This Month at ArtSpeak Presents:

Clint Breeze is an Indianapolis native and Hip Hop Producer who is just as comfortable in a jazz club as a dance club.

March 14th at The Harrison Center

Clint Breeze and the Groove

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The Birth of ArtSpeak TV and a Local Partnership

As ArtSpeak enters into it's fourth year of existence and first year as an official 501c3 we want to continue growing the content we create. We're excited to announce a brand new Youtube Channel with a deep dive into Justin Vining's plein air painting kit, designed to fit in a backpack. Make sure to like & subscribe as we continue to roll out new videos each month.

For the month of March we're partnering with the amazing Indy Art Scene to bring us their top picks for March's First Friday. See their picks below!

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Indy Art Scene's Top Picks


Indy Art Scene curates the best of Indy's visual art scene so you can spend less time looking for that 'new new' and just engage with the amazing artists around Indy. You're going to want to save this email as you're trying to decide where first friday is going to take you.

Justin Vining - Against the Grain

The Harrison Center

Against the Grain will be a deep look into Justin Vining's painting prowess. From plein air to whimsical landscapes to rural farmlands and barns painted on wood reclaimed by Indy Urban Hardwood, this an event you won't want to miss. Be sure to arrive early to purchase one of Justin's amazing paintings.

Zach Carrico: Queer Aura

Tube Factory

Queer Aura explores the complexity of our identities and tackles the stereotype that being gay looks any specific way. Carrico shares the sacred intimacy of bedrooms where the veils of our protection are divulged to show our raw forms.

Encounter: A Sci-Fi and Fantasy Art Exhibition

Garfield Park Arts Center

From dragons to robots to outer space, this exhibit blends science fiction and fantasy with a unique exhibit that is sure to out of this world!


Future Friends Holographic Magic Club

Part autobiography, part social commentary, and part Black Mirror episode, #Nofilter takes you into the mind of a millennial trying to carve an identity out of the noise, with a little help from their friends.


Alumni Spotlight


In our first episode of ArtSpeak TV, we hung out in Justin Vining's studio and he showed us his minimalist plein air painting kit that fits inside a single backpack!

Click on the image above to watch the video.

Kaitlyn Despain iPhone Background

The Kaitlyn Despain was kind enough to take one of her amazing illustrations and reformat it for your iPhone. If you want to support local art & have a new phone backdrop, click on the image above.


Articles we found interesting

"I knew I had lost control when a good friend confronted me over coffee. In the 30 minutes we had been chatting, I had checked my phone about 11 times. I wasn’t counting — but she was.

'Is this just a nervous twitch for you now?' she asked."

-What’s all this fuss about “digital detox” — and does it really work?


The Complete Guide to Being on Time →


"When I first started working with my client Maria, I was offended by her lateness. I considered doing what many therapists do and denying her entry after 10 minutes into the session. I figured that her lateness reflected the low priority that she placed on therapy."

How one social media influencer found a more authentic path. →


"The Internet has totally reshaped ourselves down to how we view adulthood, 'We're the only generation that grew up as the Internet was becoming a mainstream service, and our version of adulthood is through adults who didn't use this technology.'"

Should You Listen To Music While Doing Intellectual Work? →


"There’s the largely discredited 'Mozart Effect' – the idea that listening to classical music can boost subsequent IQ, except that when first documented in the 90s the effect was on spatial reasoning specifically, not general IQ."