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March Newsletter

Pastor's Passage

At a recent meeting of the Elders, our new Chairman of the Board of Elders, Rob Kruger, asked all of us to write down the answers to two questions: (1) "What does Jesus mean to me," and (2) "What does Hope Lutheran Church mean to me?". Rob gave me permission to share his answers with the congregation by highlighting them in this months newsletter.

I invite you all to write down your answers as well and share them with fellow members of the congregation. Read Rob's responses below in the Elder's Epistle.

God bless!
Pastor Jack Kozak

Elder's Epistle

What does Jesus mean to me?
Jesus is my Savior who lived a perfect life for me (because I couldn’t), died to redeem me from sin, death, and the devil, and rose again from the dead so that I too may rise to live with Him for all eternity in heaven.  I don’t understand how people can live their lives without Jesus.  I can’t imagine my life without my faith in my Lord.  Jesus continues to plead for me as one of His, as my Heavenly Father daily provides for and protects me as His redeemed child, and the Holy Spirit intercedes for me as He sanctifies me and Strengthens my faith.  Jesus forgives my past gives me hope for the future. 

What does Hope Lutheran Church mean to me?

I am glad the name of my church is “Hope” Lutheran.  Long ago I learned that hope in the Bible does not mean the same as we use it in our everyday conversation like, “I hope I have a good day,” not having any certainty of the day’s outcome.  Rather our hope in God is absolutely certain.  Of course the name of the church is not the reason my church is important to me. Hope Lutheran’s conservative beliefs and practices matches my beliefs and worship style.   While  I am  open  to discuss  other people’s ideas, I believe  the movement  toward contemporary  worship is a slippery slope  away  from sound doctrine  with a  strong balance  of law and  gospel. I am concerned that Hope is having financial difficulty.  I thank God for His grace and miraculous power for change and hope for redemption. I trust that with God’s grace and our membership’s hard work and reliance on our faithful God that Hope Lutheran will rise from this low point in our congregation’s history.  I also believe  that  God has  given  us our  intellect and  we cannot sit  by and wait  for God’s  miracle  to happen,  to fix  everything.  I  believe God’s  miracle is  He works through us to reach out, increase    the church, increase our  personal faith,  and  mend  the broken  hearted  (including  mending  our church).

Chairman, Board of Elders - Rob Kruger

Special Services


March 8th

Bring a print out of the flier with you! Invite all of your friends and family members.

Sign up to help at the booth by CLICKING HERE!

February 5 - March 27th

Our Spring Sausage Sale is in full swing!

Fill out the order form by CLICKING HERE! Sausage will be ready for pick up on April 1st and April 2nd.
March 23rd - 25th
Various Times

Bring a print out of the flier so Hope gets the 10% donation from your purchase!

Invite all of your friends and family members that have kids in their lives!

Group Updates

As you remember from our last newsletter, the church CD recorder was having some issues. Due to the machine being 10 years old and the parts no longer being manufactured, we will have purchase a new machine. Those machines are very costly so we will hold off for the time being. Elder, Mike Benoit has a MP3 recorder that is used to recorded sermons and post them on our Facebook page.
Overall the church is in good repair and things are running along smoothly. We had a work night on February 15th to complete some routine maintenance and cleaned out our maintenance room. 
We have had a really mild winter so far this season which has saved us a bunch on snowplowing and ice melt and the dreaded shoveling! We have used only one bag of ice melt so far. The warm weather also keeps the boilers off. If we ever needed a mild winter, this is the year. Thank you Lord.

Thanks again for your support of the work of the trustees.
Tom Langenek, Chairman
We are learning about Jesus saving us from our sins, the letters S, T, and U, the color black, the number 7, weather and memorizing our birth dates.
Ms. Elaine from the Portage Lakes Library visits our classroom every month with many fun books and activities! 
We are learning about Jesus saving us from our sins, the letters Ss, Tt, Uu, the colors black and gray, the numbers 20 and 21, the oval shape and the four seasons. We are also working on memorizing our phone numbers and addresses.
On March 15th the dentist will visit our classroom to talk about how to take care of our teeth.
It is time to register for the 2017 – 2018 school year. Pick up a registration form from the preschool bulletin board outside of the offices. A $50.00 registration fee is due upon registration to guarantee your child's spot in the class. Sign-up before May 1st and receive a coupon for $25.00 off the registration fee! Even if you do not have a preschooler, grab a flier and pass it along to someone who does!
Spring Sausage Sale is underway! See the flier above for more details.

The Men's Club will meet at 9am on Saturday April 1st to make the sausage. All are welcome to assist in helping with a luncheon to follow.

We purchased a Cricut for the church to help with making baptismal banners, bulletin boards and anything else that we need cut. The Altar Guild and For the Love of Hope are very satisfied with the purchase and we hope this machine works out well for everyone.

March 12 & 26th
6pm - 8pm

We have created a new HYO Group for our young adults! 

This youth group is a safe place to discuss real life issues. They meet on the 2nd and 4th Sunday's of the month from 6pm-8pm. REGISTER HERE

Sunday School is still at 9:15am for kids age 3-9.

March 14th & 28th
6:30pm - 8pm

Do you like to plan events? Are you passionate about the future of Hope?

We would love to hear your ideas!

Save The Dates

March 18th

We are cleaning the church room by room to make our space more purposeful!

Our March cleaning project is painting the church basement. Sign up here
April 9 - Confirmation Celebration

April 13 & 14 - 7pm
Maundy Thursday and Good Friday Services

April 16 - Easter 
Sunrise Service 7am
Divine Service 10:30am

*No Bible Class or Sunday School on Easter*
Please contact the office if you would like to host the Easter Breakfast
Prayer Chain
When extra prayer is needed you will be called with the information and in turn you will have one person to call thus making it a chain. As more people are on the prayer chain, more prayers can be lifted up to our Heavenly Father. Please call the church office if you are interested.

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