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The “Letting Go to Progress and Prosper” Workshop  in George.
LET GO! and Reclaim Your Power to Create The Life You Desire!

Letting Go is also referred to as Releasing, Surrender, Acceptance, Allowing and Forgiveness.
The practice of letting go empowers us to live consciously, constructively and creatively.

It frees us to experience Peace and Authentic Empowerment and frees us to Progress and Prosper.

The benefits of Letting Go include:
       -      Physical  and Psychological Health.
       -      Emotional and Spiritual Wellbeing.
       -      Compassion and Passion.
       -      Ease, Joy and Enjoyable Living.
       -      Mental Clarity, Focus.
       -      Purposeful Living.
       -      Improved relationships with loved ones.
       -      Improved relationships with others.
       -      Improved relationship with money.
       -      Ideal in pain management.

This is most important Life-Skill that is not taught in schools, colleges and universities.
Come learn all about Letting Go and empower yourself with the various techniques to release resistance, botheredness and affectedness (for yourself and others).
A weekend workshop in George with Ashraf Moorad (Empowerment Specialist).

Saturday, 18 Nov 2017:
Session 1 - 9am to 1pm   Session 2 -  2pm to 6pm
Sunday, 19 Nov 2017:
Session 1 - 9am to 1pm   Session 2 -  2pm to 6pm

Investment : R1200 for the whole weekend alternatively R500 for a a single session, R950 per day.Those confirming before Wednesday 15th November 2017 will receive audio support materials worth R450.

For more information me on 083 706 9779

Spirit Sundae interview on SABC 3. 
 Issues of Faith Interview on SABC 2. 
This is Ashraf’s 4th return to George in 4 months.
Please use relevant bits from the previous information about me that I sent to you.
I could answer the above statement in three words: BY IGNORING IT!
Any person or thing that gets ignored will eventually just fade away.
By ignoring your body will be the shortest way to disease, being unhealthy and a shorter lifespan.
We have the luxury of a body that possess the ability to heal and renew itself (all depending on our state of being, mind and environment), it has numerous ways to communicate with us through sensations like pain, pins and needles, burning, itching (all messages) and many more, and these sensations will usually first start as whispers and gradually knock us down into disease.
Loving your body will eventually mean to start “living” with it and acknowledging it and listening to it.
To start learning and understanding the simple language it uses to prompt you and ensure you to get the most from this amazing vehicle.
When I was still a gym owner I used these 10 techniques for physical support and later my members.  Read then daily and implement them gradually as you grow into them., nothing new, basic but very effective.
Over time I received much more insight into them and it’s an always-evolving list. They have seemed to give me a good foundation in understanding my body. Here is a quick summary and over the next newsletters I will discuss them in more detail 2/3 at a time.
1) Move and stretch continuously – walk whenever you can
2) Attend 1 to 2 structured workouts a week – get challenged
3) Sleep well and enough as needed
4) Stay hydrated
5) Eat real food
6) Have fun and sun daily
7) Quiet/ prayer/ mediation/ reflection time, daily (alone)
8) Guide your thought and explore your emotions
9) Build, work at and allow quality relationship(s)
10) Have goals and intentions but go with the flow
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