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Translator Donates Half His Literary Prize to—Translators

Last month Daniel Hahn, a literary translator, won a prestigious prize: the International Dublin Literary Award. That prize came for his translation of a book from Portuguese called A General Theory of Oblivion.
The award was €25,000. So what did Hahn do with it? Although he claims to be “as broke as the next translator,” he donated half that money to fund a new prize that recognizes “excellent debut literary prose translation published in the UK.”
Daniel Hahn is a translator with a big heart. We doff our linguistic hats to him!

Would You Want to be a Presidential Interpreter?

We’ve heard of “Interpreter-Can-Do-Anything Syndrome.” In other words, many organizations, staff and service users expect interpreters to solve all problems.
We thought conference interpreters were above all that.
Perhaps not. On the heels of the Putin-Trump summit, The Atlantic Monthly just came out with an article about presidential Interpreters that suggests they serve as “confidants, fact-checkers, and de facto diplomats.”
Diplomats? No wonder in photos of the post Trump-Putin summit the interpreters look exhausted.  (Of course, they also had to interpret Trump’s idiosyncratic English!)


“Languages are fundamental to nearly every aspect of our lives. They are not only our primary means of communication; they are the basis for our judgments, informing how we understand others as well as ourselves.”
So begins The State of Languages in the U.S.: A Statistical Portrait, a 23-page report recently published by the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. The report explores the language skills of Americans and how they acquired or learned those languages, the state of bilingualism in the U.S., language education in this country and much more.


White House Interpreter: The Art of Interpretation
Harry Obst 
Authorhouse, 2010

I don’t know if this book qualifies as a “beach read” to most, but perhaps it will for interpreters and translators. From the publisher:
Harry Obst interpreted for seven American presidents. This book takes a look at five of them from the interpreter's perspective inside and outside the Oval Office: Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, and Reagan. Most Americans have very little familiarity with professional interpreting, a profession known fairly well in Europe and Canada. After finishing WHITE HOUSE INTERPRETER, the reader will understand what interpreting is all about and why this profession is of considerable importance to many segments of our society: from the White House to the courthouse, from the military battlefield to our hospitals.


CA School District Hosts a Translation and Interpreting Conference
This may be a unique event:  a conference hosted by a school district and devoted to educational interpreting and translation.
On September 29, Orange County Department of Education will convene a one-day summit-style conference in Costa Mesa, California. The intent is to pool knowledge and experience to improve language services in schools.
Interpreters and translators, bilingual staff, administrators and community liaisons are all welcome. Don’t miss this extraordinary event.
(Disclosure: the author is one of two keynote speakers at the conference.)

How Do Emoji and Texting Influence Language?

It’s summer, and therefore time to look at language a tad less seriously—at least, in this newsletter.
The following exploration of emoji, texting and social media and language is by turn insightful, thought provoking and funny. A good summer read. Enjoy!



This TOT Is a Blast
Greetings from Day 5 of the six-day summer session of our Training of Trainers for The Community Interpreter® International. We had an amazing dinner last night on the lakefront, and here are some exciting—and heartwarming--highlights:

  • A hospital interpreter trainer just got engaged—during the TOT! 
  • Today one of our participants celebrates her 40th birthday.
  • This is the biggest TOT (24 participants) in the history of the program.

We have trainers from across the country, from several hospitals, a school district, a Department of Social Services, several from language companies and one from my native Canada, among others.
It’s an amazing and brilliant group. My co-trainer Denis and I are having so much fun!


A Book with a Heart and a Mind Is Coming Soon
It’s official. Healthcare Interpreting with Heart and Mind: An Intermediate Textbook for Medical Interpreting will be published August 2. Here at CCC we feel like proud parents. (I wager the author does too!)
That author, Suzanna Reiss-Koncar, holds a master’s in public health and is a Certified Healthcare Interpreter (CHI™). She has been a veteran hospital staff interpreter in San Francisco for more than a decade. Even more important—she is an amazing writer.
This book will challenge healthcare interpreters and inform them. It includes complex, challenging role plays set in an array of medical specialties. The content and many exercises focus on national ethics and standards. Other activities address key skills and interpreter decision-making. Graphics in each chapter include medical terminology lists. The book concludes with an extensive Spanish-English glossary of medical terminology (and an English-only listing of those terms for interpreters of other languages).
Next week, July 19th, we will launch our special pre-order offer. Stay tuned and save money by pre-ordering this in-depth, comprehensive textbook.


Spots remain for TCII
If you're ready to hone and professionalize your interpreting skills in a 40-hour foundation program, The Community Interpreter® International (TCII) is for you.  

TCII runs July 24-28th, and is perfect for interpreters with little to no experience or those experienced interpreters wishing to have a recognized qualification.  Expand your skill set and employment opportunities, or prepare for medical interpreter certification. Join today!



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