisdom: a Dharma Message
Reverends Bob and Patti Oshita were the first Buddhist Chaplains to serve for the California State Assembly. For each opening session, they began with “Please join me in a moment of Reflections.” January 18, 2018
Rev. Bob Oshita
(I took the liberty of adding a title.)

Minutes to Live

Five days ago, on the morning of Saturday, January 13, an alert was sent out over television, radio, and cell phones to the residents of Hawaii.  The message read, “Ballistic Missile Threat inbound to Hawaii.  Seek Immediate Shelter.” The alert ended with the words, “This is NOT a drill.”  My cousin, who works for Honolulu Police Department, texted me that day to share the disbelief and the relief they felt when 38 minutes later, a second message was sent out signaling a “False Alarm.”  How would we feel, and what would we think if we were told we might have only minutes to live?

In August of 1986, two years after I came to Sacramento, there was a horrific plane crash of a Japan Airlines 747 passenger jet.  It was a commuter flight going from Japan’s two major cities of Tokyo to Osaka.  Twelve minutes after takeoff, there was a catastrophic malfunction, and the 509 passengers were told to prepare for a crash landing.  There would be only four survivors.  Back then, I subscribed to the still existing “Life Magazine.”  Life Magazine had an unforgettable article that focused on hastily written notes found scattered throughout the crash site.  The passengers were predominately commuting business people, so most messages were from husbands to wives and fathers to children.  Two notes that I read have never left me.  One husband wrote to his wife, simply saying, “It was a good life with you.”  One father wrote to his children saying. “Please grow up to become the kind of person that people will love.”  Their deepest Love and Hope condensed into single sentences, written from their hearts.

If we were told that we might have only minutes to live, who would we write to? And what would we want to say?  Let this be our thoughtful Reflection; to share from our hearts, our Love and Gratitude, at every opportunity.

Namo Amida Butsu – With kindness and Gratitude beyond words
New Publication Coming Soon
Friday Night 
D.T. Suzuki
On Shin Buddhist, Shinran, and Saichi

We are working on a new D.T. Suzuki book to be published later this year.  Friday Night Talks with D.T. Suzuki: on Shin Buddhism, Shinran, and Saichi is a collection of Suzuki’s Shin Buddhist works. It includes a missing chapter that never made it into the original Shin Buddhism publication. His keynote address at the dedication of the Shinran Statue and other essays and poems.    

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Events Going on Around the United States
New York
September 22, 2021, 6:30 PM EST
Authentic Japanese Tofu:
From Bean to Block

Online Workshop
Delicate and delicious, tofu is a versatile food enjoyed in many Japanese dishes, from silky, chilled hiyayakko to deep-fried agedashidofu. At this online workshop, learn how to make fresh, authentic tofu at home with London-based chef and culinary educator Akemi Yokoyama. In the spirit of sustainability embodied by the Japanese concept of mottainai, participants will also use the tofu by-product to make tasty okara mochi. Discover what this plant-based protein has to offer, from bean to block and everything in between!
Art Exhibit - Ken Horii

Ken Horii, featured artist in the 2019 ABSC fundraiser, is showing selections from his "Temporal Architecture" series, including a 2021 drawing titled, "Convergent Topologies" in a two-person exhibit -Drawings and Prints- at Chazan Gallery, in Providence, RI  from September 16 - October 6 with artist Yizhak Elyashiv.  

For information on the exhibit go to:

For more information on the artists go to:
Ken Horii:
Yiz Elyashiv:
Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Yoshitomo Nara art exhibit extended to January 2, 2022.

Click here for more information
Introduction to Buddhism Part 3 - Pure Land Buddhism
Professor Aaron Proffitt laid the foundation for exploring Buddhist ideas and practices in his talk series, Introduction to Buddhism - Pure Land Buddhism. We now have up on YouTube part 1 and 2 – the third series of his talks.

Click here to watch part 1 and part 2
Seiya Gatha 
The Kyoto Women’s University Chorus performs one of the most famous Jodo Shinshu Gāthās Seiya. A poem by Lady Takeko Kujo.
Here is a recent Sumo competition video.  Sumo is Japanese wrestling. Prehistoric wall paintings indicate that sumo originated from an agricultural ritual dance performed in prayer for a good harvest.] The first mention of sumo can be found in a Kojiki manuscript dating back to 712, which describes how possession of the Japanese islands was decided in a wrestling match between the kami known as Takemikazuchi and Takeminakata. Wikipedia
My Favorite Buddhist Quote

Amida Buddha is Buddhas more than the sands of the River Ganges.
The teaching of the Amida Buddha is a Great Natural Way beyond all thought and action.

Rev. Hozen Seki

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