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Mandalas made with flowers, fruits and hearts at Yolande

Mandalas made with flowers, fruits and hearts at Yolande
A Bloom workshop took place and was run with love at Yolande's home. Mandalas were realised followed by a teatime and a meditation. We warmly thank Yolande for her warm welcome and her joy to open her home to all of us.
Some people continued to make envelopes made with recycled paper and flowers in material.
Bloom will go to the retirement home "Les Tamaris" next October 29th to meet women and men who wish to make handmade things and share a moment of happiness.

Everybody in joy at the retirement home "Les Tamaris" in Aytré

Everybody in joy at the retirement home "Les Tamaris" in Aytré
"Last Saturday October 29th the third workshop took place at the retirement home "Les Tamaris" for everyone’s joy. Emeline who works at "The Tamaris" gave us a warm welcome and she helped us to set this workshop.
Marcelle, Yvonne, Raymonde.... residents are looking forward to our visit.  They wait in the sunny room around the table with their lovely smiles.
Juliette, Hélène, Josiane, Yolande and Isabelle get together in order to participate in this activity rich in humanity. We sorted out our brushes, scissors, pencils and glue sticks to make envelopes made from recycled art and travel books.
People who attend this session really love this activity because they enjoy looking through the books with joy. They "travelled" through their memories and they love to tell us moments from their own life. We really do love to listen to them and share these special moments with them because there is a lot of joy, emotion and contacts.
Sometimes some of them do not wish to " work" but they appreciate to share the moment and enjoy being within the group.
We often laugh, we sing together before saying "goodbye" and "see you soon"
We will meet again, before Christmas, for another lovely time."


Hats off to Bloom workshop

Hats off to Bloom workshop
Bloom workshop started to create hats with printed cotton material, they are two sided and will be perfect to be worn in summer days.

A coloured range

A coloured range
Here are a few new items you will be able to discover during Christmas Fairs.

Surya’s birds embroidered on cushions

Surya’s birds embroidered on cushions
We have a new collection of hand embroidered cushions; the cases are decorated with reproductions of birds of India hand drawn by Surya.
They are superb and each of them is a unique creation.
Each cushion case takes Seena between 3 and 4 weeks of work.

Valsa and Paul

Valsa and Paul
Meeting Valsa and Paul again is always a wonderful moment. Valsa always maintains a lovely smile despite her walking difficulties. The very good news is Paul has stopped drinking and smoking. He stays more and more with his wife and helps her in her chores and to cook.


We met Mrinaluni because Vidhya who sews in Bloom's workshop told us about her. Mrinaluni had an accident a few months ago and had an operation on one of her legs. She lives on her own in a house which is in a very precarious condition. Vidhya has decided to prepare her meals and to spend every night with her. Since her operation, she has a lot of difficulties to walk and Vidhya asked us to help her. We put in place ayurvedic caring with the doctor Vijesh and we give her food and support during the time she will be handicapped.


Vinisha who works at the workshop had a tooth problem and it was necessary for it to be replaced.
The association took care of part of the dental fees and the other part was offered by a dentist in Fort Cochin, Doctor Abraham. We warmly thank him because not only he offered half of the fees but he also fixed a tooth in ceramic which gave Vinisha a magnificent smile.
This doctor continues to help the association with social care and children education via donations.

First visitors in Cochin are in Heaven

Les premiers voyageurs sont aux anges à Cochin
Meeting with women and men in the heart of Human, harmony and sacred
" ...doctors in ayurveda and ancestral medicine linked to traditions and to the Vedas teaching (Dr Pratish and Dr Vijith and Dr Vijesh who is our partner in Fort Cochin) .... Men who work for the protection of the nature and the animals, respecting the population who live in the Nilgiris Mountains and in Idukki county (the famous painter Paris Mohan Kumar who works in the middle of tribal populations of Ooty, Subish the passionate wild cat searcher and his ecotourism project in Kumily... Reeja, the bharatanatyam's dancer and her organic coffee shop, Mrs Sudha and the universe of Thattekad's birds....
Hélène, Vincent and their children, Françoise and her daughter Nina with her friends, Veronique .... Our first visitors were able to exchange and being blessed by these beautiful meetings they are able to go further in the discovery and journey towards healing themselves.
As it is taught to the little schoolchildren of Thattekad: the protection of the environment in order to relocate Humanity in the cosmos.... It is for NOW and for each of us to learn to act."


Bloom exhibition November 2016

Exhibition at Yolande Baudon in Aytré

Exhibition at Yolande Baudon in Aytré
Exhibition at Yolande Baudon
15 bis Allée de Avocettes - Aytré
from Friday November 18th to Sunday November 20th from 2 pm to 6 pm.
Telephone +33 6 03 45 24 13

Please talk about it and come with your friends.

Exhibition at Annie in Sainte Marie de Ré

 Exhibition at Annie in Sainte Marie de Ré
Exhibition at Annie
1 Venelle du Clos - Sainte Marie de Ré
Saturday 26th of November and Sunday 27th of November between 2pm and 6.30 pm.
Telephone: +33 5 46 45 07 57
Annie is delighted to welcome you in her home and share a moment with you demonstrating the latest Bloom's products.

Sylvie will be happy to welcome you at the Christmas Market Saint Ronan’s school Hawkhurst Kent England Saturday December 3rd

Sylvie will be happy to welcome you at the Christmas Market Saint Ronan’s school Hawkhurst Kent England

Meditation center in Tranquebar
Jude stays for observation, confidence and hope

Meditation center in Tranquebar
Jude just lived a new experience in the meditation centre, fifteen days in total immersion with the inside and outside world. Villagers and a few other people came here to share a moment in silence and shared in his loving presence.
We have been helping Mamie Chellachi for a few years. Mamie came to ask us for financial help for the roof of her shed. We had already changed the palms branches two years ago. Two monsoons made the palm branches very fragile and it is now necessary to replace the palms.
We helped Indra (for food and her daughter’s scholarship fees) as she has been terribly affected by the suicide of her 29-year-old sister. Despite financial difficulties she took charge of her sister's youngest boy at home. She comes regularly to the centre to talk about her sorrow and she finds comfort and starts to be more confident and to be stronger. The symbol of this hope is a little root of guava which started to grow in the middle of the temple!!!  Indra came to pick this root and she is going to look after this plant in order to have beautiful fruits.
From now children at school we have a beautiful and clean room. The floors financed by the association have now been completed. So now we need to finance the minibus in order to collect and return the children at home. It is essential to have this minibus otherwise the school will not be able to continue to run any more.
The association tries to help to finance this project.

Tranquebar school
Diwali light in the heart of our hands

Tranquebar school Diwali light in the heart of our hands
A new art session at school for the dhalits children.
7 children left school because they were old enough to join another school, 5 kilometres away from Tranquebar.
So now new schoolchildren aged between 4 and 6 were able to attend the school.
They were about 15 schoolchildren attending the workshop.
Each of them drew their own hand and illustrated it with patterns. They were all fascinated by this activity, and even the little ones managed and did well.
Another moment of joy with them and I am happy to share these moments with you.
Tranquebar school Diwali light in the heart of our hands

See you soon

A bientôt
With the pictures of these beautiful hands waving to you we are wishing you a superb autumn with magnificent colours.
Thank you to read us with so much joy.
The family of the association send you a big hug.
Copyright © 2016 Yoga, a daily life experience, All rights reserved.

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