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Wisdom: a Dharma Message

This week’s Dharma message is from Rev. Kenryu Tsuji’s “The Heart of the Buddha-Dharma.”

Infinite Buddha

When the Buddha reached eighty years of age, he began to feel the fatigue of a lifetime of spreading the Dharma.  At thirty-five, he had attained Enlightenment, and for the following forty-five years, he wandered on foot the whole breadth of northern India teaching the Way of Wisdom and Compassion.  When he finally felt he could no longer continue his mission, the Buddha asked his disciples to accompany him on his last visit to Vaisali, a city he loved, a city of beautiful towers and palaces, green meadows, and sparkling rivers.  The Buddha, however, could not reach Vaisali and had to stop to rest in Kursinagara. There, in Kursinagara, he passed away quietly between two Sal trees.

His disciples gathered around him as he lay down between the trees, knowing that the Buddha’s end was near.  To his disciples, the Buddha said,

“My disciples, my last moment has come, but do not forget that death is only the passing of the physical body…the true Buddha is not a human body. It is Enlightenment.  A human body must die, but the wisdom of Enlightenment will exist forever in the truth of the Dharma and the practice of the Dharma.”

And then he said.

“Make of yourself a light.  Rely upon yourself; do not depend on anyone else.”

In these immortal words, the Buddha taught us that something more significant than the physical body.  He was pointing to the power of Enlightenment, a power that all beings possess.  Too often attached to the visible body, we forget the invisible, potential power the human body possesses – to enlighten ourselves and help others become enlightened.  This is the true energy of human life that never perishes.  The physical body dies, but this energy never dies. Make of yourself a light.  These are powerful words.

We must search for the inner light, which is the infinite Buddha within.  Nobody can find the Buddha for us.  Each person must find the Buddha within him or herself.  And when we find the Buddha, we realize that it was this Buddha – the great power of Wisdom and Compassion – that has been operating within us throughout timeless time.

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Friday Night 
D.T. Suzuki

We are working on a new D.T. Suzuki book to be published later this year.  Friday Night Talks with D.T. Suzuki: on Shin Buddhism, Shinran, and Saichi is a collection of Suzuki’s Shin Buddhist works. It includes a missing chapter that never made it into the original Shin Buddhism publication. His keynote address at the dedication of the Shinran Statue and other essays and poems.    

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Events Going on Around the United States
South Carolina
Life in an American War Relocation Camp
October 20 from 12 to 1 pm EST

On February 19, 1942, following the December 7, 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066, which required all Americans of Japanese ancestry to enter internment camps.
Join special panelists Catherine Ladnier, Greg Robinson, and Karen Korematsu to discuss everyday life for Japanese American citizens that were denied their freedom and rights due to their Japanese ancestry.

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The Dalai Lama
Oct. 14 – 18, 2021
The Power of Compassion
Discover the transformative power of compassion, as exemplified by the Dalai Lama, with teachings and meditations from 20+ experts in this worldwide free online event.

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West Los Angeles Buddhist Temple Dharma Center
Buddhism Beyond Mindfulness
5 Fall Sessions
October 23, 2021
Through these sessions, we hope to offer an opportunity for young adults to engage with Dharma teachers as well as with other people interested in learning about the Buddha-Dharma.

For more information, click here
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Jodo Shinshu International Office
Faith & Science
Awakening Compassion for the Future

October 30, 2021
We use energy everyday in many forms, usually without thinking, but we need to consider its effects now and in the future. The United Nations set 17 goals to transform our world. Goal #7 is Affordable and Clean Energy. 
This seminar will address this issue from science and various religious perspectives. Our keynote speaker is Dr. Miriam Hinostroza, Head of the Global Climate Action Unit for the United Nations Environment Program. 
For more information, click here
Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Yoshitomo Nara art exhibit extended to January 2, 2022.

Click here for more information
Introduction to Buddhism - Pure Land Buddhism
Professor Aaron Proffitt will lay the foundation for exploring Buddhist ideas and practices. Learn what Buddhism is. Is it a religion or philosophy? Who was the founder? What do Buddhist believe? How does one become a Buddhist? How did Buddhists come to practice in North America?
Seiya Gatha
The Kyoto Women’s University Chorus performs one of the most famous Jodo Shinshu Gāthās Seiya. A poem by Lady Takeko Kujo.
Sea of Japan
Here is a short history video on naming the Sea of Japan, which is accepted by many countries.
My Favorite Buddhist Quote

To touch the heart of reality and Awaken to the real significance of Life.

Rev. Kenyu T. Tsuji

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