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70th Anniversary 
President's Message
On behalf of the entire ABSC team, we wish you all a wonderful start to your Holiday Season.

I am pleased to announce that this year’s fine art virtual auction is being held to support the center and in conjunction with our 70th Anniversary.  It will feature the works of artists Auguste Elder, Ken Horii, Pascale Patris, and Edythe Vassall. 

My father, the late Rev. Hozen Seki, founded the center in 1951 to bring Buddhist values and Japanese culture to America. Our mission has not changed in seventy years. We feel fortunate to have made available during all that time hundreds of Buddhist lectures and books, reading discussions, Japanese cultural events and exhibitions, and unique offerings such as this fine art virtual auction.

Auguste Elder is a wood-firing ceramist, sculptor, and educator. Ken Horii’s work has been exhibited nationally and internationally. The beauty of Nature inspires Pascale Patris’ paintings, and photographer and artist Edythe Vassall has been involved in the Shin Buddhist community for more than 15 years.
The ABSC 70th Anniversary Fine Art Auction is now open and closes at 6 pm EST on Sunday, December 5.  The artworks are now available for viewing and bidding on the Center's website

We hope this fundraising fine art virtual auction will help our study center continue our programs, many of which are offered free of charge, into 2022 and beyond. Each art purchase will go directly to support the ABSC, a registered 501c (3) non-profit organization, and its ongoing mission.

Please see below these beautiful works of art.

Hoshina Seki

Auguste Elder

Pascale Patris

Ken Horii

Edythe Vassall
Understanding Buddhism

Shakugen Jushin
The eye of Buddhism and the heart of Confucianism

One who interprets the Buddhist teaching with the Confucian spirit.

Wisdom: a Dharma Message

I found a small pamphlet entitled Gassho by Kenryu T. Tsuji.  Here is one of the Dharma messages that seem fitting as we enter the Holiday Season with family, friends, and co-workers.


Compassion is a powerful force that brings all things together.  The prefix “com” is employed in all words that connote togetherness – community, common, committee, communicate, and combination.

While compassion unites all things, blind passion severs the bonds of harmonious interrelationship.  Blind passion builds a solid wall of egocentrism around the person and rigidly confines their activity to selfish interests.  Thus, blind passion hinders the growth of the human personality.

Compassion is a communication of human hearts.  It establishes the true relationship between person and person and nation and nation.  Compassion is the basic principle of Buddhahood.  Without compassion, there is no Buddhahood.

Compassion is more than pity or sharing.  It is becoming one with another’s sorrow or joy and the total identification of one life with another.

What does this identification do to the person?  It fosters the growth of their personality and the personality of others because the circle of one’s concern is constantly expanded.  Thus, in compassionate action, there is always a movement towards the universal.

Compassion is grounded in wisdom, and wisdom is founded on compassion.  In other words, a person cannot truly identify themself with another unless they understand the other’s life – position, feelings, and thoughts.  Thus, compassion is not a momentary emotional attachment but an ever-expanding, ever-growing power that never stops until all beings and all things are completely enlightened.

The American Buddhist Study Center Celebrates its 70th Annivesary
Wednesday, December 15, at 7pm EST
The American Buddhist Study Center's 70th Anniversary is only four weeks away. Click here to register
Events Going on Around the United States
Scottsdale, Arizona
Phoenix-based Ken Koshio, an influential taiko artist in the U.S., invites the public to TAIKO EXTRAVAGANZA 2021
December 17 at 7:30 pm

To learn more about this Taiko event with Ken Koshio, click here
New: Introduction to Buddhism Part 4 - Part 1 Shinran Shonin
Shinran (1173-1263) is regarded as the founder of Jodo Shinshu, the largest school of Buddhism in Japan. Professor Aaron Proffitt introduces some of the basic teachings found in the works of Shinran and explores key philosophical and psychological dimensions of his teachings. Here is Part 1. We are still working on Part 2. 
Arigato Gatha
Popular Jodo Shinshu Gatha, Arigato. Performed by the Kyoto Women’s University Chorus.
Tokyo Kyushu Ferry
Here is a YouTube video featuring an overnight ferry ride from Tokyo to Fukuoka with lots to eat.  If you like to travel and eat, you might enjoy this one.
My Favorite Buddhist Quote

You’ve come into my company.
I’ve come into your company.
How joyful I am for this favor!
Namu Amida Butsu


Please send us your favorite Buddhist quote at
ABSC Fundraiser

Get ready for the holidays with this beautiful 2022 desktop calendar with a different image of the Buddha each month and the ABSC gold embroidered baseball cap. 

We ordered a limited supply for our end-of-year fundraiser.  So order yours today! 

 The 2022 Buddhist Desktop Calendar is $17 each plus $4 for handling and shipping. Total $21.  

The ABSC Baseball Cap is on $15 plus $4 for handling and shipping. Total $19.

Note: You can pick each up at the Study Center for $17 and $15.
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Special 70th Anniversary Membership Offer

The American Buddhist Study Center (ABSC) was founded in 1951 by Reverend Hozen Seki, a Jodo Shinshu minister.  His vision was to create a learning center to teach Buddhist values and Japanese culture to America.  Following in his footsteps, we are carrying on his mission.
Our theme for our 70th Anniversary is Introducing Buddhist Values and Japanese Culture to America.  By supporting the ABSC, you are helping sustain one of the oldest Buddhist Libraries in America.  Your support allows us to continue to offer free programing so everyone can learn Buddhism and the beautiful crafts of Japan. Your support helps us continue to publish meaningful Buddhist and cultural publications.
Now is the best time to join, during our 70th Anniversary. 
Here are two exciting membership offers: 

Limited Lifetime Membership in celebration of our 70th Anniversary*
For the first time in our 70 year history, we are offering lifetime memberships that include all the following benefits.
Your name will be engraved on a beautiful cherrywood plaque prominently displayed at the Study Center.
You will receive a lifetime certificate.
You will receive a surprise gift basket of goodies.
Your lifetime membership is transferrable to anyone you designate. It will never expire.
Your lifetime membership is 100% tax-deductible.
So please consider becoming a lifetime member today, for $1,000.
*Limited membership offer expires 12/31/2021
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Annual membership
Become a member during our 70th Anniversary, and we will send you the ABSC baseball cap as our gift—this great-looking cap with the ABSC gold logo is smartly embroidered on this 100% cotton cap.
Annual membership is $100.
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ABSC Podcast
This week Rev. Shobo Gary Jaskula continues his reading with Episode 32 with Kōsō Wasan by Shinran Shonin. If you missed any of the Wasan’s, you could hear them all on the ABSC Podcast. We also have interviews up as well.  So, select your favorite Podcast provider to be always up to date with the latest ABSC podcast programs. 

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Calendar of Events
Wednesday, December 15th, 7pm
ABSC 70th Anniversary 
Stay Safe, Stay Calm, Stay Mindful.
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