Year 2 - Issue 7 - São Paulo, July 28, 2017

The I Seminar "Internet Governance" will be held on August 17 (see the event page accessing this link) . 

The objective of the event is to bring to the public some knowledge about the global internet governance regime, thus allowing scientific discussions in support of either public policies or business actions.

Even though the entrance is free of charge, it is necessary to sign up. For further information about the speakers, on the event venue and how to sign up, click here.

Photo of a CEST week´s meeting


Three events were held in the first semester of 2017:

  • I Seminar “Crowdsourcing – Opportunities and Challenges”, in April;
  • III Seminar “Intelectual Property in the Information Society” in May; and
  • “Smart Cities? Society and Technology on Debate" in June
If you want to (re)view the material generated in these seminars, click here.


And to add academic value to the previous events, the theme debated during the seminars generated a bulletin (in both English and Portuguese) written by the Cest member responsible for the event.

To read the bulletins, click on this link.

In an interview given to journalist Bruno de Pierro, CEST researcher Aristóteles Moreira Filho contributed to the cover story of the Pesquisa FAPESP Magazine (Issue #256, June 2017 - Financing Science), commenting on issues related to tax incentives towards innovation. 

In an area where there is still much misinformation, the text "Reasons to Grant Incentives" helps in a large measure to understand such tools of great importance all the world over, its indispensable need, its effectiveness, and the critical issues that compromise the efficiency of the Brazilian regime and make its reform a fundamental demand of the C, T & I Brazilian system.

To read the text in Portuguese, check this link.

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The bulletin "The Digital Transformation of the Cities and the Urbanism View" by Lucas Girard, urbanist architect, Master Degree from the School of Architecture and Urbanism of the University of São Paulo (FAUUSP)  has been launched.

The text generated from the author´s master’s research, titled The Total Environment Programming: Planetary Infrastructure Communication, developed  in the Graduate Program at FAUUSP, brings considerations about the influence of geography in the distribution and development of Information and Communication Technologies in the urban space.


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