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Idaho Walk Bike Alliance
Walking. Biking. Going Places.


(photo courtesy of Jay Krajic)

YOU Can Help Make Idaho Towns Healthy and Vibrant!

Support Safe Walking and Biking in 2017

“Idaho Walk Bike Alliance advocates for all of us pedestrians and bicyclists in Idaho. Help support their efforts with a gift!”
Ron Riley, member and volunteer

~ here is what YOU helped make happen in 2016 ~
  • Hosted the inaugural Idaho Walk Bike Summit, which brought together advocates from all over Idaho to educate and inspire them to better effect real change in their communities, urban and rural.
  • Launched the Safe Routes to School - Healthy Kids campaign to secure state funding for Safe Routes to School programs. This statewide coalition is working with communities and local- and state-level decision makers to demonstrate the benefits of active mobility for children.
  • Unpaved parking spots and put up a paradise for people on PARK(ing) Day to call attention to the way our streets are improved when we share them. Access for cyclists and pedestrians helps create the healthy and vibrant communities we all want to live in.
~ and, here is what YOU can help us do in 2017 ~
  • Introduce state legislation to increase dedicated dollars to Safe Routes to School so every Idaho child can be active and healthy.
  • Continue to build our network of active and effective advocates around the state to push for safer roads in Idaho communities.
  • Encourage every highway district to include walking and biking facilities in every road project, and design roads in towns to improve your community’s vibrancy and connection.
  • Keep pushing to increase funding for bicycle and walking projects until equitable funds are dedicated for all modes of transportation.
~ we need YOUR support to make it possible ~ 

If you have already made a donation to our 2016 year-end campaign, we appreciate your support. YOU are an active transportation hero and together we are making a difference!

Campaign Update

Idaho Walk Bike Alliance and American Heart Association are leading the statewide coalition, Safe Routes to School – Healthy Kids, to advocate for dedicated state funding for the Safe Routes to School program.

Currently, our bill is progressing through the legislative process. We have a legislator who will carry the bill. These efforts are key in building support to influence House and Senate members to vote “Yes!” for Safe Routes to School.

This Friday, February 3, is Youth Lobby Day. Dozens of high school students will meet with legislators to advocate for our bill. That effort, with the support from our growing list of coalition members and grassroots advocates, pushes our campaign closer to a successful legislative win. We will keep you updated as the session continues!

Legislative Update

Idaho Walk Bike Alliance is closely following developments on legislation and issues in Idaho, and beyond, pertaining to walking and bicycling safety so we can contribute and keep our members informed. Read the update from January 27 to find out more about the following topics:
  • The Safe Routes to School – Healthy Kids Campaign, led by Idaho Walk Bike Alliance and the American Heart Association, is progressing forward with enthusiastic support from legislators and our growing coalition of business and association sponsors.
  • Idaho Walk Bike Alliance is taking the lead in establishing guidelines that can help shape reasonable regulations for electric bikes.
  • Bike Walk Montana provided negative feedback for a draft bill that would prohibit bicyclists and pedestrians from using two-lane highways outside of municipalities when no paved shoulder is provided. 
If you know of other policy proposals that would affect our core mission, or if you have questions or comments regarding this legislative update, please contact us right away!

Jamie Lynn Morgan Joins Alliance's Board of Directors

Idaho Walk Bike Alliance welcomes Jamie Lynn Morgan as a new Board Member. Jamie has owned and operated her own online marketing company for the past ten years with a focus on Idaho tourism, recreation, and hospitality. As a long-time resident of Coeur d’Alene she also contributes to her community by volunteering with nonprofit organizations like the North Idaho Centennial Trail Foundation, organizing social bicycle rides, and speaking to businesses about the benefits of supporting active transportation. Jamie has also been an instructor at the North Idaho College Workforce Training Center for five years instructing businesses and individuals on how to navigate their own online marketing via social media, blogging, and strategic planning. She looks forward to helping the Idaho Walk Bike Alliance raise awareness of the organization in the Coeur d’Alene area by being an active member of the Board and the Development Committee.

Have You Cycled Southwest Idaho's Wine Region?

Help Us Create a Tour Map!

Idaho Walk Bike Alliance is looking for bicyclists who are familiar with the southwest Idaho wine region to help us pinpoint safe roads for bike tourists wanting to explore the wineries. Have you cycled around Canyon County and collected your rides through Strava or Garmin? Would you be willing to share that information with us to help us create a wine tour map? We are also interested in identifying other points of interest and places to stay and eat. Please send your information via email.

Ruminations and Peregrinations

Guest Post by Jason Cudahy, Idaho Walk Bike Alliance Member and Volunteer

“What gives value to travel is fear.”  Albert Camus
“Life is a daring adventure or it is nothing.”  Helen Keller

After my prosaic marriage fell apart I moved to Boise, Idaho from California to be closer to my mom. At first I was stilted in action and thought, lost in transition, but as the days roll you thaw to new way of life. I was visiting some friends and one of them had a recumbent trike that I liked very much. So I bought myself a shiny red recumbent trike at age 47. I don’t live far from the Boise Greenbelt so getting out to ride it was a joy. Amazed at the newness, the seasonal colors and the smell of sage and the cottonwoods along the fast moving river. The crispness of air and the sound of the ponderous flight of the geese going South is the grandeur of nature from a bike. Its the adventure of freedom and ownership, no matter how small the trip is. I saw a quote by Fredric Schiler said, “Man is never authentically himself as when he’s at play." I enjoyed the freedom of being on trail, moreover, impressed that someone saw the the recreational potential, its smart land use. Read the rest now.

Where in the State is
Idaho Walk Bike Alliance?

Idaho Walk Bike Alliance has been busy working for better walking and bicycling statewide. We usually have images of the Idaho communities we've visited but we haven't been out of town recently. So, we are sharing images of snowy Boise. What solutions do you have in your communities for keeping access ramps and sidewalks clear for those walking and bicycling in these wintery conditions?


BONUS IMAGES: check out the bicycle and walking infrastructure our Outreach and Development Director saw on a personal trip to New York City:


Go to the Walking College!

Fellowship Applications Accepted Beginning February 1

Looking for a way to gain the skills and knowledge you need to make your community more walkable?  America Walks invites you to apply for a 2017 Walking College Fellowship to help you take your local advocacy work to the next level. The application process opens on February 1st, there's an "Orientation to the Walking College" webinar on February 14th, and the deadline for submitting applications is February 28th.

Thank You Jeff Barnes for Supporting Walking and Bicycling in Nampa!

His Work was Recognized with a COMPASS Leadership in Motion Award


According to the COMPASS announcement, "Jeff has brought millions of dollars of funding for bicycle and pedestrian projects to the City of Nampa. He collaborates with the citizens of Nampa and analyzes crash data to nominate high-quality projects that benefit the bike and pedestrian communities. Due to his efforts, there are currently 15 bicycle/pedestrian-related projects in design or under construction in the City of Nampa." Read more about his work here.

Idaho Walk Bike Alliance Staff Step Up for the
Idaho STEP Challenge

To encourage others to be active and healthy, Congressman Mike Simpson is attempting to walk over 2,900 miles; the 'journey' began June 1. This is the equivalent of walking from the U.S. Capitol Building in Washington D.C. to the Idaho Capitol Building in Boise.

Idaho Walk Bike Alliance staff have joined the #HikewithMike and are walking at noon on Thursdays in Boise. Meet us at the center of Capitol Park for a stroll around downtown. Follow Rep. Simpson's progress, sign up for updates and STEP UP to join the challenge too. If you are hosting #HikewithMike walks in your communities, let us know so we can encourage others to join you!
You Can Shop AND Do Good!

With Fred Meyer Community Rewards
and AmazonSmile

Did you know you can support active transportation while you shop? It’s something you have to do anyway, so make every pantry staple, splurge or special occasion purchase count.
Fred Meyer
Community Rewards


Link your Fred Meyer rewards card to Idaho Walk Bike Alliance (#91348), scan it every time you pay, and we'll receive donations from their Community Rewards program, at no extra cost to you. It's easy to do, so sign up to link your card today!
  1. Visit Fred Meyer and sign in or register for an account at top right.
  2. Scroll down and click Link your Rewards Card Now.
  3. Enter Idaho Walk Bike Alliance or 91348.
  4. Select the bubble next to our name and click the Enroll tab.
  5. Start shopping to benefit the walking and biking movement!
NOTE: If you did not re-link your Fred Meyers Rewards card with the nonprofit of your choice after Fred Meyer's June 2016 customer re-enrollment period, you were dropped from the system on July 1. You can check the bottom of your Fred Meyer receipts to see if your purchases are supporting the Idaho Walk Bike Alliance:



Shop online at AmazonSmile, choose Idaho Walk Bike Alliance as your charity of choice, and 0.5% of each qualified purchase will be donated to us, with no extra fees for you. Sign up now!
  1. Visit AmazonSmile and sign in with your existing account info or create an account.
  2. Scroll down to pick your own charitable organization instead of choosing one of Amazon's spotlight charities.
  3. Enter Idaho Walk Bike Alliance in the search box and hit the Search button.
  4. Click on the Select button next to our name.
  5. Check that you understand you always need to shop via to support Idaho Walk Bike Alliance.
  6. Start ordering online to support active transportation!
IWBA Lunch Walks
for #HikewithMike
Idaho STEP Challenge

Thursdays @ noon
Center of Capitol Park, Boise

(read more here)

Boise Fundraiser
Boise Brewing

521 W Broad St., Boise
(more info TBD)

 Boise Movie Night
The Flicks

646 W Fulton St., Boise
(more info TBD)

May 29, 5:00 - 10:00 pm
Payette Brewing Company
733 S Pioneer St., Boise

(read more here)
Who Attended the 2016 Idaho Walk Bike Summit in Boise in May?

Click image to enlarge.
YOUR support makes it possible for us to work for safer walking and bicycling for all Idahoans.

Electric Bike Legislation
January 3
Idaho Walk Bike Alliance participated on a panel seeking opinions regarding proposed electric bike (E-bike) legislation. We are taking the lead in establishing guidelines, including defining what an E-bike is, that can help shape reasonable legislation.

Ada County Highway District Commission Meeting
January 25
The Executive Director of the Idaho Walk Bike Alliance attended this meeting where ACHD proposed the creation of a Pedestrian Advisory Group. This committee will serve as a key resource for ACHD in understanding issues that face pedestrians and provide them with tools and feedback to work with partner agencies to help create vibrant, walkable places.

Youth Lobby Day
February 2-3
Idaho State Capitol, Boise
Idaho Walk Bike Alliance will join the American Heart Association in helping high school students meet with legislators to advocate for dedicated state funding of Safe Routes to School.

Idaho Transportation Board
February 22
Boise, Idaho Transportation Department District 3
Cynthia Gibson, our Executive Director, will attend the Idaho Transportation Board meeting to learn more about issues in Southwest Idaho. These meetings are open to the public; you should attend too!

Idaho Legislature
January - March
Our Executive Director and Safe Routes to School Campaign Coordinator will attend various legislative and committee meetings to follow issues and legislation pertaining to walking and bicycling safety and that concern the mission of the Idaho Walk Bike Alliance.
U.S. Department of Transportation Transit, Highway and Safety Funds
Revised August, 12, 2016

The U.S. DOT updated table of pedestrian and bicycle funding opportunities.
Do you have walking and/or biking related events, accomplishments or issues going on in your community? Let us know and we can help get the word out to your local media outlets. Because the more people hear about the work being done to ensure active transportation is healthy, safe and reliable, the safer we can make our roadways for all Idahoans. Contact Robyn by email,, or phone, 208-345-1105.
Webinars, conferences and other resources on active transportation issues:
National Bike Summit
March 6 - 9
Washington, D.C.

America Walks
National Walking Summit
September 13 - 15
St. Paul, MN

Every Body Walk! Collaborative
Social Justice Toolkit
Toolkit Resources
fostering equity, fairness and justice within communities

Perils for Pedestrians
Video Episodes

U.S. Department of Transportation
Leadership Academy
Toolkit Resources
engaging the transportation decision-making process
Don't miss these stories, reports, plans, etc. on walking and biking issues:

No cars allowed: the 10 best pedestrian streets around the world

America Walks
Active Transportation Agenda for the Trump Administration

Every Body Walk! 2016 micro grants awarded

The Walking College: A human capacity development strategy for growing the national walking movement

Beyond cars: City Council votes for ‘person trips’ to make better planning decisions

City Council sends $800 million infrastructure bond to voters with big sidewalk and bike lane improvements

Billings Gazette
Bill banning bicyclists on highways without shoulders to be re-drafted after negative feedback

Boise Weekly
Chicago Tribune rips ‘Idaho stop’ law: ‘six cycling deaths are six too many’

Resolution: ditch that single-passenger vehicle

The Boston Globe
Cambridge mailing out ‘watch for bikes’ stickers for driver’s side mirrors

New South Boston zoning could mean more parking and slow down development

Chicago Tribune
Despite cold, winter biking spikes in popularity


Barcelona’s car-taming ‘superblocks’ meet resistance

Buffalo becomes first city to bid minimum parking goodbye

Building DIY bike lanes as a form as activism

Citi Bike’s new safety feature: bike-shaped laser projections

Cyclists are winning commuting

Enlisting bikes in the fight against inequality

How a bike mayor can change a city

How to support mental health through urban planning

London police will pose as cyclists to catch unsafe drivers

Madrid will ban cars from its main street

Paris pushes its car-free streets plan even further

Portland’s new bike share marks some early triumphs

San Francisco’s experimental raised bike lane sees mixed results

The small signs of bike-share success

Support grows for a city-wide bike-share expansion in New York

The uncanny power of a city without cars

Walking in Nashville

Why does Florida have America’s most lethal roads?

Community Builders
Year in review for 2016

8th annual COMPASS Leadership in Motion awards

7 ugly urban underpasses now functioning as public parks

These are the most dangerous U.S. cities for pedestrians

Cycling Today
More than 400,000 Belgians get paid to cycle to work

Detroit Free Press
Revamped city planning aims at neighborhood revivals

European Cyclists' Federation
Winter bicycle parade in Moscow at -28C

Federal Highway Administration

FHWA Bicycle-Pedestrian Count Technology Pilot Project

Fostering Livable Communities Newsletter

MPO Guidebook for Using Safety as a Project Prioritization Factor

Small Town and Rural Multimodal Networks

Transportation Planning Update Newsletter

The Guardian
Uber admits to self-driving car ‘problem’ in bike lanes as safety concerns mount

Harvard Gazette
Why city blocks work

Idaho Business Review

Seattle firm seeks tenants for Portland complex, but not cars

In search of a painless parking solution

Paris mayor unveils new plans to permanently pedestrianize city center

The Inquirer
Giving up a piece of the street for the sake of Philly pedestrians

The League of American Bicyclists
Thank you for asking USDOT to measure people, not just cars

Next City
Giant city cycling pop-up offers bike lane lessons

Montreal cyclists say a bike commute is the best way to go

The Oregonian
In response to deadly crashes, protesters block SE Division Street


America’s best new bike lanes of 2016

The domino effect

The Green Lane project is complete. Here’s what happened and what’s next

We just picked 10 cities poised for a big jump in biking by 2020

Eyes on the street: apps, intelligent transportation systems improving safety for pedestrians

Rails-to-Trails Conservancy
New Congress, new President: what’s ahead for trails?

Culture: life in the bike lane

The Seattle Times

Seattle builds lots of new apartments, but not so many parking spots

Seattle’s Mayor Murray kills city-run bike-share program

Smart Growth America
Dangerous by Design 2016

Streetsblog USA

And the best street transformation of 2016 is…

Eyes on the street: SF gets its first protected intersection

Feast your eyes on the new Chrystie Street protected bike lane

Montreal’s car-free street network gets bigger all the time

More states are looting federal funds for walking and biking

State’s highest court holds NYC liable for injuries on streets without traffic calming

Transportation agencies will finally measure the movement of people, not just cars

UrbDeZine San Francisco
How Sadik-Khan clawed back the streets of NYC for walkers and bikers – book review

Voices for Healthy Kids Success Stories
Funding for walking and biking in Austin

Safer walking and biking in Charlotte, NC

Walk Arlington
Hey, neighbor! Slow down, speed matters
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