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Say Yes to Happiness


"Every thought you have had—has traveled through your biological system and activated a physiological response."

—Caroline Myss, Anatomy of the Spirit, pg 40         


If you've been following me a while—you probably know that my tagline is, "What you think is what you create." Thoughts become things, so you need to pick the good ones—because it impacts what is going on in your body. 


Think about that—there are 525,949 minutes in just a year—that's a lot of thoughts and hundreds of thousands of opportunities to have a great—or a not very good—impact on your physical well-being—and your happiness!


Talk about self-care (which we do a lot of here)— this is Self-Care 101—the basics.


Also, from Anatomy of the Spirit—"Neurobiologist Dr. Candace Pert has proven that neuropeptides—the chemicals triggered by emotions—are thoughts converted into matter. Our emotions reside physically in our bodies and interact with our cells and tissues."


What you think about—positive or negative, uplifting or soul diminishing, encouraging or discouraging—is going to travel through your body and register in your cell tissue.


So what do we do if negative thought is our default setting? What's to be for those of us who hold fear deep in our cells—finding refuge in worry and worst-case scenario daydreaming? What if you immerse daily in the dark stories and concerns churning through the news media? After all, we live in a fear-based society. Messages of not being enough in so many ways are employed to motivate our buying choices—songs and movies encourage self-doubt around body image—food choices—and the basics of who we are.


This question of how to shift from that way of living is the basis for Happiness Skills and Practices. Change like this takes desire—and then commitment. That's when the process can begin.


This work is very personal—and it's the beginning of building a stronger relationship with yourself. You only share this kind of work with people who are going to understand and encourage you—not people who will question, try to poke holes in the ideas you are learning, or discourage you in any way.


Only positive, supportive energy is allowed as you say yes to learning about and growing your happiest self.


Time is the other thing that is needed right from the start. As our time is so precious—this commitment marks your determination for learning the skill and then practicing the things you are learning.


First up will be developing your awareness of yourself—observing your emotions, responses to things, making notes about what you're seeing, and doing this all without any judgment of yourself—instead with loving acceptance of you. The more you do this, the easier it becomes.


Yes, there is a lot to it. It's why I wrote the handbook and have now followed up with the online companion course. It's helpful to have a face to connect with—and a voice and guidance you can hear to give this kind of change dimension. We all need support. This kind of connection is also why I coach and teach workshops. My passion is sharing the many things I have learned through the years—which I live by every day. I am grateful (another happiness practice!) to support others in living their happiest, most fulfilling lives in any way that I can.


Back to the beginning—this all begins with being aware of your thoughts—truly and deeply understanding how much they matter in your well-being. Loving you—sets you up for making all the best choices for yourself and guides you to choose well. That includes choosing the best thoughts—the best things to listen to—nourishing things to look at—experiences that create emotions which guide and lift you up.


It's a fun and creative process that is stimulated by asking yourself some powerful questions

like these—

  •   What feels fun and easy to you—things that lift you up just to think about? 
  • What feels deeply important to you to accomplish in this life?
  • What do you know for sure is truly and deeply nourishing to you?
  • What do you want more of in your life and why?
  • What do you want less of in your life and why?  


Thinking about the answers to these questions—and writing whatever comes up in your journal—stimulates the kind of thoughts that nourish you and set you on your path to being deeply happy and fulfilled. Peaceful, too—another wonderful feeling!


What do you most want to feel? Think about that—and notice the thought nourish your body and well-being. This way of living is a lifetime practice—and I can tell you from personal experience—it works. 

Do you want to say yes to more happiness? 

I'm here if you have questions—or want to sign up for the Handbook and Online Course. 


If not now—when? 


Always hugs!

PS - I'm also here to speak to your group—just let me know. 😃

"Be gentle with yourself—and it all becomes easier."

- Jane

The book and course are priced together—as they're a matched happiness training set uniquely designed to make happiness skills easy for you to learn and practice.

And I've kept it affordable at just


for both the Handbook and the Online Course! The Handbook alone is $39.95.

You will receive the spiral handbook in the mail—the downloadable ebook (only available with the course)—and the link to take the course online— to use at your own pace.

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Over 65% of Americans report being unhappy. If you're unhappy, you're not alone. Developing happiness is like building a muscle –it takes training and practice. Say Yes to Happiness offers over 80 skills for you to learn and integrate into your life. Let's say yes to happiness.
I'm ready to Say YES to Happiness!
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