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Training Wheels

Moose Training's Newsletter for Trainers
Volume 2, Edition 3
February 2018

Change. It can sound like a dirty word. Some leap at the opportunity, but for most of us it's just plain hard. The truth is, either way, it causes an emotional response. Change can make the heart beat a little faster in anticipation or, for some, it might strike fear, especially in the workplace. When things have always been done a certain way, the prospect of changing can lead to fear of failure. People want to be seen by their peers and supervisors as good performers. Thoughts of, what if I'm no longer good at my job, creep in. Could I be let go? Change, with or without that accompanying fear, is uncomfortable. We tend to be creatures of habit. Change means we lose familiarity and comfort in routine. Unfortunately, most people are unable to see the big picture. They are not sure why the change is necessary; without that knowledge, it's hard to embrace the new. Even when the rationale is realized, anxiety can still linger. We all recognize that sometimes change doesn't work. Sometimes you have to try again. However, what we do know for sure is that if we don't try we'll never know. As the quote, above, so aptly puts it, "If nothing ever changed, there'd be no butterflies." I hope you enjoy this edition of Training Wheels and will embrace the change coming your way.
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