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Vinisha leaves the Bloom workshop to bloom somewhere else …

Vinisha leaves the Bloom workshop to bloom somewhere else …

Good news for Vinisha, she has accepted a marriage proposal and the wedding took place on February 2nd.

Among the other women in the workshop, Vinisha, the youngest was the only one not to be married. We all went along with her for this new period in her life. People from the association, women from the workshop, travelling friends present, we all got on a bus, so happy to attend the Hindu ceremony in the temple of a small village where her parents live and share a feast meal presented on banana leaves.

Her new family is from Kollam, 4 hours from Cochin, and we don't know yet if Vinisha will be able to come back and work at the workshop.

Nevertheless, we are very happy for Vinisha's new start, and we wish her all the best for her new life.

Tranquebar : a meditation center, a school of silence

Tranquebar : a meditation center, a school of silence

A nice week at the mediation center, Isabelle, Yolande and Françoise being there.

Deep in silence, next to Jude, morning and afternoon we are in a contemplating state, both interior and exterior observation.

Peaceful moments, filled with joy and love, as well as nature scenes, the sky reflecting in the center of the wet yard, rain drops falling from the gate, real crystal pearls, the constant singing of the birds, flash of lights, here and there, and the beautiful flowers.

We enjoyed the taste of silence as a gift of the present moment.

Yolande tells us about her feelings

“I feel softness surrounding me, calm within myself, I am in Tranquebar, light and peaceful.

This wonderful meditation center allows each one to come to rest whenever he feels like it, gentleness of the place, gentleness of the silence.

Being there, observing, breathing.

From time to time, some villagers come and sit next to Jude, and then leaves, quietly, pacified.

A week goes on, and each day, I am a little bit further into the silence, as a gift being offered, that I open step by step every day, and which is a wonder.

Beautiful moments shared with the villagers as well as with Isabelle, Françoise, Sophie and Surya whose laugh is a sunbeam.

Thank you for Tranquebar, to you my friends, and to life!”

Social helps in Tranquebar

Social helps in Tranquebar

First of all, we are very happy to tell you that all the young people from Tranquebar we have been helping these last 5 years found a job.

In our last newsletter, some of them were still looking for a job, but now it's done! Laxman went to his brother in Chennai and works in a car factory, Dharanya and Pavitra have been employed as nurses in a hospital in Coimbatore.

Françoise coming to Tranquebar has been very useful, as a doctor she gave free consultations and cured people from the village, employees at the hotel and children from the school.

For some of them, complications due to accidents, pains, fevers, vitamins deficiencies, especially children.

Françoise helped a young 14 years old boy, it was difficult for him to control his diabetes and he had frequently to go to hospital.

These helping times, as well as providing medicines brought hope in each one's life.

Being listened to, encouraged and helped is very important, it is one of the best medicine to face pains.

We deeply thank Françoise for her contribution in Tranquebar local life.

Art mailing with the children from the school

Art mailing with the children from the school

Another wonderful moment with the dalit children at the school with Isabelle, Yolande and Françoise.

In the programme, making envelops with all sorts of little pieces of material coming from the Bloom workshop. All the children, even the youngest were keen on the activity.

First, they made their envelops with a pattern, they formed them and then added colours.

Art mailing with the children from the school

And what's more, we stamped the envelops, crossed the village to the post office. For some of them it was their first time!

Happiness was there, they were very happy to hold our hands, a nice outing.

You can appreciate their talent by looking at the following puzzle of photos below.

Each child put his envelop in the big red letter box, we had to carry the little ones to help them, it was a very nice moment for them all.

A little time for a rest in the shade on the Danish fort place, and back to school.

We hope the postman could deliver all the letters, certainly a very important first time for those children who had never received a letter before.

Art mailing with the children from the school

Gentleness for a whole week in Tranquebar

Gentleness for a whole week in Tranquebar

We let you read Françoise's testimony

“Last week in India for me

On January 27th, I am happy to go with Sophie, Surya, Isabelle and Yolande, travelling east, heading for Tranquebar.

We travel by the night train, leaving Ernakulam at 22.10 pm and arriving the following morning in Karaikal at 11,50 am.

Travelling by night with the indian population is an adventure in itself.

We arrive happy and in good shape as we could get some sleep in the 3rd class A/C berth.

Two taxis were waiting for us so as to reach Tranquebar and meet Jude at the center where he had spent a first week in silence, in the quiet atmosphere of the place.

For me it is a week of discoveries and strong emotions shared with my friends.

First I am puzzled by the place, a fishing village: we receive permanent smiles and gentleness from the inhabitants, as well as from Indian families who have come for a holiday at the seaside.

The days start with a morning meditation, all present around Jude: I appreciate the nice singing, and each other's voices, intense personal moments. Songs from the bottom of our hearts. I am deeply touched.

The center, a Tamil house, is wonderful but will have to be renovated, it is enlightened by Jude's presence who receive all of us with a moving ability to listen. A place to live in shared with Sophie, Surya, Isabelle and Yolande, we all live very near.

We share our meals in a little hotel next to the port and the sea. The staff is very discrete and thoughtful. Jude stays in the center, the villagers and ourselves bring him some food. The meal start with a benediction which is always a nice relaxing time.

Days go by, peacefully between moments of rest in the house, nice long walks long the sea side or towards the village. We are all in the same spirit.

Surya, being born in the country, feels at home with the local language and so can translate easily when needed. The villagers often ask for him when he is not present. Sometimes he stays to paint his wonderful birds.

I will always remember the intensity of the exchange with this woman selling shells, this other one selling peanuts, the shooting scene with a group of blind people.... so many encounters, so many smiles …

Also, the wonderful sunsets, these incredible lights in the sky, and the birds singing.

Among surprises in the week, the unexpected rain for the season, but which helped freshening the atmosphere.

Another surprise, meeting a young Italian man, Valerio, who shared for a whole day deep moments with us.

I am particularly touched by the deprived local population; I think about the tsunami devasting this coast and I am amazed to be here, all this seems unreal for me.

Another touching moment: a father and his son with diabetes who had come to meet Jude. I think about the children with diabetes I cure in Dieppe, with the same problems caused by this chronical disease. I can't help but encourage this young boy to be looked after even though the conditions are so different here … What else can I do to help? At least testify my comprehension and support.

And as well, this memorable day with the children from the school, often mentioned by Sophie in the newsletters. At last we meet them, we are with them and their school mistress in the morning. Happiness for those children who certainly have a very difficult daily life. We attend their meal which is probably the only one for the day.

They eat eagerly, nothing left in their plate.

In the afternoon, they are very happy to do the activity prepared by Sophie. Yolande is thrilled, it reminds her of her school job with little ones. Surya, Isabelle and myself help them using scissors, glue and brushes.
Laughs and happiness for them all!

In the end, each child has made a wonderful envelop by sticking little bits of material, of all different colours. We take them to the letter box so that they can post their precious mail. They will receive it a few days later.

We end this wonderful afternoon by meeting Jude for a meditation time and singing, holding hands: intense communion among ourselves, adults, and these children from this remote place.

When the day is over, Yolande and myself spend some time under the stars, on the terrace of our little hotel, sharing our day, our lives.

Time to go back to Cochin, Jude is with us this time. Some surprises are waiting us on the way to the station, and we spend a comfortable night in our berths, all of us in the same compartment, a great joy to finish together this beautiful trip.

Writing those lines a few days after my coming back to France, I am filled with the emotions of all those rich moments, deep in the bottom of my heart”

Françoise, February 5th 2017

Presence in the present moment

Presence in the present moment

We invite you to slow down, and observe the beauty of this world, around and within us.

The whole family of the association send you the light of their heart.

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