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The Family of the association meets together  and tells each other the news

Annual Meeting 2016
The Annual Meeting took place last July 3rd 2016 in Damvix at Christine Erard’s home.
This beautiful day was run with a lot of joy, sharing and exchanges. About 39 persons were attending where a picnic was followed by the General Body Meeting.

A Workshop where everyone finds his own place

Workshop at Yolande’s house
During a workshop, on a Sunday, at Yolande’s house we thought about a Ganesh pattern. Mado helped us to create a wonderful children’s soft toy which will surely give much joy to children.
Yolande created a superb hat which will be hand made later in Cochin at Bloom's workshop.
The very pretty envelopes are made all the time with recycled paper.
Cutting, sewing, pearl arrangements have been high moments during this beautiful Sunday together.
Next meeting will be Sunday September 4th at 2pm at Yolande’s.

Bloom gives a hand to women living in a retirement home

The retired home "Les Tamaris" in Aytré last July 9th
A new experience ‘get together’ Isabelle, Lyliane, Yolande, Marie-France and Sophie at the retired home "Les Tamaris" in Aytré last July 9th.
A Bloom workshop was set up with 6 people: Raymonde, Jacqueline, Lucienne, Janine, Colette and Germaine.
We have been very surprised by the ability of these women who are between 80 and 100 years old. They have been able to create envelopes with beautiful recycled papers. They have also "travelled" through the images and remembered beautiful memories. This was a great sharing time and they adored this activity which gave so much Joy. They kept their envelopes in order to send them to their grandchildren.
Following this success which filled us with joy we have already booked another meeting for next September 9th.
Isabelle, Sophie and Sandra with Lucienne, Fernande, Yves and Louis
Isabelle, Sophie and Sandra with Lucienne, Fernande, Yves and Louis

A creative and meditation meeting in Thieux in Picardy France

Bloom in Thieux
Thanks to Marianne and Raoul 's, a farming couple who invited Jude and Sophie for a three-day meeting in Thieux, a small village situated in Picardy. Marianne and Raoul are cultivating Organic cereals, lentils and vegetables. This love of the land is also given to cats and dogs left for holidays by their owner in their rescue centre.
This magnificent meeting took place with a great simplicity, we meditated both mornings and evenings, shared meals, took time to create and we exhibited in their little Green shop.
New meetings, beautiful exchanges with a warm and open spirit.
We warmly thank Marianne and Raoul for their exceptional welcome.
Marianne and Raoul are testifying:  
"Our summer has been enlighted by the arrival of Sophie, Jude and Surya, they incarnate Love, Joy and Peace.
Their smiles, the vivid colours of the Bloom's products, the beauty of the jewellery handcrafted by Surya have made these great moments together. So we have already booked our next meeting for next year to re-live such precious times.”

Meditations time and workshops in Uzès, France

Meditations time and workshops in Uzès, France
Jude, Sophie and Isablle went to Arpaillargues at Françoise’s house who belongs to the association and opened her home from 10th to 16th of August. It was a superb welcome which allowed the persons who were participating to relax and live the daily life. The rhythm of the days was marked by morning and evening meditation workshops and walks in the countryside.
Françoise talked also about her feelings:
“Jude and Sophie, my niece, offered to stay in my old house called in Provence a "Mas" in the countryside of cicadas under the shade of old fig and mulberry trees: a highly spirited time in the spirit of "Yoga, a daily life experience"
Meditations, songs, shared home tasks, creative workshops, daily walks and meetings with Jude allowed each other to express themselves, to give and receive in simplicity, with confidence, respect emotion and Joy.
An unforgettable meeting and experience!
A huge thank you to Sophie, Jude and Surya for this joyful support on the path of awakening, sharing, emotion and joy.
Take care of yourselves my darlings!”
For the first time the creative workshop was able to be run during several days and that was an amazing experience.  Five afternoons under the shade of the fig trees. About a dozen people lived the same experience to relax and used the creation as a tool to return his own mind in the mindfulness of the moment and trying to install a meditative state. We have started to make beautiful envelopes with superb papers founded in a picture book bought in a car boot sale. The quality and the beauty of the papers are participating to this favourable moment. The colours and the textures lead the persons to find again sensations, the tactile contact with the different kind of papers allowed being deeply mindful.
We have made envelopes during the first two days, the first day is for settling, to discover the activity and meet the other participants. Generally, we talk a lot!!! The second day is quieter, the technique is learnt and I love to ask the members to be in communion with what they are doing and to care more when they trace, cut and fold. To create a beautiful and well finished product requires a great deal of concentration!
The third day, we started another activity with material. Here also the beauty and the diversity of the colours are playing a major role. I invited three people to choose three materials in different colours in order to trace and cut three circles, these ones are gathered with a little stich. It is a very precise activity which require a lot of concentration. Then you need to sew them together one above the other in order to form a flower where you sew pearls in the middle. Little by little settling in a state of meditation.
The fourth day, we return to the heart and I offered to cut hearts in paper. Three hearts are cut in different coloured papers and we sew them together in their centre. We continued being mindfulness and concentrating on our activity.
The fifth day I suggested to gather together the different hand-made elements and to realise chains made with the hearts, the flower in material and to associate a natural element found around in our closed environment. We have chosen tiny dried figs and we have fixed them at the end of each garland like a bell chain.
The chains have been fixed under the branches of the trees and started to turn like prayer wheels.
“A united moment before all, a gratitude moment honouring the life which continues."
Meditation times allowed everyone to unite in silence, to sing while Jean-Marie was playing his guitar and we shared spontaneous reflexions about fears, love and peace.
Jude also took the time for everyone who needed to exchange one to one.
We warmly thank Françoise who gave all her heart in order for this meeting to be a success, for the delicious meals and her beautiful presence. She has been a benevolent fairy for each of us.

At the association office in India, a superb initiative

At the association office in India, a superb initiative
Biju at the office of the Indian Association took the initiative in booking eye tests appointments with an eye specialist for every woman in the workshop and the office. The association is going to take in charge the purchase of glasses for the ones who will need them.

Internet site is blooming

Internet site is blooming
We invite you to discover the new Internet site of the Association which has been conceived by Eric. Eric has rejuvenated the legibility of the Association with an original and aesthetic presentation.
The site is both in French and English.
You can visit  and give us your impressions. We warmly thank Eric for his unbelievable talent and availability and for his unconditional help in the Association development with an opened and benevolent spirit.
We also praising Sylvie for the time spent for translating into English. She has the talent to find the correct words and accurately translate the text.

The brochure of the association in soft colours

The brochure of the association in soft colours
A new brochure is available at the headquarters of the Association. We thank Diego for the settings, Elisabeth and Sophie for the watercolour drawings.

Subscription 2016/2017

If you wish to renew your subscription you can do it through website, choose the tab share and join, the price is 20 Euros.

Voulez-vous soutenir l’association ?

We really need your help in order to continue to finance the Education of the children, to buy medicines and to improve the housing in India. If you can subscribe a monthly donation by standing order that will allow the Association to continue its mission. Or be an ambassador of the association by organising an exhibition-sale event in your country. We would be happy to send our Bloom products to you.

International wire transfer information
Association Yoga une expérience de vie au quotidien
Banque Crédit Mutuel 32 Rue Dupaty à La Rochelle
N° FR76 15519 39077 00021570501 18
BIC Bank International Code : CMCIFR2A

Departure to India

Departure to India
Jude and Sophie are returning to Kerala on 29th September 2016 for 6 months.
Anne will be in Cochin from 11th September 2016 until 28th February 2017.
Every Wednesdays and Saturday 11 Rue des Amériques, Apt 11 the Meditation sessions are 7:30 am will be held by Isabelle our Head of Association, she will welcome you for a silent time followed by songs and a shared breakfast.
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