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Hats: shooting French & Indian photos, with great Joy

Hats: shooting French & Indian photos, with great Joy
Such a beautiful shared moment with Indian women, who got involved in the game of being photographed with the hats on.
Hats: shooting French & Indian photos, with great Joy

The Bloom Christmas exhibitions at Yolande's and Annie's

Bloom exhibition in Yolande’s home

Bloom exhibition in Yolande’s home

Through the looking glass » or how I discovered the Bloom exhibitions from inside …
“When at the end of September, Sophie and Jude left La Rochelle, on the train platform, we had agreed with Isabelle that I would come and give her a hand for the Christmas exhibitions. Of course, I had been faithful in coming to these exhibitions but as a "visitor", and I never got tired of discovering the new creations and appreciated the talent of the Cochin dressmakers.
When I came to Yolande's place with Isabelle to set up the exhibition on Thursday and …. when I helped taking it down at Annie's in Sainte Marie on Sunday evening, I realised how much work and energy had been involved for the success of these exhibitions. And all that work in a joyful spirit.
The two welcoming houses had been transformed from the cellar to the attic so as to present at their most the Bloom's creations which then became an inspiration for a "travel to India".
This friendly inspired communication in the preparation became an ideal open door for our friends - visitors.
In Aytré as well as in Sainte Marie, everyone could come at one's own rhythm, to select a few presents, but as well, and this is what I discovered, to discuss, to chat, to tell about recent events, to ask questions etc...
Some came to meet their friends, some others were happy to meet for the first time, and the very lively atmosphere, testified, if necessary, of the success of these beautiful Christmas Exhibitions."

Bloom exhibition in Annie’s home

Bloom exhibition in Annie’s home

“We enjoyed very much preparing the exhibition and decorating the house with all those bright Indian colours. Some new people came and a journalist wrote a text on the association in the local paper “the lighthouse of Ré island”. Next year, I shall write an article in this newspaper a fortnight before the sale. The atmosphere was very friendly, we prepared tchai and little “sables” biscuits. I like having all the articles for sale a week before the sale and think about it to present things in a nice way for instance napkins on a little table with table mats and little wine bags or jewellery on a pink table mat and a white embroider one with a perfumed candle from Fragonard.”


Christmas fair in Picardie

Christmas fair in Picardie
For those who live in Picardie, there is a Christmas fair at:
Salle des Fêtes of CHEPOIX
Sunday 11th December 2016
 From 10 am to 6 pm

Contact: Raoul & Marianne: 03 44 80 73 65

Please share this information with your friends.

And so, the boat went navigating
Honour to the Sun, a link between La Rochelle and Cochin

And so, the boat went navigating Honour to the Sun, a link between La Rochelle and Cochin
Philippe Pallu runs "Alternative Energies", a member of the association, he came several times to Cochin so as to make plans for a solar boat, he tells us about it:
"ADITYA navigated for the first time in the backwaters on November 12th. It was a great moment four our adventure which had started 5 years ago, after several trips to Kerala with Arielle.
At the time, I had totally dedicated myself to the famous “relax and slowly”, advised by Jude, Sophie and their Indian friends.
But when I went back to convulsive activism, I felt like meeting Indian colleagues who would share with me the idea to make clean boats navigate in the backwaters.
Meeting Sandith, both a naval architect and a businessman in Cochin was the key point to start the project: a ferry, totally solar, with 75 passengers.
When the plans had been made, Sandith succeeded in convincing the KSWTD, the public transport in Kerala, to change a very old boat for this solar one, not more expensive and far more less polluting.
It would take a long time to tell about all the different episodes of the construction at the building site in Aroor.
But in the end, same as with the big red buses dashing towards you on the road, we went through it.
Today it is such a beautiful present to see the boat on the water, the fruit of a wonderful human adventure in sharing, respect between the Indian team and ours, support from friends of the associations, both Indian and French, as well as the families of homestays, always in hope of new developments.
I also have the strong feeling to have planted a small seed which will grow and so contribute to the preservation of the backwaters, a very humid and fragile lagoon zone.
If everything goes on well, we'll soon see navigate (but no date … we are in Kerala!) a lot of little ADITYA.
Thank you so much my friends, without you I would never have discovered Kerala and never imagined ADITYA”


For further details go to:'s_First_Solar_Ferry

You don’t know tomorrow, you know only today
You are lucky to leave in the present
Enjoy the New Year 2017 with love

Valsa et Paul
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