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Celebration of Mind

Celebration of Mind (CoM) brings people together to explore and enjoy puzzles, games, math, and magic. Developed by the Gathering 4 Gardner Foundation, worldwide events are held annually on or around Martin Gardner’s birthday (October 21st) so that people can meet and share in the legacy of this polymath. Celebration of Mind (CoM) events have taken a variety of forms, e.g., a small get-together, part of a recurring event, such as a monthly MathsJam or a Science Fair, an After School event, or games and puzzles at a festival or fair. In the past, celebrations have ranged from large audiences, such as stage shows or tournaments, to private hangouts, like dinner or after-school activities. Considering this, the event locations are chosen accordingly: Bar Bets at the pub; or a plenary session in a museum or school.

Celebration of Mind (CoM) Parties

If you are looking to attend a Celebration of Mind event, but are unsure where you can do so, CoM Parties are the right place to start. Like any CoM event, these parties are informal gatherings with the goal of making it easier for interested people to get together. Please click the button below to complete a short survey to help the organizers.

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