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30 March 2017

Registrar's Office Newsletter

In this issue: Upcoming Dates | Need to Know | Academic Matters | Awards & Financial Aid | Around Innis | Around U of T | Hours | Location

Need to Know

Applications for our Innis College Leadership Awards are now available. These awards encourage and recognize students who use their talents and creative energies to make voluntary contributions to the world around them. The deadline to apply is Thursday 6 April at 11:59 pm.

The U of T Summer OSAP Extension Application is now available. 

Academic Matters

Exam Information

Here are some important reminders regarding final exams.


It is important to check the schedule from time to time, as changes can occur. Make sure you are up to date with your current course information.

Exam Rules

The Office of Student Academic Integrity (OSAI) asks us to pass on important reminders about Exam Rule Reminders and Rules for the Conduct of Examinations and the Code of Behaviour on Academic Matters

You are responsible for familiarizing yourself the information on these pages. Every year, a number of instances of academic misconduct during tests and examinations involving students are reported. All instances of misconduct are taken very seriously and are pursued rigorously. The consequences can be severe, such as a failure in the course and a note of censure on your transcript.

Here are a few key rules to review.

Unauthorized aids are not permitted in tests or exams, and possession or use of an unauthorized aid is an academic offence. You should check to make sure you remove any study notes from calculators (including erasing any notes written on the calculator), pencil cases, etc. Place all loose notes at the side of the room, not under your seat. Possession of any notes is an offence under the Code unless you are specifically permitted such material. Forgetting to remove study notes is not a valid excuse.

Cell phones and electronic devices, including calculators (unless specified on the examination paper), electronic dictionaries/translators, and any other such items are not permitted during tests or examinations.  They are considered unauthorized aids, and possession of an unauthorized aid is an academic offence. Any such aids will be confiscated and the student will be reported to the Dean’s Office, and you will receive a grade penalty.

All notes and books, pencil cases, turned off cell phones, laptops and other unauthorized aids as well as purses should be stored inside candidate’s knapsack or large bag, which should then be closed securely and placed under candidate’s chair. Candidates are NOT allowed to have a pencil case on their desk and any pencil cases found on desks will be searched. All watches and timepieces on desks will be checked. Candidates are not allowed to touch their knapsack or bag or the contents until the exam is over. Candidates are not allowed to reach into the pockets or any part of their coat or jacket until the exam is over.

Communication of any kind between students is not permitted once the exam has started

Protect your work. Writing your multiple choice answers in large letters beside the question makes it easy for others to see them and is an invitation for others to copy from you. 

Listen to instructions given by the exam supervisors. In particular, stop writing when told to do so. Students who continue to write or modify their exams or fill in or erase Scantron forms after the end of the exam will be reported to the Dean’s Office and face a penalty.

Bring photo identification and place it in a conspicuous place on your desk. Photo identification may include any one of the following, as long as it contains a photo and a signature: current University of Toronto Photo ID (TCard) OR up-to-date Passport (any country) OR current Driver’s License (any country) OR current Canadian health card (any province or territory). 

Plan your trip to your exam and leave yourself time for potential delays

If you are running late, it's best to go directly to the exam hall. Report to an official there who will advise you of your options. 

If you are sick for an exam and cannot write it, go see a doctor right away (as close to the exam day as possible, ideally on or before) and get a U of T Verification of Illness Form filled out. Make sure it is entirely filled out with the doctor's stamp, signature, date of visit and relevant registration number. Then contact the Registrar's Office right away about the petition process for deferring exams

If you have a non-medical reason for missing an exam, review the documentation guidelines and be familiar with the non-medical documentation form.

Petition Deadline

The last date to file a petition regarding a final examination in a 2017 Winter session S or Y section course is 8 May 2017.

Final Exams for UTM/UTSC Courses

If you are taking a UTM/UTSC course, your deadline is 72 hours from the missed examination. In both cases, petitions are filed with your Registrar's Office with supporting documentation. Additionally, students taking a UTM course are also required to declare their absence on ACORN on the day of the examination (or by day after at the latest).

Faculty of Arts and Science News

Program Enrolment Begins on 1 April

Finishing up your first year or thinking of changing your program of study? Program enrolment for 2017-18 begins on April 1. Check out the Faculty's instructions and resources, and speak to the Innis College Registrar's Office or the Departmental Sponsor if you have questions or need advice. Remember that students who have completed or who expect to complete at least 4.0 credits by the end of the 2017 summer session are required to be enrolled in an appropriate set of programs before they can enrol in courses for 2017-18 Fall/Winter session.

2017-18 Calendar

The 2017-18 Calendar has just been posted! The Calendar contains a complete listing of the programs and courses offered in Arts & Science, as well as the rules and regulations that all students should know. Check out its new look this year and try out the search and filter features!

2017 Summer Registration Instructions & Timetable

The 2017 Summer Registration Instructions & Timetable has also been posted. Course enrolment begins on April 6 at your assigned start time, which you can view on ACORN beginning April 1. 

Academic Success Centre 

The Academic Success Centre (ACS) offers a variety of services to students. Here are some of their offerings this year.

Robarts Library Workshop Series

The following workshops take place on Wednesdays from 5:15 - 6:45 p.m in Blackburn Room, 4th Floor, Robarts Library.
  • April 5 – Exam Preparation & Anxiety

To register, please visit the Career Learning Network (CLN) and view the St. George Academic Success Centre events calendar. Registration opens two weeks prior to the workshop date.


Study Hubs

Why study alone when you can study with friends? The Academic Success Study Hubs are quiet and welcoming spaces that allow you to complete readings, work on assignments, and prepare for exams with the support of academic peer leaders. 

Drop in to one or all Study Hubs! Academic peer leaders can provide you with study tips and they can help you connect with academic resources at U of T. They are not tutors and won’t cover specific course content. 

The Study Hubs run in different classrooms across campus so you can easily drop in between different classes: University College (UC) and the Bahen Centre (BA). 

Winter Term
  • Mondays (4:00pm-6:00pm) – UC 44 
  • Tuesdays (10:00am-12:00pm) – UC 55 
  • Thursdays (3:00pm-5:00pm) – BA 2139 

The English Language Learning (ELL) Program

The ELL Program will offer a non-credit course, ELL011H1F, Intensive Academic English, from May 1 - May 10, 2017. Focus on enhancing your English for scholarly reading, academic writing, oral presentations and more. Register on ACORN along with your Summer 2017 courses. The course is very high quality and it is FREE.

Around Innis

Innis Orientation Leader Applications Due by 9 April 

Hey Innis! Now that executive applications have closed, the ICSS is looking to hire leaders for Orientation Week 2017! Please note that if you applied to be an executive you do not need to fill out this application to be considered. The ICSS is are so looking forward to working with all of you, applications are due Sunday 9 April at 6pm! If you have any questions feel free to email Elissa and Steph at

Innis Student Life eNewsletter

The Current Issue of the Innis Student Life newsletter is available! Check it out for lots of info on upcoming events.

Awards & Financial Aid

Applications for Leadership Awards Now Available! Due by 6 April

Applications for the Innis College Leadership Awards are now available. These awards encourage and recognize students who use their talents and creative energies to make voluntary contributions to the world around them. Innis College recognizes that its students demonstrate leadership in many contexts, including the College, the University of Toronto, their communities, and their workplace.

There are awards for both returning and graduating students, and there are also awards for students who either currently live or have lived in the Innis College Residence. If you have demonstrated leadership, either inside or outside the University of Toronto, you are encouraged to review these awards and consider submitting an application.

The deadline to apply for all Leadership Awards is Thursday 6 April at 11:59 p.m. If you have questions, email the Registrar's Office at

Applications for Hungarian Helicon Foundation Award Now Available! Due by 8 May

Applications are now being accepted for the Hungarian Helicon Foundation Award. The deadline to apply is 8 May 2017 at 11:59 p.m.
This award is open to any full-time student enrolled in an undergraduate program at the University of Toronto, therefore students from all colleges and faculties are welcome to apply. This award is worth between $1,500 and $3,000. As part of the award application, students are required to  provide a piece of original academic work connected in some way to Hungary — to its culture, history, geography, etc. The recipient must be returning to undergraduate studies at U of T in the upcoming academic year, and must meet “OSOTF” award criteria, which include: (1) Canadian Citizenship/Permanent Resident/Protected Person; (2) Ontario residency, as per the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development guidelines; and (3) financial need.

Award for Scholarly Achievement in the Area of Gender-Based Violence: 1 April 2017

The undergraduate award was established by the University of Toronto in memory of the 14 women who died tragically at the École Polytechnique on December 6, 1989. It is awarded annually to an undergraduate student who demonstrates an interest and commitment to academic work and/or community or co-curricular involvement on issues of violence against women and girls and/or against trans and gender non-binary people. Interest and commitment may be demonstrated through academic studies, research, on- or off-campus projects related to issues of violence against women, or other related activities.

Award: $1,500 (1 award available)
Deadline: 1 April 2017 at 5:00 pm EDT

Eligibility requirements and the application are available on the Enrolment Services website. Please direct inquiries to

U of T Libraries Undergraduate Research Prize: 15 April 2017

This library prize provides undergraduate students with an opportunity to reflect on their information-seeking experience and showcase their research to an audience beyond the classroom. Applying is easy! Write a reflective statement about your research process - how you went about searching, evaluating, and incorporating information sources for a recent course assignment. Six prizes of $1,000 will be awarded. Deadline is April 15, 2017. 

Jackman Humanities Institute (JHI) Undergrad Fellowships: 17 April 2017

JHI Undergrad Fellowships offer undergrad students in the humanities and social sciences the opportunity to create a major research project under the supervision of a faculty member outside their home discipline. A different theme is used every year — for 2017-18, they are seeking projects about “Indelible Violence: Shame, Reconciliation, and the Work of Apology”. Fellows get a carrel on the 10th floor of the Jackman Humanities Building, a full credit for Independent Study, an honorarium of $1,000, and limited travel support. The deadline to apply is 11:59 pm on 17 April 2017.

Additionally, join them for weekly lunches with the Circle of Fellows every Thursday — it is a huge learning experience, a great way to make some lifelong friendships, and a big career boost for your future. Questions can be directed to Associate Director Kim Yates.

Summer OSAP Extension Application Now Available

Use the U of T Summer OSAP Extension Application if you received full-time OSAP at the University of Toronto in the 2016-17 academic year and are requesting additional OSAP funding to study for the summer. This is replacing the "pink" paper application Enrolment Services offered in previous years. Students will receive an assessment on the OSAP website starting in late April. Students who apply by the 10 April deadline should be able to apply for the summer tuition fee deferral on ACORN, and they should expect to receive funding within the first two weeks of classes.

OSAP Repayment Webinars

Dates for online "Webinars" about repaying OSAP after graduation are available and new webinar dates continue to be added regularly. Hosted by the National Student Loans Service Centre (NSLSC), these Webinars are the best resource for this information.

Around U of T


NSSE: The survey that makes a difference

From February 8 to March 31, U of T is participating in the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE). The survey, sent to first- and fourth-year students, asks how they engage with faculty, staff and services on campus. The results are used to identify the strengths of a U of T education as well as priorities for change. Students who complete the survey receive a 20 per cent discount at the ROM, as well as the chance to win an iPad, gift cards and more! Look for your NSSE email today.

Next Steps Conference

In conjunction with the Career Centre and the Faculty of Arts and Science, Alumni Relations hosts the annual Next Steps Conference for senior Arts and Science students. This is a free, intensive two day conference that is part career exploration, part preparation for life after graduation and a great way for students to start building their professional networks. This conference takes place on 28-29 April 2017. Registration is required.

Dream Job Academy

The Career Centre and Hart House are excited to announce that the Winter cycle for Dream Job Academy is open for registration.The Dream Job Academy is a career exploration program designed to help students explore passions, values and potential careers. Over the course of six sessions, you will engage in arts, narrative and play-based activities and experiences designed to help you realize and recognize your passions, engage in career exploration and find your “dream job," and make new friends. Upcoming sessions take place on: Mar 3, Mar 10, Mar 17, Mar 24, Mar 31 and Apr 7. 

Developed by the Career Centre in partnership with the Faculty of Arts & Science, Career Navigator was developed to help our students with career research and planning. Career Navigator connects a strong network of Alumni who, when they share their stories, provide examples of all that is possible with a University of Toronto degree. 

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Upcoming Dates

2016-17 Fall/Winter Sessional Dates

Winter 2017

April 1 Check assigned start time for 2017 summer course enrolment

April 5 | Last day of classes in S and Y section code courses

April 5 | Term work in S and Y section code courses must be submitted unless an earlier date has been stipulated

April 5 | Last day to request LWD from S and Y section code courses

April 6 | Course enrolment begins for 2017 Summer

April 6-7 | Study break; no classes

April 14 | Good Friday; University closed

April 10-28 | April examination period

May 8 | Deadline to submit petitions for term work extensions and deferred exams
Monday 9 - 6 pm
Tuesday 10 - 4:30 pm
Wednesday to Friday 9 - 4:30 pm
* closed every day 1 - 2 pm *

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