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Hey there!

Welcome to our first ever newsletter! Over the past year Project Goodness has grown from a small project reaching about 100 of you, to a movement, reaching thousands all over the world. A few months ago, a friend reflected on the project to me. She said, "you know what your project taught me? That your not the only one who focuses and cares so much about noticing and spreading goodness!" And to that I replied, "YES!" All of you are what makes this project what it is. And more than a project, it is a way of life, that holds the power to enhance the moments, enrich our lives, and improve the world. So much of what this is about is blessing the goodness that is already present in our lives, and working out ways of adding to it. May 2017, hold that and so much more! Thank you all for the encouragement and support you have sent my way. I've learned so much and I'm so excited to continue on this journey with all of you! 

With love and goodness,

Responses to "What does goodness mean to you?" 6,158
"I'm with goodness" stickers in circulation 13,200
# of states in the US reached: 38
# of countries in the world reached: 28
In the classroom...
The first Project Goodness school workshop took place
at MDY High School in Brooklyn.
On the radio...
THIS WEEK! January 7, 2017: GutwiZdom Radio - Tune in to CBS 880 Radio @7PM EST for a special episode where I will be joining the GutwiZdom crew and discusing all things Project Goodness!

On Ivanka

Where I shared skills for keeping a positive mindset, and the "happy secrets" to my success.
In the park... Washington Square Park, NYC: In October, we spent a few days exploring goodness with the people who passed by our board who paused to reflect on the goodness in their lives, and  learn more about #ProjectGoodness. What an amazing experience! Stay tuned for more like it! (And hopefully on a much larger scale!) Here are some of the responses we collected...
...On Good Deeds Day..
April 2, 2017: International Good Deeds Day - Join us by leaving your information below, pledging to spread goodness through good deeds together!
Join Us!
..With Coffee &

I sat down for a cup of coffee and an excellent conversation with Alyssa of Coffee and Convos, and you can read all about it here!
...With The People Of Project Goodness..
A way of learning from each other and exploring goodness together. Check out the amazing people we got to hear from this year! (And if YOU would like to be featured, email us. We'd love to hear from you!
...On the blog... 
From "Lessons I've Learned"
...A little encouragement goes a long way. On days where I needed it most, I found encouragement left by others (in my inbox, on a street corner, as a comment or post on instagram) as being the thing that lifted me up, and pushed me forward... 
...Who am I? What defines me? What am I made up of? These are questioned that come to mind when I reflect on those words I saw over and over. The way I understand “you are what you seek,” is that what we look out for / “seek” becomes a part of us, and directly effects the ways we go about our days, and our overall life perspective...
...Spread and Shared...

Diane Lazic brought Goodness (and yoga, face painting, and smiles) to the children of John Hopkins Children's Hospital in Florida. On the experience she shared: "So many of the beautiful children were going though so much... on waiting list for organs, chemo therapy... but they embodied the best we can offer as humans. They were so warm, thoughtful and yes, grateful."

...In Action

An important part of Project Goodness is to actively add to the goodness we encounter. Here are some places to start.  We challenge you to practice these and to share your experiences. Together we can light up the lives of those around us.
...In you, those around you, and the world. May you always be aware of it. 
"Goodness to me is caring, loving, and sharing the best in you to bring out the best in others."
- Misty S, North Dakota

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