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Introducing Buddhist Values and Japanese Culture 
70th Anniversary 
This Coming Wednesday, Dec. 15, at 7 p.m. EST
The American Buddhist Study Center
Celebrates its 70th Anniversary 

Free Event, Registration Required
The American Buddhist Study Center (ABSC) will host its 70th Anniversary Celebration on Wednesday, December 15, at 7 p.m. EST, on Zoom and is open and free to the public.  We have a great program lined up for our memorable milestone, featuring highlight stories from the past, present, and future. Oh, what a night it’s going to be! It will be a night to honor our founder, the late Reverend Hozen Seki, whose birthday is December 15!  It will be a night for the Buddha Dharma, a night for Japanese Culture, and a night to look beyond the Horizon. Rev. Gary Shobo Jaskula is hosting the event. Our presenters include Rev. Dr. Toshikazu Arai, Dr. James Dobbins, Auguste Elder, Martin Hara, Ken Horii, Rev. Brian Nagata, Nancy Okada, Prof. Aaron Proffitt, Hoshina Seki, with a special Dharma message from Rev. Dr. Mark Unno. Reverend Hozen Seki had a dream of crossing bridges, moving mountains to bring people together in peace and harmony to share the teachings of the Buddha and the rich cultures of Japan. He was one of the 120,000 Japanese and Japanese Americans placed into internment camps during WWII. While being interned, he had a dream of spreading Buddhism in America. In 1951 his dream came true when the American Buddhist Academy was established, now the American Buddhist Study Center. Today, the ABSC community is alive and vibrantly carrying on Rev. Seki’s mission.  Since the reorganization in 1999, the late Reverend Dr. Taitetsu Unno, ABSC Board Member and religious adviser, helped build a new organization ready to meet the challenges of today’s needs.  Building on the past, the ABSC is a community for people seeking inner peace and a path to happiness through the teachings of the Buddha and Japanese culture. Since the reorganization, the ABSC has published 18 publications and is currently working on a new D.T. Suzuki book entitled Friday Night Talks with D.T. Suzuki.  Over the past decade, the Study Center has held book discussions, meditation classes, workshops, lectures, conferences, art exhibits, and field trips.  So much has happened since its founding that Rev. Seki and Mrs. Seki must be smiling down from the Pure Land seeing their dream grow to what it is today.

Our 70th Anniversary is setting a goal to raise $7,000. Please help us with a donation today to help reach our goal of spreading the Dharma and Japanese Culture.   Please click here to donate. Registration is required for this free December 15th celebratory event. Register here.
Last chance to find your gifts and treasures at
ABSC’s 70th Anniversary Fine Art Auction

The auction ends at Friday, December 17, at 6pm
Check out the works of Auguste Elder, a wood-firing ceramist, sculptor, and educator. Ken Horii’s work has been exhibited nationally and internationally. Nature’s beauty inspires Pascale Patris’ paintings, and photographer and artist Edythe Vassall has been involved in the Shin Buddhist community for more than 15 years.  Click here to see all the beautiful works of art.
Understanding Buddhism

A Buddha-land
Or it can be referred to as Amida land.

Statue of Acala or Fudo Myo-o.  One of the Five Wisdom Kings.  Reclining Great Buddha at Nanzo-in Temple in Sasaguri village, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan.
Wisdom: a Dharma Message

Here is another Dharma message from Rev. Kenryu T. Tsuji from his 1981, Gassho publication.


The Nembutsu experience is beyond words, reason, and logic, and each person can only experience it in the depth of their innermost being.

However, words are still the most suitable means of communication in the human world.  Although we are acutely aware of their terrible limitations, we must use words to relate the meaning of Nembutsu.

The Dharma is the law of the universe.  The heart of this Dharma is the power of infinite wisdom and compassion that has been operating throughout timeless time for the supreme purpose of enlightening all things.

In my religious consciousness, this power is personified and called Amida Buddha. From the moment of my birth, I have been blindly egocentered. Thanks to the spiritual guidance of my parents, teachers, friends, and all those people I have encountered in life. I have been led to understand the Dharma and faith in Amida Buddha.

This great understanding and faith are my religious experience.  I verbalize this inexplicable experience in the Nembutsu, Namu Amida Butsu.

A new world opens up for me as I become awakened to the truth that my life is a gift of Amida Buddha.  Everything I call my own – my name, body, mind, thoughts, actions, words, even my faith – is, in reality, Amida’s gift.  And this awakening is Amida’s gift.

In gratitude, I can only recite – Namu Amida Butsu.

I realize that Amida Buddha is manifest in my Nembutsu.

Namu Amida Butsu – the Nembutsu I recite, I receive with my own voice, but it is Amida calling me, assuring me, comforting me.

 My life is fleeting and finite, and I do not know with certainty what tomorrow has in store for me. But in the transitory boundaries of my existence is the timeless flow of Amida’s life. Amida’s voice of compassion is in the finite sound of my Nembutsu, tirelessly calling me.

Like a small stream that enters the mighty current of the great river, so does my insignificant life, in the Nembutsu, join the majestic flow of Amida’s Infinite Life.

Only in the absolute passivity of the Nembutsu do I find the unfathomable source of my life’s true activity.

ABSC Program

Saturday, December 18, from 11 to 12 noon EST

The Art of Sitting Perfectly Still
Meditation Sessions

Led by Rev. Miki Nakura, a Shin Buddhist minister
Please join us and learn the fundamentals of Seiza (sitting-in-stillness) meditation. You can sit on a chair or a cushion on the floor. Rev. Nakura will demonstrate the correct posture and breathing from your lower belly. Sensei will explain the history and why this is an excellent meditation to clear your mind from life’s daily stress.
 Seiza medications is a free Zoom event.

Click here to register
Events Going on Around the United States
Scottsdale, Arizona
Phoenix-based Ken Koshio, an influential taiko artist in the U.S., invites the public to TAIKO EXTRAVAGANZA 2021
December 17 at 7:30 pm

To learn more about this Taiko event with Ken Koshio, click here
Intro to Jodo Shinshu Buddhism
Development in American Buddhism by Rev. Ken Tanaka
Arigato Gatha
Popular Jodo Shinshu Gatha, Arigato. Performed by the Kyoto Women’s University Chorus.
Sumi-e Painting
Meet Tohun Kobayashi a master Sumi-e artist.  His work will wow you!
My Favorite Buddhist Quote

Why that naughty Child!
I thought I told that Child of mine not to go out
but it popped out again!
Since there’s no place, it can come out,
it comes popping out of my mouth!
Why there it goes again!
It pops out saying:


Please send us your favorite Buddhist quote at
ABSC Special Offers

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Special 70th Anniversary Membership Offer

The American Buddhist Study Center (ABSC) was founded in 1951 by Reverend Hozen Seki, a Jodo Shinshu minister.  His vision was to create a learning center to teach Buddhist values and Japanese culture to America.  Following in his footsteps, we are carrying on his mission.
Our theme for our 70th Anniversary is Introducing Buddhist Values and Japanese Culture to America.  By supporting the ABSC, you are helping sustain one of the oldest Buddhist Libraries in America.  Your support allows us to continue to offer free programing so everyone can learn Buddhism and the beautiful crafts of Japan. Your support helps us continue to publish meaningful Buddhist and cultural publications.
Now is the best time to join, during our 70th Anniversary. 
Here are two exciting membership offers: 

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For the first time in our 70 year history, we are offering lifetime memberships that include all the following benefits.
Your name will be engraved on a beautiful cherrywood plaque prominently displayed at the Study Center.
You will receive a lifetime certificate.
You will receive a surprise gift basket of goodies.
Your lifetime membership is transferrable to anyone you designate. It will never expire.
Your lifetime membership is 100% tax-deductible.
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ABSC Podcast
This week Rev. Shobo Gary Jaskula continues his reading with Episode 34 with Kōsō Wasan by Shinran Shonin. If you missed any of the Wasan’s, you could hear them all on the ABSC Podcast. We also have interviews up as well.  So, select your favorite Podcast provider to be always up to date with the latest ABSC podcast programs. 

Click here to listen to the podcasts 
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Calendar of Events
Wednesday, December 15th, 7pm
Saturday, December 18th, 11pm to 12 noon EST
  ABSC 70th Anniversary
The Art of Sitting Perfectly Still Meditation Sessions Led by Rev. Miki Nakura
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