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Greetings from MODLAN and our first official newsletter! Please see the links to the left for our three main stories to share this spring. Then, send us news and notes for next fall's newsletter! Multi-lingually yours,
Lisa M. Dorner - Co-founder, MODLAN

Online Courses from University of Missouri

In the summer of 2015, professors from across the University of Missouri-St. Louis (UMSL) and Columbia (MU) were awarded a grant from the University of Missouri system to design and offer online graduate-level courses focused on language and global education. These courses may be taken by non-degree seeking students from anywhere in the world, or already enrolled graduate students at MU or UMSL. All courses are 100% online. To enroll as a non-degree seeking student at MU, please visit

Upcoming courses include:

Building Language Skills in Multilingual Schools (Summer 2016)

This course is intended to encourage and support educators who work in multilingual communities, either in the mainstream classroom with English Language Learners or in Immersion/Dual Language schools. Topics include: One Classroom, Many Learners; Classroom Interaction(s); Language Study and Practice; Curricular Design; and Community Outreach.

Dates of course: July 5-29
Course numbers: @MU (SPAN/FRENCH 8087) or @UMSL (TCH ED 6275)
Lead professors: @MU Dr. Flore Zéphir and Dawn Heston; @UMSL Dr. Kim Song
For more information: Dawn Heston,

Historical and Cultural Perspectives on Global Issues (Fall 2016)

Education, International Relationships, and Hierarchy of Knowledge in the 19th and 20th Century. This course examines the ways in which systems of education, international relations, and global trade have produced a hierarchy of knowledge and set of power brokers; and how, in turn, this knowledge has acted as the evaluative schemas through which different countries and territories, and peoples within them, have been accorded power and privilege, domestically and globally. The class will explore political formations of the 19th and 20th centuries and discuss how marginalized groups resisted them in particular historical moments. 

Dates of course: August 22-December 16
Course number: @MU (ED-LPA 9407, class # 67919), @UMSL (HIST 6153)
Lead professors: @UMSL Dr. Deborah Cohen; @MU, Dr. Lisa Dorner
For more information: Deborah Cohen, Ph.D.,

Leadership and Organization for Language Education (Summer 2017)

This course will focus on the theories and practices necessary to lead and organize efforts in educational organizations that serve diverse, international, and multilingual publics.

Lead professors: @MU, Drs. Emily Crawford and Lisa Dorner; @UMSL, Dr. Kim Song
For more information: Lisa Dorner, Ph.D.,

Cambio de Colores - Change of Colors, June 8-10, 2016

The Cambio de Colores (Change of Colors) conference in Columbia, MO, is a multi-state conference about integration of immigrants in new destination communities. It brings together researchers, practitioners, and those working with immigrant communities to share experiences and knowledge that facilitate integration. MODLAN is especially excited to announce the Education Plenary, Dr. Ted Hamann, a Professor in the Department of Teaching, Learning, & Teacher Education at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Trained as an anthropologist, Dr. Hamann is particularly interested in how educational decision-makers imagine their immigrant populations and, in turn, shape educational policies and practices for those populations. Co-editing multiple volumes on the topic, he has helped found the subfield of research on education in the New Latino Diaspora.

MODLAN will gather from 11 am-1 pm before the conference begins on Wednesday, June 8, 2016.

At this meeting, we will discuss our growth over the past two years, revisit our goals and purpose, and make plans for future professional development and coursework on dual language education for the state of Missouri. Please join us! Contact Dr. Lisa Dorner to RSVP:

For more information about the conference and to register, please visit

School Exchanges!

In November of 2015, DL educators from Kansas City, Columbia, and Carthage visited the Spanish School in St. Louis, a one-way immersion program that is part of the St. Louis Language Immersion Schools network ( Profesoras Arlene Galve Salgado (Head of School) and Anna Fletcher (Second Grade Teacher) provided a tour and overview of the school. Debra Cole, a MELL instructional specialist, provided training on using the “TWIOP” tool to analyze dual language lessons. Resources from our conversations are found here:

In March of 2016, educators from the Spanish School visited Carthage and toured Fairview Elementary, which just opened a two-way immersion Spanish-English program this fall. Teachers and program directors had multiple opportunities to discuss their challenges regarding assessment, state testing, meeting foreign language standards, and constructivist-based lessons. Participants noted: 
I’m really glad that we had prepared some questions and topics of discussion prior to the meetings. I feel like I gained a whole new perspective. The scope and sequences that were given to us were a tremendous help (Carthage teacher).
I liked the question and answer time. It was comfortable and helpful. It is hard sometimes feeling like we are an island. Thanks for being the boat that comes to our island (Carthage teac/her).
It was a great time to share what is working for each other. We have searched in the past some of the resources that are in place at Fairview Elementary, which gave us the opportunity to see these programs in action, such as the American Reading Company and DORA. It was also refreshing to see that they work as a team. All members are valued and the principal set the example by sharing all day with us. Their hospitality was outstanding too! I believe we both need to still work on writing so I would like to share from time to time what is/isn't working from each other (Spanish School teacher).

Stay tuned for visits to and from other cities, in the coming year!

For more information on Carthage’s program, see here:


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  2. Conference Meeting: Cambio de Colores--Change of Colors
  3. School Exchange Highlights: Carthage <-->The Spanish School
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MODLAN is a group of educators, school and community leaders, and university professors who believe in multilingual education for all students because linguistically- and culturally-diverse learning opportunities are essential for success in an integrated, transnational society.


MODLAN aims to:

  • Connect dual language (DL) and multilingual schools and educators across Missouri
  • Share information and research about DL education
  • Prepare strong teachers and school leaders for DL programs
  • Advocate for DL education and multilingualism
  • Empower multilingual parents and communities
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