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Christ Lutheran Church -
November 2018

Remembering our Saints this All Saints Day!
We celebrate All Saints’ Day this Sunday, November 4th, remembering
the saints among us who have gone to meet our Lord.  There will be
a table set up in the Narthex.  Please feel free to bring a picture of a
loved one you would like to remember, along with a card noting
their name and relationship to you.
What are you good at?                                                        Artie Kappel

     God wants us to use our talents to bless others. I want to pause a second and have you answer this simple question for me. What are you good at? Whatever your answer understand that God is somehow behind your talent or skill.
     God didn’t give us our talents or skill, so we could look good to our friends
or show off to others. God made each of us unique and expects us to be good stewards with the talent or skill he has gifted us. 1 Peter 4:10 says “Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms”.
     Maybe you are still stuck on the thought that stewardship was just about money. Yes, it is a big part of it. But what I have discovered and wanting to share with you is that stewardship is so much bigger. Steward-ship covers everything in our lives, and it very much includes our talents.
     I hope you came up with an answer to my question. Maybe you like to take a blank canvas and paint beautiful things? Let’s do a class to help others with the same interest. Perhaps you are good with finances and know in your heart thatyou can help someone that struggles with setting a budget get life in order. Do you love working on cars? Make it known a single mom or a struggling family in your community that you will fix their car for free. God wants us to use our talents and skills for the benefit of others.
      Look around your community, within the ministries already in place at the church and if nothing exists that already fits, reach out to me or one of the other members of my committee, and we would be more than happy to help guide you.
      What I have received from allowing myself to understand stewardship is, my blessings come by blessing others. God wants us to use our talents for him. We do this by blessing others and building His kingdom.

Grief and Loss in the Holiday Season                      Pastor Tim Wrenn
As the Thanksgiving approaches, we begin the most wonderful—and stressful—time of the year (and no, I’m not talking about Christmas shopping): the Holiday Season. Lots of people love to look forward to this time; we get to celebrate and indulge in food, presents, and parties. We get to kick off our shoes and enjoy all of the good things that are happening in our lives.
But this is not the case for everyone. For some of us, this can be the most difficult time of the year. We look across the table, and her face is not there. We sing Silent Night, and his voice is nowhere to be heard.  The rituals and traditions of the season that are usually a joy can become somber and challenging when we’re dealing with grief or loss.
So here are three tips for those of you that are going through the Holiday Season for the first time—or even the fifteenth time—without that loved one around:
1.   Know that you’re not alone.  I believe this is the most important tip to remember.  In the midst of grief, it’s easy to feel alone, and that becomes scary. No matter how long it’s been since your loved one is gone, reach out for support to family or friends; remember that loved one together.
 2.   Don’t be afraid of your feelings. You have the right to talk about what you are feeling without the fear of being a “killjoy.” People will appreciate your genuineness. It may even open doors for others’ pain.

 3.   Remember that God is with you in your grief.  Thanksgiving is a time to remind ourselves about all of the good that is in our lives, and thank God for those gifts.  Christmas is ultimately about Jesus bringing us the essential comfort: the reassurance that through Him we will one day celebrate with all of our loved ones the feast that has no end.
Here are a few tips for those of you who are not facing these same issues as mentioned above.
1.  Try to check in with a person in a non-public way.  This might be taking the chance to call ahead of the get-together and ask how the person you care about is doing.  When they respond with “fine” its ok to remind them you are a safe person to talk to and you wouldn’t have called if you didn’t care.
2. Give freedom to renegotiate the traditions of the past.  When a loved one is not present and they always carved the turkey or said the prayer it becomes a touchy time when that space presents itself.  Feel free to name that at the beginning and listen to others in the family and friend group as to how you want to do that this year.
3. Try your very best to allow God to shut your mouth and open your ears.  This is hard, especially for the folks who want to fix everything or are the best advice givers out there.  This is not one of the times people need advice, they just need to be loved and heard.  This is the ministry we are called to in the holiday season.
As we walk through this festival season, may we be a people able to acknowledge the pain that exists in our lives, while also living into the joy of the ones that are with us For some, this is a great time of year that we look forward to; now.
God’s Peace,
Pastor Tim

“Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves receive from God.”
2 Corinthians 1:3-4


Fall Property News_______               _______________Roger Ridings
Fall Cleanup is Saturday, November 10th
We will be focusing on cleaning out the Holt House during Fall Cleanup. Please bring gloves, masks, and positive attitudes to get the work done.
Parking lot resurfacing
Thank you Jim Englehart for spearheading the parking lot resurfacing.
It looks great, plus we have a few extra handicap stalls available.

Fellowship News                                                                Lois Minta
Fall is upon us and that means Trunk or Treat was a boo-tiful event! I hope everyone had a wonderful time. Our next big event will be our Annual Christmas Party which will be held in conjunction with the Children’s Christmas program. Look for more information in upcoming bulletins and the December Newsletter.
New! Thursday Evening Bible Study__________________Julie Ridings
If you’ve been waiting for CLC to start an evening bible it is!
All are welcome as we engage in a “kitchen table” conversation about seven major questions about the Bible. We will be using the book, Making Sense of the Scripture by David J Lose, as our guide. We will meet in the church’s fellowship area on Thursday nights from 7:00-8:00 p.m. The books are available in the Narthex. Any questions? Ask Julie Ridings.

Giving to Others                                                                 Kathy Dickens

The end of year is fast approaching and planning for our Christmas giving programs is already underway by your Social Ministry Committee.  Many of our programs will be collecting items in November so they have time to process and distribute the gifts before Christmas.  As you look forward to the upcoming Christmas Season, we hope that you and your family will consider participating in one of our programs for those less fortunate.  Look for more information in announcements and bulletin beginning on Sunday,
November 11th.

The Giving Tree (previously the Mitten Tree) 
You may buy scarves, hats and mittens for all ages to keep those less fortunate warm during the winter months.  You may bring them November11th thru Christmas to decorate our Giving Tree in the Narthex. Donations are provided to MUST.
 MUST Toy Shoppe
Help brighten the holiday season for a child by providing a new, unwrapped toy for the MUST Toy Shop. Donations will be accepted at the church through Sunday, December 2nd.  Suggestions are below.  Items for babies and teens are appreciated as these age groups are often overlooked.  MUST also strives to provide each child with new underwear, socks & a blanket. 
Toy Suggestions: Action Figures ▪ Dolls/Barbies (All Ethnicities) ▪ Board Games ▪ Art Sets ▪ Remote Controlled Cars ▪ Puzzles ▪ Blocks ▪ Ride-On Toys (Big Wheels) ▪ Bikes ▪ Stuffed Animals ▪ Hot Wheels ▪ Toy Kitchens ▪ Sports Equipment ▪ LEGOs ▪ Nerf Toys

Suggestions for Babies and Toddlers: Sleepers ▪ Onesies ▪ Bottles ▪ Pacifiers ▪ Bibs ▪ Baby Soap ▪ Hats ▪ Washcloths/Bath Towels ▪ Rattles/Other Toys ▪ Diaper Bags

Suggestions for Teens: Video Games (Wii, Xbox, Nintendo) ▪ Skateboard/Scooters ▪ Mini Drones ▪ DVDs/CDs ▪ Headphones/Earbuds ▪ Purses/Wallets ▪ Makeup Kits/Nail Kits ▪ Jewelry ▪ Perfume/Cologne

LSG Hope Tree
We will have cards with special wishes and needs from approximately
20-25 adults with development disabilities. Signup sheets should be
available in the Narthex on November 11th.  Just select a wish and
fulfill it by December 2nd so they can be distributed.
 Cobb Street Ministries  
Prior to Thanksgiving, we will have cards with clothing wishes and needs
for the residents of Cobb Street and many of the families for which they provide extended support. You would just sign up on the sheet, take a card and shop for the requested items. Items need to be provided to the church
no later than Sunday December 9th.
For additional information about any of our Christmas programs or if you
are willing to provide Walmart gift cards to help support these programs, please contact Kathy Dickens at 770-401-5320 or

Worship News_________________________________Sue Burkhart
Jazz Worship
Join us on November 11 at 8:45 for another jazz band service.  You will have another chance to enjoy the jazz band on December 16.  Come out and enjoy.
New! Carols and Drinks
Do you like to sing Christmas Carols?  If so, join us at Taco Mac on Dallas Highway on Monday night, December 10 from 7 – 9 pm for Carols and Drinks.  We will provide the chips and dip while we sing Christmas Carols.  Hope to see you there.
Happy Thanksgiving!
We want to wish everyone a Happy and safe Thanksgiving.  If you are travelling for the holidays find a church to attend or if you have company in town for the weekend, bring them to church with you.  Then be in prayer for our Advent season as we await the birth of the Christ Child. God’s peace be with you. 

Mutual Ministries                                                                 Tom Mabry
Please join me in thanking Jenni VanRensselaer for her service as our Director of Children’s Ministry.  Jenni has decided to step away from this role in order to spend more time with her family.  We are so grateful for the energy and blessings Jenni brought to our Children’s Ministry programs this year and wish her well.
We will be searching for a replacement for this critical role for our ministry.  Please contact Pastor Tim or Tom Mabry with any questions.
Tom Mabry
VP – Mutual Ministry
THANK YOU!!!!  To the entire congregation for welcoming me with open arms and hopeful hearts into the position of Children’s Ministry Director
at Christ Lutheran.  In January 2018, our family went through several big changes.  Both Frank and I had new jobs and with that came many new adjustments.  Frank’s job has him on the road traveling Monday through Friday every week, leaving very little time for us to spend together as a family, along with Ben getting nothing but closer to graduating High School and going off to College, leaving the weekends our only opportunity to be together as a family, precious time indeed.  These adjustments are
all positive and wonderful things, thanks be to God!  However, it sparked
in me the knowing that I cannot spend the time on the Children’s Ministry position at Christ Lutheran in the way in which it should be attended to. 

I have nothing but gratitude for the congregation and council of

Christ Lutheran, I rest in the knowing that the person the torch of Children’s Ministry is passed along to, will be well supported and appreciated. 
Many thanks to you all,
Jenni VanRensselaer  

Children Ministry                                                   Jenni VanResselaer
CLC Kids Sing!!! 
Sunday, November 11th both worship services. The children will sing “Arky, Arky” -- an oh so fun way to remember the story of Noah and his family.
Stars! Angels! Shepherds! Kings!!!
Sunday, December 9th 4 p.m.

We are so excited that it is that time again to begin preparations for our annual Christmas Musical!  Please mark your calendars now to come and see the children of Christ Lutheran of all ages perform. The performance will be held on Sunday, December 9th at 4 p.m.  We will enjoy a potluck meal following the performance.
Wanted – Children’s Story Time Volunteers                                      

Do you LOVE telling stories to children??  Well we could use a few more volunteers to help out with Children’s Story Time during both our 8:45 a.m. service and 11:00 a.m. service, please see Jenni VanRensselaer, e-mail or call/text 678-834-3877 if you are interested in
helping out!  Thank you in advance for sharing your gifts!  

Join us on Women’s Wild Weekend Retreat         Jenni VanResselaer
Women’s retreat registration time is here!  We are heading to Lutheridge, Arden, North Carolina for another Wild Women’s Weekend March 2019!  We are scheduled for Friday, March 22nd through Sunday, March 24th.  We will study and reflect with women from all across the southeast about Spiritually through the seasons of life.  Here are a few important details:
When:  Friday, March 22nd through Sunday, March 24th
Cost:  $223
Register: click the women’s retreat button
We are looking forward to a wonderful fun filled and relaxing weekend in the mountains of North Carolina.  Please consider joining us and by all means bring a friend!!!!
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact, Jenni VanRensselaer at or call/text 678-834-3877.

Welcome and Witness                                          Tiffany Sorrentino
Welcome & Witness is looking for those who have a passion for making our guests feel welcomed. Sometimes it is as simple as a “Welcome, we are so glad you are here worshipping with us today.” Other times, it is answering questions about our ministries or our Sunday School program. Welcome & Witness has a need and a prayer request for such welcome ambassadors, plus four more committee members. If you are interested, please contact Tiffany Sorrentino by email

Budget and Finance Committee____________________Scott Christian
2018 Year to Date Financial Summary (as of September 30, 2018)
Operating Income Summary:
Year to date income:                         $227,598
Year to date expenses:                     $210,341       
Year to date net income:                    $17,256
Year to date expenses as a percent of annual budget: 74.8% (On Track)
Account Balance Summary:
Checking/Money Market Balance:  $98,963
Mission Investment Fund:              $20,198
Total Cash Balance                       $119,161
Mortgage balance:                         $115,669
Check out the new pew cards for online giving. If you have already given online, simply place the card in the offering plate. If you would like to start online giving, please take a card home for the instructions on how to signup electronically.

Check out our new church logo!
This is only the black and white version, but we have a four-color and two-color on its way.




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