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Christ Lutheran Church 
October 2019

You’re Invited to Celebrate
Christ Lutheran’s 35th Anniversary!
On Saturday, October 26th, we will celebrate CLC’s 35th Anniversary with a free celebratory dinner at the church grounds starting at 6:00 p.m. Dinner will be a Southern-style meal with drinks and dessert. Come and enjoy our 35 years of bringing God’s word, love, and deed to the West Cobb community.

Then on Sunday, October 27th, CLC will glorify God at the 35th Anniversary Worship Services. At the 8:45 a.m. worship, the Jazz Band, Bell Choirs and Worship Choir will sing and praise God for our years of service. The 11:00 service will be traditional worship with Bell Choirs and Worship Choir honoring God for our special anniversary. See inside for more 35th Anniversary information.

Remembering the Past and Looking to the Future
The month of October always is a fun month for me. It was the month that I became a Dad for the first time; it’s the month we get to celebrate Halloween, which is both fun and brings up good memories; it is also a month when fall starts to take hold of the weather patterns and we begin to see change happening.
It’s a great month for the church as well. Usually, we take time the last Sunday of the month to celebrate and remember the works of the Reformation in 1517.  Through Scripture, Martin Luther and others began to reshape the way the church would look and function in this world. I like to imagine those events from so long ago; it gives me a good feeling and even inspires me.
This year we have the special opportunity to celebrate a milestone moment for Christ Lutheran Church: our 35th anniversary. These are great moments to stop and reflect, and we will be sharing our reflections at the anniversary dinner on Saturday, October 26th.  Before then, take some time to think about:
  • A favorite memory of something happening at CLC, or
  • A way in which you have experienced God’s grace here
As we reflect on our journey, we give thanks for the ways God has used us and are reminded of the ways that God is continuing to use us.  I am sure that God did not call this community to only serve this area for 35 years but for many, many years into the future. 
Remembering is good, but let’s not get stuck in the past. In this forward-leaning spirit, we will also take time to think about what will be. As you reflect on these questions as well:
  • Describe a way that God is calling us into further ministry in West Cobb.
  • Imagine being at the 50th anniversary: what is your greatest hope for CLC?
As you about these reflection points, write them down.  If you have the chance, share them with me, I would love to hear from you. Collectively as the members of the body of Christ, we will continue to discern the ways the Spirit is moving us to do God’s mission and ministry to West Cobb.
God’s Peace,
Pastor Tim

CLC Pastors over the Years
Christ Lutheran Church of Marietta began as the "West Cobb Mission" in July of 1983. Richard Donoughue was commissioned as pastor/developer on October 8, 1983. 

Our first Sunday worship service was held at the YWCA facility on Henderson Street in Marietta on January 29, 1984, with 35 adults in attendance. We continued to grow, holding our charter service on June 10, 1984, and became an official Lutheran Church in America congregation on December 9, 1984. The congregation grew to the point where three services became necessary in the tiny facility. On October 6, 1996, we dedicated the land at 176 West Sandtown Road to our Lord and began building our first permanent worship facility. Our first service in the new building was held on October 19, 1997.  

Pictured below: 1. Richard Donahue commissioned as pastor/developer on October 8, 1983, and installed as the first pastor on  March 17, 1985, until Spring of 1990.
2. Pastor Joe Holt became CLC’s second pastor on August 4, 1991. He retired on January 31, 1997.
Pastor Holt completed our current church home.
3. Pastor Rusty Edwards was our third pastor. He began in January 1998. He retired Spring of 2015. Pastor Rusty grew our music ministry and is a published hymn writer.
4. Pastor Tim Wrenn is our fourth and current pastor. He started on August 1, 2016.

35th Anniversary Celebration: 
Mosaic Artwork to beautify Our Narthex
The CLC Church Council has approved a mosaic to celebrate the 35th Anniversary. The council really likes the idea of getting more artwork up in our church. It will add to an already beautiful building and warm space. Theologically, a mosaic made up of individual pieces fits who we are — we are broken people in our own way but when gathered together we make something beautiful. It also fits our community very well, that as individuals we have only so much to offer but when placed
together we have wholeness. 

CLC has commissioned local artist Julie Mazzoni to create the beautiful mosaic that will adorn a wall in the Narthex. Julie believes that a “mosaic is a clear reflection of life. Made of many components, there are infinite possibilities. The struggle is to
decide which materials and compositions merit the time needed to create. Once the goal has been determined, then it is a joy to labor towards that end.” You can see Julie’s artwork at

During the Anniversary Celebration, church members will be able to sign up for a time to add a small section to the mosaic. More information to come in the bulletins and Hump Day Update.
Looking Forward to the next 35 Years
September was a crazy month! I was personally overwhelmed by, yet grateful for all the energy and activity we had at our small church in West Cobb. We heard how God is at work in Guatemala, and how our very own youth made an impact on that mission this summer. Our teams are hard at work planning an outstanding 35th-anniversary celebration. Finally, we hit a “home run” with our last Braves outing, complete with perfect seat selection and 1st class transportation (plus the Braves won!). The Spirit was at work in many ways at CLC in September.

As we look ahead into our next 35 years as a congregation, we are focused on developing a Building plan and campaign that will sustain and grow our mission here in West Cobb.  We currently have some dedicated folks who have been contributing their time and talent, but we are in need of a leader for this very important committee. If you feel the Spirit calling you to serve in this important role, please reach out to me, Pastor Tim or Scott Christian to learn more.  

God’s peace and blessings to you all!
Tom Mabry

Giving the Glory to God during our Anniversary Worship
On Sunday, October 27th, Christ Lutheran is celebrating the 35th Anniversary and Reformation Sunday. Everyone is in for a Spirit-filled service filled with God’s word and wonderful music.

We are happy to announce that Pr. Joe Holt, retired CLC pastor, will be preaching the sermon. Pr. Joe was our second pastor from 1991-1997.

Our Worship and Music committee has been hard at work creating a moving service filled with singing and ringing. The Worship Choir will sing Oh Happy Day by Edwin Hawkins. They chose this song because, in the words of Choir Director Scotty York, “We felt Oh Happy Day best fits our joyous celebration of both occasions. Oh, happy day when Jesus washed our sins away– and taught us how to watch, fight and pray as we live rejoicing every day.”

The Bell Choir will also ring in the day with Joy and Celebration. This song was chosen to praise God for 35 years of many joyful blessings. It is a very exciting piece with lots of handbell techniques and chimes. This musical piece was written and played for other celebration events, including CLC’s 25th Anniversary.

We will conclude the service with the closing hymn Sweet, Sweet Spirit arranged by Michael Lambert. Michael was the pianist when Christ Lutheran was at the Mountain View building. “Sweet, Sweet Spirit is Christ Lutheran’s ‘theme’ song,” said Jean Fiester, CLC’s organist. “It embodies the spirit of our church when we give all of our love, hopes, and dreams back to God.” Sweet, Sweet Spirit was also sung during the 25th Anniversary.

Our Jazz Band will get the morning celebration started at the 8:45 service. The jazz worship embodies our excitement for the future of Christ Lutheran Church and shows our willingness as a congregation to engage in changes filled with the Spirit of God.

Please invite your family and friends to join you at the 35th Anniversary Worship Service to celebrate our years of service to God!

Worship in Pink—October 6th

October 6th is Worship in Pink Sunday. Please wear your favorite shade of pink as we celebrate those who have survived breast cancer and support those who continue to fight this disease. We will have available handmade pink ribbons, lovingly made by our knitting/crochet ministry. Please take one and wear it during the month of October.

It cost about $140 for a mammogram for a person who would otherwise not be able to afford it. We would like to take up a second collection of your loose change and put it towards this cause. Thank you.

Appreciating Our Pastors

Pastor Appreciation Day is Sunday, October 13. Our Pastors teach us and nurture us in our faith walk, care for us and our community, and so, so much more!  CLC members are invited to show our pastors how much we appreciate them in three ways.
1. Look for a special insert in your church bulletin Sunday, October 6 and Sunday, October 13 for a fun way to share words of encouragement with Pastors Tim and Rachel Wrenn and Pastor Mark Ellingsen.
2. Donate to the ELCA scholarship fund to support the education of future pastors (details available in the narthex). 
3. Gather and share a special snack (hmmm….You’re wondering what it will be, aren’t you?!?!) with our pastors during coffee fellowship on Sunday, October 13 at 9:45. See you there!

“Keep watch over yourselves and all the flock of which the Holy Spirit has made you overseers. Be shepherds of the church of God, which he bought with his own blood.” Acts 20:28 

Fall Congregation Survey Coming

This fall, we have a new congregational survey out and you can find it in the Narthex.

Getting your honest, open feedback through the survey is so important, and the Mutual Ministry Committee is working on trying to put it in a format that is as easy as possible for everyone. Church. It is us. You and me.

All of us at Christ Lutheran Church. We worship, praise, serve, work, play, talk, laugh, and yes…. we eat together. We are a family. Each person’s perspective is highly important and we hope you’ll take the time to share it through the congregational survey. If you have any questions, please ask Julie Ridings. 

Sweet Memories of our Wonderful Church
This month we will be celebrating the 35th anniversary of Christ Lutheran Church (CLC). Lisa and I are in our 16th year as members of this wonderful church family. When we moved to the area from New York, we searched for a church that resembled what we had. What we found when we walked in the doors at CLC was a new home.

It wasn’t necessarily the sermons (no offense to any past or present Pastors) that got our attention. It was the people – the warm greetings and the smiles that went along with them. As the weeks went on in our process of becoming new members, we made new friends and got to know more about CLC. We were becoming part of a church family like no other we ever experienced.

Each week we have the opportunity to come together and share our stories during coffee hour. We also have the opportunity to stop and listen to someone that needs to share a story. We are blessed to have opportunities for fellowship as our volunteers provide a game night or a celebration and potluck meal. I find it comforting that not only are we able to provide the spiritual needs within the walls of the building but also the physical and spiritual needs within the community.

Some of you may be familiar with this Mission statement from our website. I could not find a better way to say how a 35-year-old CLC is committed to doing God’s work. "We Will Be the Body of Christ in Word and Deed for West Cobb."

Our Congregation strives to live in the way of Christ within and outside the walls of our church. We believe God has called us to CLC and has blessed us with a feeling of Family and Fellowship amongst our members. We are here to learn about His Love and to spread His Word through our deeds in the local community. This church is a place where we can bring our families to grow in the love of Christ.

In today's society, time becomes more and more scarce, and time for worship competes with the demands of daily life (families, friends, career, etc.). CLC provides an environment for meaningful worship in a manner familiar to our traditional Lutheran, or other Christian upbringing. Christ Lutheran Church also serves as a reminder of the blessings we receive from God every day and how fortunate we are to live in His Grace.
Watching God Work,
Artie Kappel
Stewardship Committee

Guatemala Worship Services and Gala

CLC would like to thank Pastor Karen for preaching a moving sermon on September 6th. We would also like to thank her son, Diego Gil for also attending the Worship Service. Pastor Tim and Rachel along with a few CLC members attended the Saturday Night Guatemala Gala to raise funds for the Milagro Girls School.


Saying Farewell to Ms. Janice
On Sunday, September 8th, we wished Janice Gunn Happy Retirement with a
beautiful reception. She will be missed by all!

Welcome New Members!

Happy 35th Anniversary!! Christ Lutheran celebrated a little early by welcoming our new
members on September 29th. Thank you all for helping to make them feel welcome, and for all
your help with cooking, setting up, and cleaning up for the potluck reception.

Please welcome: John, Suzanne, Nathaniel and Thomas Cain; Steve Haggard; Melita and Aaron Hobby; AJ Jarrard; Bill and Mary Kempffer; Austin, Megan and Maddie Smith.

Welcome and Witness could use two more committee members, and we would love to see those positions filled before Stephanie King takes over the chair position in 2020. If you have a desire to welcome our guests, please let Tiffany Sorrentino know.
Sunday School News!
First Communion Classes will meet October 13th and 20th between services in the sanctuary. If your child is in 4th grade, or have not received First Communion instruction, please plan on attending these classes along with your children. CLC will offer First Communion during both Anniversary Worship Services on Sunday, October 27th.

High School News!
October Schedule of High School Class and Events:
Sunday, October 6th - 9:45 am
Sunday, October 13th - 9:45 am
Sunday, October 20 - Bowling Party 6:30-8:30 location TBD
Sunday, October 27th - 9:45 am

The high schoolers also visited Simple Needs of GA on September 7th. They helped unload and organize the donations during Simple Needs Donation Day Dropoff. 
Giving Spotlight: Camp Scholarships
In October, our special offering will go to Camp Scholarships. The special offering envelopes can be found in your envelope box or can be accessed at your Online Giving account. Christ Lutheran’s camp scholarships are open to any of our church children who wish to attend a religious camp or program during the entire year. From Affirm to Lutheridge and Lutheranch, and other programs outside of the Southeast, this giving opportunity allows our youth to experience God outside of our church walls and rejoice God’s name with other youth from around the country. Please talk to Pr. Tim if you would are in need of assistance.

Upcoming “Camp” Forums:
ELCA — All Georgia Youth Gathering:  February 21-23
All Georgia 2020 will be held at Camp Grace in Roberta, Georgia for our second year. This event is open to all 6th -12th grade youth from congregation in Georgia and across the Southeastern Synod-ELCA. Youth register through their congregation and come with adult volunteers for the weekend for learning, fellowship and fun. Cost is $125/youth. 

AFFIRM Camp — June 2020
Grounded in Word and Sacrament, AFFIRM develops discipleship skills, leadership skills, and teaches Lutheran theology. We follow Christ, live in a Christian community, and teach how to be God's hands in the world.  Affirm is made up of age appropriate units for 6th -12th graders plus the Young Adult Youth Ministry Institute (YAYMI) for young adults. More information to come.

Lutheranch—Upcoming non-summer camps
Family Faith Alive Nov. 8 - 10, 2019

Middle and high school-aged youth, along with their parents/guardians, are invited to come to Lutheranch for a weekend of Bible study, spiritual conversation, worship, games and outdoor activities. Separate tracks will be offered for youth and adults to give each group time for their own discussion and fellowship, with some joint sessions and activities. Come alone or with a group. All are invited to grow and share their faith in Christ. $199.00 per person. Visit for more camping opportunities at ELCA Lutheranch, Lutheridge, and Luthersprings properties. 
Knitting Ministry is Clicking Along
Our needles are joyfully making beautiful prayer shawls and other garments. We pray the shawls are a blessing to those that have received them. We will meet on Sunday October 6th and 20th at 3pm. Please join us. No experience necessary.

Thank you to all who supported the blood drive and the diaper drive. May God continue to bless others through your generous support.

Anyone who is interested in joining the social committee please don’t hesitate to call. We would love to have you. Please call Paula Bode with any questions 678-458-6489.
Join CLC at a Christmas Carol
On December 8th at 2:30 p.m., we will be attending A Christmas Carol at the Alliance Theater. Look for signups in the upcoming bulletins. We will need to purchase tickets early, so we need to complete ordering by the end of October. Transportation will be provided.
2019 Year to Date Financial Summary (as of August 30, 2019)
Operating Income Summary:
Year to date income:                          $232,635
Year to date expenses:                      $211,861        
Year to date net income:                      $20,360

Year to date expenses as a percent of annual budget: 65.2% (On Track)
Account Balance Summary:
Checking/Money Market Balance:     $95,036
Mission Investment Fund:                  $20,343
Total Cash Balance                           $115,386
Mortgage balance:                              $86,329
Online Giving — Giving Made Easy!
Our electronic giving program offers convenience for you and provides much-needed donation consistency for our congregation. Contributions can now be debited automatically from your checking or savings account, or processed using your credit or debit card.

If you would like more information, simply take home an Online Giving card located in each pew, or visit the church website at and click on the GIVE tab. There is an online tutorial to help you set up your electronic giving account.

In addition to web access, we have added the GivePlus App for smartphones that allows you to donate via the convenience of your phone whenever and wherever you want. GivePlus App can be downloaded via Google Play or the Apple App Store. Signup for Online Giving at


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