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Letter from the Chair

With November Comes the Annual AIChE Conference and More Record Breaking

We are pleased to announce that for this year's AIChE Conference in San Francisco, we set yet another record: highest number of presentations by undergraduates, graduates, and faculty ever. We experienced this year over a tripling in presentations compared to just four years ago (despite the distance from Boston to San Francisco!). We had an incredible showing where our undergraduates presented their capstone design projects, graduate students presented their thesis projects, and faculty were invited to present their groundbreaking research in everything from alternative energy to electronic materials to biomaterials. Please enjoy this issue which highlights these ground breaking presentations at AIChE this year. Our revamped recruitment booth and ever popular reception were highlights of the conference. We can't wait for next year when we will surely break some more records!


Thomas Webster
Professor and Department Chair, Chemical Engineering
Art Zafiropoulo Chair in Engineering
Faculty Highlight
Steve Lustig
Associate Professor
PhD, Purdue University

Our work seeks to design and manipulate molecular/materials chemistry and structure for new property discovery, new functionality and technology development by combining theory, high performance computing and experimental methods. Our theoretical methods frequently involve quantum chemistry, statistical mechanics, polymer physics, materials and biomolecular engineering. Our experimental methods frequently involve chemical synthesis, processing and characterizations: such as: microlithography, electrospinning, atomic force microscopy, spectroscopy, rheology and electroanalysis. We develop and implement powerful, multi-disciplinary tools to solve relevant problems with industry and national laboratories.

Upcoming Events and 
2016 MRS Fall Meeting & Exhibit
November 27-December 2, 2016
Boston, MA
Come see over 20 presentations from Northeastern faculty and students!

Chemical Engineering Day 2017
February 22, 2017
Northeastern University
Raytheon and 440 Egan
Stay tuned for more details!

Chemical Engineering Alumni Present Capstone Project “DendriNow” at AIChE San Francisco

Last Spring, a Chemical Engineering capstone team consisting of Jennifer Langh ChE'16Melanie Guerin ChE'16Robert Kuhn ChE'16, and Grant Levy ChE'16 were looking for inspiration. They wanted to find a capstone project that could produce something tangible, as opposed to the typical theoretical nature of these projects. They were rewarded with an opportunity to team up with Northeastern's Dr. Shashi Murthy and his laboratory group to work on an exciting infant cancer treatment.

The idea behind the treatment is to modify a cancer patient's blood cells to then be returned as a personalized treatment in the form of dendritic cells. Their project focused on two aspects: optimizing the current manufacturing method for dendritic cell production and to design an affordable, disposable system to automate the process. Working in Dr. Murthy's lab, the group was able to improve the yield of dendritic cells by 66%, a significant improvement when considering single patient-specific doses. Their DendriNow cell culture product design also received a provisional patent and was the subject of an oral presentation at the AIChE National Conference in San Francisco.

ChE Skyrockets in Representation at AIChE 2016

Faculty members and students from the Dept. of Chemical Engineering recently traveled to San Francisco for the AIChE Annual Conference. This year, there were over 60 presentations from the department in a variety of subject areas including materials, biological engineering, and nanomedicine. Additionally, many faculty members chaired sessions and local alumni participated in the department reception. The AIChE Northeastern chapter won third place in the student video competition.

Below is a selection of the awards given to Chemical Engineering students and faculty:

1) 1st place in Environmental:
Yang Lin, Thomas P. Nigl, Alyssa Stavola, William Zummo, Eric Gilmore, Rebecca Chinn, Christopher Cogswell, Andrew Wolek, Yuanci Wang, Sunho Choi “Generation and use of a Pure Titanium Pillared MCM-36 Structure as a High Efficiency Carbon Dioxide Capture Platform”
2) 3rd place in Materials Engineering and Sciences:
Liah Dukaye, Zelong Xie, Rebecca Chinn, Jillian Zummo, Lauren Burke, Jacob Cardinal, Christopher Cogswell, Sunho Choi “Metal Oxide Nanoparticles for Carbon Dioxide Capture”. 
3) 3rd in Undergraduate Video competition:
Justin Ramberger, Dan Accetta, David Urick
4) 3rd place in Education and General Engineering
David Urick, Daniel Accetta, Lucas J. Landherr “Science Comics for Improved Understanding of Chemical Engineering Concepts”

 Professor Podlaha-Murphy's Research Featured in Nano Letters

Professor Elizabeth Podlaha-Murphy's research was featured in Nano Letters for her article on "Coupled, Simultaneous Displacement and Dealloying Reactions into Fe-Ni-Co Nanowires for Thinning Nanowire Segments". The work describes a novel electrochemical method to create ultra-thin nanowires that could not be done by a chemical synthesis route and is done by a practical method that uses inexpensive and commercially available templates.
Recent Publications
Red selenium nanoparticles and gray selenium nanorods as antibacterial coatings for PEEK medical devices
By: Wang, Qi; Mejia Jaramillo, Alejandra; Pavon, Juan J.; Webster, Thomas J
Volume: 104   Issue: 7  Pages: 1352-1358   Published: OCT 2016
Accelerated synthesis of biomimetic nano hydroxyapatite using simulated body fluid
By: Leena, Maria; Rana, Deepti; Webster, Thomas J.; et al.
Volume: 180   Pages: 166-172   Published: SEP 2016
Optimizing superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles as drug carriers using an in vitro blood-brain barrier model
By: Shi, Di; Mi, Gujie; Bhattacharya, Soumya; Webster, Thomas J
Volume: 11   Pages: 5371-5379   Published: OCT 2016
Monte Carlo and analytic simulations in nanoparticle-enhanced radiation therapy
By: Paro, Autumn D.; Hossain, Mainul; Webster, Thomas J.; et al.
Volume: 11  Pages: 4735-4741  Published: SEP 2016

Enhanced tumor delivery and antitumor response of doxorubicin-loaded albumin nanoparticles formulated based on a Schiff base
By: Li, Fang; Zheng, Chunli; Xin, Junbo; Webster, Thomas J
Volume: 11   Pages: 3875-3890   Published: AUG 2016
Selenium nanoparticles incorporated into titania nanotubes inhibit bacterial growth and macrophage proliferation
By: Liu, Wenwen; Golshan, Negar H.; Deng, Xuliang; Webster, Thomas J
Volume: 8   Issue: 34   Pages: 15783-15794   Published: JULY 2016

Kinetics of Order-Disorder Transformation of L12 FeNi3 in the Fe-Ni System
By: J. Liu, L.J. Riddiford, C. Floristean, F. Goncalves-Neto, M. Rezaeeyazdi, L. H. Lewis and K. Barmak
Volume: 689   Pages: 593–598 DEC 2016

Multivariable Tuning of the FeRh Magnetostructural Response            
By: R. Barua, I. McDonald, F. Jimenez-Villacorta, D. Heiman and L. H. Lewis            
Volume 689   Pages 1044–1050 Published: DEC 2016

Short range structural and magnetic order in rapidly-solidified Ag-Mn alloys
By: F. Jimenez-Villacorta, I. Puente-Orench; J. Rodríguez-Carvajal and Laura H. Lewis
Volume:112   Pages 124–130 Published: DEC 2016
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