Christ Lutheran Church -
June 2018

“How very good and pleasant it is when kindred live together in unity!” (Ps. 133:1)
How do you define community?  Is it the area you live in, the friends you hang out with, the church you attend?  Is it something easily defined by physical borders or is a community something you feel with a group of people?
Communities are always changing. One of the ways communities are changing is the new ability we have to be in community together and yet never truly connect. We as a society have done a good job of cocooning, creating for ourselves all that we need in our homes.  From frozen and delivered food to home theater systems, from to the self-checkout line at the store, we continue to cut down on the ways in which we interact with others. 
One of the reasons this has happened is for the sake of convenience and time efficiency. Another reason is that it’s not always easy to interact with others.  Due to fear, anxiety, or just plain fatigue, we hold ourselves back. But by doing that, we also hold ourselves back from a feeling of true community. Not just being around people, but actually being with people. Recent sociology studies have shown that some of the happiest people are those who do interact with the people around them: chatting with the mail deliverer, speaking to the person on the bus, actually being with the people around us every day.
In our worships lately, we have been beginning with the Thanksgiving for Baptism service. This ritual reminds us that we are connected—related, in fact— through baptism to people who we have not even met. And one of the last things Jesus said before ascending into heaven was, “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.” (Acts 1:8)
This is our challenge: to not be constrained by our own doubts and fears. To not give into the temptations of convenience. But to be brave, trusting in the Holy Spirit to give us protection and courage as we are as bold in the community, to show us the ways to truly be a community together.
What are you waiting for, there is work to be done and today is as good as any, go in peace and Share the Good News!
God’s Peace,
Pastor Tim

Council President:
Hello Church Family-
Thanks again to everyone who attended our semi-annual congregational meeting, where we shared some exciting updates from our committees. If you weren’t able to attend I strongly encourage you to check out the committee update on our website. So many great accomplishments from our volunteers and we continue to grow in our mission every day. 
I hope that you all enjoy the summer with family and friends and can’t wait to see the pictures of Flat Jesus on the board!  Thanks again for all you do to make our Church a truly special place, filled with the Holy Spirit!
God Bless,
Mike Mahler

VP & Mutual Ministry
For those who attended the semi-annual congregation meeting, you heard the results of our recent congregational survey.  In the spirit of continuing to share the good news, I will again summarize our key themes for this month’s newsletter.
Overall, we had very positive feedback from the survey.  We analyzed the ranking questions by combining the “Strongly Agree” and “Agree” scores for each question.
Our 3 highest scoring questions were:
Overall, I am satisfied as a member of Christ Lutheran Church (“CLC”). (99%)
I would recommend joining CLC to others. (99%)
I receive the information I need regarding church programs and decisions. (97%)
Our 3 lowest scoring questions were:
I feel like I am part of a team helping to fulfill the mission of CLC. (80%)
I believe CLC cares about the spiritual growth of my family. (87%)
I understand the process of becoming a church volunteer. (89%)
Common themes for suggestions for improvements from the narrative questions were as follows:

  • Provide more spiritual growth opportunities; increase access for more members of the congregation (evening Bible study, etc.)
  • Engage a broader population of the congregation; get more people involved
  • Communication and education on CLC’s mission and ministries; train and educate members on how they can serve
  • Increase communication around events and activities; provide adequate notice

Responses to The Story and the Lenten services were positive, with the congregation welcoming new and creative ways to deepen our knowledge of the Bible.  We plan to circulate a congregational survey twice per year (spring and fall) to capture feedback and trends, and monitor progress towards our goals.
Overall, I am very excited by these survey results.  They tell us that the Holy Spirit has blessed CLC, and our congregation has a desire to serve more deeply and further our mission!
Thanks to those of you who completed the survey.  A more detailed summary of the survey results is available in the Semi-annual congregational meeting report.  Your feedback is a valuable tool for our council and committees as we continue to serve our mission here at CLC.  If you have other suggestions or concerns that are not reflected in our survey results, please feel free to reach out to any member of the Mutual Ministry Committee.  Each voice is a blessing to CLC, and we welcome yours! 
If you are looking to serve in a way that monitors the “pulse” of the church, please consider joining MMC!  We have a few seats available, and welcome additional voices to our team!
God’s peace,

Tom Mabry VP & Mutual Ministry


Fellowship Committee:
As we move forward into summer we have some great plans for some fun fellowship. First will be our trip to Sun Trust Park for a Braves game on Sunday, July 29th following the 11:00 service. I have contacted a bus company to take at least 47 people to and from the game.  The estimated cost will be $14.00 - $15.00 per person.
August sees us going to an Atlanta United soccer game, more information to follow in next month's newsletter.
God's love,

Lois Minta

The Social Ministry Committee – Cobb Street Ministries (CSM)
Cobb Street Ministries is a Christian organization founded over 45 years ago by Carol and Harvey Paschal to meet the needs of homeless and hurting women and children in Cobb County. The main purpose of the ministry is to show these hurting people the unconditional love of Jesus Christ while ministering to their physical, emotional, spiritual and educational needs.  The ministry offers long-term housing (up to 18 months), life skills development, job and housing search services and spiritual guidance to Cobb County citizens in need.  Many of the residents at Cobb Street are women escaping abusive homes or mothers and children with no means of support.   Others arrive due to struggles with addiction.  Sadly, some are dropped at the ministry door by family members unable or unwilling to cope with daughters with unplanned pregnancies or other issues. 
We at Christ Lutheran became involved with the ministry in 2008.  Each month we provide a meal to the residents (typically between 20-30 individuals).  This consists of fried chicken for the adults and chicken tenders for the children as well as homemade sides and desserts.  We also supply children’s snacks, milk (they go thru 8-10 gallons a week) and laundry detergent on a monthly basis.  We have a monthly sign-up for everything we supply and accept donations for the chicken.  Walmart gift cards are also appreciated.  If you want to get involved in our monthly dinner ministry, please contact Kathy Dickens at or 770-401-5320.  We also support Cobb Street during the Christmas season by supplying each resident with a new outfit to wear (sizes are supplied).  In addition, Cobb Street accepts clothes, household supplies and has also accepted furniture and cars. Smaller donations can be marked CSM and placed in the green bin in the Narthex and they will be picked up monthly and delivered.

Besides our current programs, Cobb Street is always in need of your prayers, financial support, donations and volunteers to help feed and house the residents. All donations supplied go directly to help those in need.  There are no paid staff members. Other volunteer tasks they need include babysitting, answering phones and greeting guests.
Cobb Street requests your prayers.  Please pray that God will guide each resident to surrender his or her whole life and heart to Jesus Christ.  They will take the opportunities presented seriously, and get the best God has for them during their stay at CSM. The Social Ministry committee would like to thank all of you for supporting this very worthwhile ministry over the last 10 years.   God Bless You!

Social Ministry Committee:

We are taking a summer hiatus meeting-wise, but we are still busy!  Of course programs at MUST and Cobb Street Ministries continue.  (See Kathy Dickens’ article about Cobb Street.). Our Committee along with Christian Education is helping to prepare lunches for the YMCA Summer Lunch Program on June 19th and July 17th.  On August 18th we are sponsoring a Blood Drive.  Details will be forthcoming later.  A big thank you for all your generosity for the Lenten Discipline benefitting Out of Darkness and the special collection for our missionary partners, Julia and Vincent Leiyoole! 

Christian Education at CLC:

What a great year of Sunday School we enjoyed this year!  Our children grew in their faith and their knowledge of the Bible as we journeyed through The Story.  Most importantly, the children were able to experience the faithfulness of God, as they learned throughout the Old Testament seeing that God was always there in all things, good and bad, God never left God’s children and was always faithful. 
We were thankful to welcome some new students into our program in both April and May.  We are excited about our rising 6th graders to begin their confirmation studies throughout middle school.
Our local mission for VBS is collecting items needed to provide 300 lunches to the YMCA Summer Lunch Program on Tuesday, June 19th.  You can help by providing any of the items lists below:
Juice Boxes or small bottles of water
Snack Size bags of chips, goldfish or pretzels
Boxed granola bars
Boxed fruit snacks
Apple Sauce (either squeezable or small lunch ready tubs)
Gift Cards for Turkey, Cheese & Bread
Brown Lunch Bags
The Christian Education Committee is teaming up with the Social Ministry Committee to organize this mission!  We will be putting the lunches together (except sandwiches) on Wednesday, June 13th at Church in the fellowship hall from 2 p.m. until 6 p.m. – your children would have a blast decorating bags and helping with the assembly line packing the lunches!  This is a great way to begin even the smallest of children helping with a mission to help our community and a wonderful mission to be a part of as a family.  We hope you will join us!!!! 

Worship Committee:
June means summer in Georgia and at Christ Lutheran Church.  The Worship Committee is excited about Christian Education and VBS the first week of June.  Sign up your kids! The Common Lectionary bulletin inserts are back in the bulletins after being absent for the last few months. There will be some guest pastors in the pulpit while Pastor Tim goes on vacation and travels to the Middle East with his Macedonia Ministry.  Let’s all pray for him and his family while he travels and for everyone else that will be traveling this month.  When you are at home don’t forget to attend worship services and sing your favorite songs that you have voted for.  We also want to see everyone’s picture on the bulletin board with the flat Jesus especially if you visit other churches during your travels. Let us know where you are.  Enjoy the beginning of summer and may God be with you wherever you are. 

Summer Arsim Adventures Bible Study

Join us this summer for a bible study based on stories from our trip to Kenya, Africa.  We’ll share about things that made us laugh and cry, things that surprised us and gave us a sense of awe, and what we learned… weaving scripture throughout.  Meet us in the church sanctuary at 9:45 AM June 10, 17, and 24 and July 8, 15, and 22.  Come to one or come to all, whatever works for your schedule!  We continue to learn through our connection with our brothers and sisters in Christ that are half-way around the world in Arsim.  Can’t wait to share more with you!    Peace...Artie, Julie, Rita, and Sandi 

Sharing a Recent FACEBOOK Posting From Our Missionary, Julia Harrington-Leiyolle, Arsim, Kenya, Africa
This was just one day after the flood.  A very determined junior church choir group decided to go ahead and have their "fun day" despite the circumstances.  They gathered, cooked, ate, praised God and did lots of singing.  One of these girls lost her grandmother in the flood but was able to praise God.  Such amazing spirit this group has!  You know these kids...y'all left something for them and they bought the food, cooked it, ate and had an awesome afternoon.  About a week later they walked over the mountain (22km) to buy new choir clothes at the solo market.

Church Announcements:
June Challenge to support our local First Responders
Cobb County Fire Station 17---12 people work at this station.
CC Fire furnishes their own food while at the station and on duty.  They need bottles of water, coffee, condiments, and dry food, ie. rice, spaghetti etc.
Cobb County Police Precinct 5---I think there are approximately 36 officers at this precinct.
CC Police would like water and healthy snacks
Healthy snacks would be--Low in saturated fat, low in salt, lower in sugar, higher fiber content protein type bars such as LARABARS, and fresh apples
The specific items will be placed on the needs board beginning Sunday, June 3rd.  If you have an interest, pick what you would choose to donate, return it to church and place into the appropriate tote, early or late service.
A needs board will be in the Narthex on Sunday, June 10th thru July 1st.
We hope to make this an ongoing ministry to those who work to protect us. 
Which service can furnish the most product? The winner will receive a special celebration!
Jim Englehart

Youth Group – May Gathering

Our Middle and High School youth met on Sunday, May 20th to prepare a meal for MUST Ministries.  Rita Buehner was very kind to visit with our youth and had a great discussion about some of the reasons for homelessness; explaining the ways in which the church aids.  We would like to thank Rita for taking the time to speak with the youth and thank our youth for being so generous with their time and talents.   

Our youth will meet again on Sunday, June 24th where the High School and rising 9th-grade youth will be attending a pool party courtesy of the Barrett Family.  Thank you in advance to the Barretts’.  The Middle School and rising 6th-grade youth will have an opportunity to serve at Cobb Street Ministries.  Details to follow.   

CLC is blessed with two wonderful Nursery Attendants that care for our children during worship.  Thank you, Ms. Janice and Ms. Shelby!! 
From time to time added help is needed or we may need a replacement in case of illness.  Do you LOVE little children?  If so, we have an opportunity for you!  CLC is seeking added volunteers to be on a fill-in list for our nursery.  If interested, please contact Julie Ridings at 770-349-9258 for more information.  We will keep a list of those willing to step in to help with short notice.  Thanks for considering this as a way to serve! 

Stewardship Committee:
What Does It Cost?

Recently, I had a conversation with a friend that does not attend church, and I was giving a little elevator speech on joining us at CLC. I explained how I had been a member of this church family for 14 years and my experiences and relationships. What I was not prepared for was the question he asked me. What does it cost? After a stunned moment and then some discussion, I realized why my friend who has never experienced Christ’s Church asked me that question. My little elevator speech contained two words taken slightly out of context, “joining and member”.
He had set in his mind that belonging to a church he was expected to pay dues or a membership fee. He did not understand that God does not sell memberships. This conversation turned quickly from “why don’t you join me at church” to what it meant to be a good steward. We had a great conversation, and it gave me the opportunity to share all the wonderful opportunities we have at CLC for being good stewards.
As I recently discovered during a word search, the bible is full of Scripture making it clear our obligation of stewardship over God’s gifts to us is to give in proportion to the blessings we have received. I gave my friend homework asking him to read in the bible given to him the Parable of Talents in Matthew 25: 14-30. Simply, this is about taking whatever gifts God gives us, put them back out into the world so they can multiply. I used the Arts and Music Sunday and so fresh on my mind was the Luci lights for our friends in Arsim, Kenya as examples in my story. I think he was starting to get it at this point.
I did my best, to sum up, stewardship for my friend. God gives us many gifts. Stewardship is what we do with those gifts. It is your personal relationship with God, and he has entrusted you with these gifts and blessings. It is your choice to share these gifts and blessings of your own free will or not to. When you have a relationship with God, you will know what to do.
Watching God Work,
Artie Kappel

Budget and Finance Committee:
2018 Year to Date Financial Summary (as of April 30, 2018)
Operating Income Summary:
Year to date income:                         $103,114
Year to date expenses:                      $94,312         
Year to date net income:                    $8,801
Year to date expenses as a percent of annual budget: 33.6% (On Track)
Account Balance Summary:
Checking/Money Market Balance:  $104,504
Mission Investment Fund:              $20,148
Total Cash Balance                        $124,653
Mortgage balance:                         $128,097


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